Floorify demo

Floorify: beautiful and easy floors

For a store concept with drawers, we provided each product with a custom-made beacon together with a magnet. When the sensor on the drawer is pulled away and the magnetic field is broken, a pulse is sent to the screen above.

For a store concept with drawers (e.g. laminate floors) we have provided each product (floor sample) with a custom-made beacon in combination. a magnet. When the sensor on the tray is pulled away, and the magnetic field is broken, a pulse is sent (Bluetooth LE or Zigbee, we use both) to the screen above, which reacts to this and displays the information of the currently viewed showing floors.

This principle has the advantage that each product (floor sample) contains the unique 'identifier' (serial no.), so that you can remove these products and switch places. This way, the software always shows the correct product information, regardless of the location. When idle, the screen shows atmospheric images and remote-managed content.

Digitizing existing sales tools

This elaboration is a good example of how we can still digitize traditional non-digital elements in a shop or company, without cables or wear-sensitive sensors. Customers can also continue to operate the drawers as they normally do, the interaction is completely effortless and the technology is completely hidden.

"Top cooperation! The Digitopia team not only has incredible experience in everything that has to do with screens, they also think creatively about user interface and applications specific to your product or business."

Pieter Buyck - Founder @Floorify

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