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The biggest fails causing digital signage to miss impact

By avoiding the following blunders, you significantly increase your chances of leaving a positive impact with your audience. ROI on screen communications is usually associated with retail, but this goes far beyond 1 sector as far as we are concerned. An employee or citizen attaches equal importance to accurate information and direction through digital screens. Clear digital signage also lowers overhead in town halls, on the shop floor, etc.

Digital signage can fail to achieve its purpose due to several common mistakes. Here are some pitfalls that can reduce the impact of digital signage. In the images, you can see examples of customers who have successfully reached their audience in the right way for many years. We categorize the key points into three categories.

Set strict and realistic standards for your content

Poor content quality: Using disappointing images, videos, or unprofessionally designed content will diminish the visual appeal of your digital signage and can even deter the audience.

Too much information: Overloaded screens with too much text or too many elements can be confusing for the viewer. It's important to keep the message simple and clear.

Insufficient relevance: Content that is not relevant to the specific audience where the digital signage is located will not be effective. It's crucial to tailor content to the target audience.

Learn from analytics: As your digital signage system is used over time, you will gather a wealth of information. Review this thoroughly from time to time. A solid CMS makes this easy to do.

Keep your technology and hardware in good condition

Lack of maintenance: Outdated content, broken screens, or technical issues that are not quickly resolved severely impact the credibility and effectiveness of digital signage.

Lack of interactivity: In an era where interactivity is increasingly important, the absence of interactive elements can reduce audience engagement.

Wrong location: If the screens are not well-placed, for example in locations where they are not easily visible or where there is little traffic, they will not achieve their purpose.

Technical issues: Problems such as slow-loading content, incompatibility between software and hardware, or a lack of a flexible content management system will significantly limit the ROI of your digital signage screens. Good arrangements with your IT department are necessary. Although not much can theoretically go wrong, you do need a quick help line or first-line assistance like our free help desk.

Optimize and dare to adjust after delivery

No clear call-to-action: If your digital signage does not contain a clear call-to-action, the audience may not know what is expected of them, reducing the effectiveness of the message.

Poor timing: Content that is not displayed at the right time, such as seasonal offers shown too late, completely misses the mark and gives your organization a very sloppy impression.

Non-optimized layout: A poor layout, such as using fonts that are too small or unreadable color combinations, can prevent the message from coming across smoothly, causing prospects to drop off. If you manage your own content, discuss with our designers what can be improved without wasting much time. If you prefer to outsource certain aspects, we are happy to discuss them with you.

ROI is not only relevant for retail

ROI on screen communication is usually associated with retail, but in our opinion, it goes much further than one sector. An employee, patient, or citizen attaches just as much importance to correct information and guidance via digital screens. We also see this reflected in the mission and vision of Digitopia. Our approach is therefore aimed at making the digital signage story successful in its entirety. Instead of starting from a technical perspective, we first try to inventory the needs, wishes, and locations with the customer before designing a proposal. Regardless of the size of the project, we support every part of the process from start to finish to ensure that concept and content perfectly match the target audience. Whether they are customers, employees, or citizens, our expertise and experience in digital signage are extensive enough to identify and engage these targets.

Strong ROI case

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