BMW, sheer driving pleasure

BMW-Group Belgium-Luxembourg was looking for a cost-effective way to digitise its showroom.

BMW-Group Belgium-Luxembourg was looking for a cost-effective way to digitise its showroom. Using an interactive medium, replace traditional paper information carriers with data about the car and its CO2 emissions. That was the initial objective. It was part of a quest for digitisation and uniformity across the network. The result was the interactive 22" BMW totem.

Not only did the whole thing have to be sustainable and affordable, it also had to be very easy to use, so that it meant a relief for concessions and no extra worry.

The totem serves as an information databank

The fully self-developed dashboard allows dealers to configure a car very quickly and then link it to a totem. Furthermore, everything is automatic and the customer can go on a journey of discovery via the totem:

  • suitable videos and images
  • Cars in stock of that model
  • Statutory dynamic CO2 sheet
  • Catalogue
  • Financing
  • Price and options of the car

Each totem also has a QR code in the application. Scanning it brings the digital experience to the customer's smartphone, with additional options available such as playing additional videos or sound clips of the sporty M models. Are you (like us) also longing for a new car?

Because BMW Belgium centrally manages all recurring details such as brochures, photos and videos, and these are automatically supplemented with a car, the info display offers a very nice experience for discovering a car. The effort that concessions themselves have to make to add a new car is very small in this way.

Reception desk

During corona you could only visit a showroom by appointment. To make the reception run more smoothly, we developed an extra application for the info displays that visitors use to register upon arrival. For example, the right seller received a message when his customer arrived, and he could receive it himself.

Information kiosk

Our information kiosk creates even more impact thanks to its size and combination of interactive piece with advertising images at the bottom. Here, visitors to a showroom can request information about the available stock cars, second-hand cars, or other specific sales-oriented information.

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