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Stella McCartney: Fashion storytelling with sustainable digital signage

Stella McCartney describes herself as a progressive luxury brand. She was one of the first to completely abandon fur and leather in her collections. She strives to create products with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Reduce your footprint

The fight against biodiversity degradation and climate change requires the entire fashion industry to work towards transformations that have an impact on our global ecosystem. This designer is an ambassador for a green and sustainable future. She dares to step out of her comfort zone and makes it a trademark. Two in one, then.

Mother Earth addresses the crowd

The catwalk ran through a light-permeated building with tall glass walls. Digital signage screens were set up among the spectators. These displays showed landscapes accompanied by a female voice introducing herself as Mother Earth. Her speech to the guests stylishly opened the show in an original way.

Grape Leather

With this digital signage concept, the British designer not only created anticipation for her show but also introduced the motto of her Ready-to-Wear collection. For the garments, she used 90 percent responsibly sourced materials and experimented with a grape leather substitute.

Why LFDs?

A large dominant videowall or indoor LED would not have had the same immersive effect. The designer extended her environmental consciousness and opted for energy-efficient large format displays set up like the structure of trees. The various sizes, almost randomly placed screens, were the ideal medium for this story. The message was heard and seen from all sides by the audience.

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Credits: Sony & Invidis

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