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Beaulieu: shaping sustainable living

Fully customized solutions based on RFID technology. From development to furniture, Digitopia takes care of everything. The digital signage displays of all sites around the world are centrally managed from Belgium.

Interactive concept for trade shows

How could we ensure that the cost of the trade show floor was reduced and still not have a negative impact on the product demonstration. This was the main challenge for this fascinating concept. We started with a blank canvas and developed a fully customized Interactive Grass Catalogue. A harmonious fusion of analog sample cards, digital information/inspiration and innovative wireless technology.

Total unburdening

Not only did we develop this concept in terms of technology, we also took responsibility for the design and production of the furniture that housed the technology. We had to take into account the shapes and colors within the Beaulieu concept, and the system had to be robust yet flexible to move from trade show to trade show.

A bridge to digital signage

This assignment was a succes, both for the client and Digitopia itself. It generated a digital signage rollout across all Beaulieu locations. Even in the US and Russia, our signage licenses are being deployed. Beaulieu uses a dynamic content scenario, from welcoming visitors to distributing all kinds of HR and safety information. The central control of the CMS takes place in Belgium, the customer has an overview on the displays spread over our globe.

  • INNO takes shopping to the next level

    INNO takes shopping to the next level

    Digitopia was selected to revamp two INNO shops in Brussels, including the flagship store on rue Neuve.

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  • Belfius: always at your service

    Belfius: always at your service

    For years the offices have been working with our CMS to their satisfaction. Today, Belfius' digital signage network brings an attractive mix of image types and engaging content. Over the years, we have placed additional high brightness screens at strategic storefronts or street sides.

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  • DPG Media: inspire, inform and entertain

    DPG Media: inspire, inform and entertain

    Initially, the idea was to re-use existing broadcast content, but that turned out not to work. Digitopia was then brought in to advise on content. Meanwhile, DPG Media has more than 150 signage licenses in use.

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  • Nespresso: what else?

    Nespresso: what else?

    Do you want to boost customer experience in your store? Then get someone else to answer the most frequently asked questions in your store. A robot, for example, like Temi.

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  • Floorify: beautiful and easy floors

    Floorify: beautiful and easy floors

    For a store concept with drawers, we provided each product with a custom-made beacon together with a magnet. When the sensor on the drawer is pulled away and the magnetic field is broken, a pulse is sent to the screen above.

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