Deutschebank mensen

Deutsche Bank: just come in

In 2017, Deutsche Bank decided to equip its Belgian offices with digital information screens. They wanted to make the atmosphere in the office as pleasant and informative as possible for customers.

Only a strong bank can be a lifelong partner. Deutsche Bank is Germany's largest bank, Europe's strongest and most stable economy. Capital and liquidity ratios are well above regulatory minimums and we are well positioned today to meet all future requirements.

Digital signage as a wait softener

The various waiting areas and meeting rooms were equipped with various displays. While customers wait, they receive customized information about potentially interesting products, current promotions or investments.


This digital communication at the touchpoint, and the target group-specific relevant content, leads to more conversion. It is not about conveying as much information as possible with equal priority. It is about filtering information that is important to the visitor.

The strenght of motion design

Customers can request information interactively via the Wall of Solutions. With 'Touch & Go', customers can take over the digital screen via their smartphone and scroll between the various services and promotions. Creating the right content through our own motion design also benefits the customers. It creates clarity about the various banking products, which are often difficult to understand due to their complexity.

  • INNO takes shopping to the next level with indoor LED screens and Centoview CMS

    INNO takes shopping to the next level with indoor LED screens and Centoview CMS

    Preparing two INNO branches for a digital experience via digital signage... The stores were equipped with indoor LED screens and provided with creative content so that all digital screens shine with Centoview as CMS.

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  • Belfius: always at your service

    Belfius: always at your service

    For years the offices have been working with our CMS to their satisfaction. Today, Belfius' digital signage network brings an attractive mix of image types and engaging content. Over the years, we have placed additional high brightness screens at strategic storefronts or street sides.

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  • DPG Media: inspire, inform and entertain

    DPG Media: inspire, inform and entertain

    Initially, the idea was to re-use existing broadcast content, but that turned out not to work. Digitopia was then brought in to advise on content. Meanwhile, DPG Media has more than 150 signage licenses in use.

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  • Beaulieu: shaping sustainable living

    Beaulieu: shaping sustainable living

    Fully customized solutions based on RFID technology. From development to furniture, Digitopia takes care of everything. The digital signage displays of all sites around the world are centrally managed from Belgium.

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  • JBC: together we go for sustainable fashion

    JBC: together we go for sustainable fashion

    A few years ago, JBC developed a five-year plan for the renovation of all its stores. One of the key elements of this project was to improve the customer journey in the store.

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