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Optimal communication with patients, docters and visitors at AZ Groeninge

In this hospital, quality of care, innovation and patient orientation are essential. Diversity, transparency, open communication, accessibility and listening are essential in this respect. More than 80 digital screens ensure general communication.

A hospital with a rich history

The history of the hospital dates back to the 13th century, making az groeninge one of the oldest hospitals in the country. Az groeninge is also a renowned training center for both medical students and residents. It features a radiotherapy department, an accredited breast clinic, two MRI machines, and a PET-CT scanner.

Centralization of content and management

The communication department of a hospital always faces a significant challenge as it needs to reach hundreds of people daily with strongly different profiles or backgrounds. By managing all available data and information in one central place with our digital signage software, guests, doctors, nursing staff, etc., can navigate the hospital quickly and efficiently.

Many stories to tell

We often compare a modern hospital to a small city. In az groeninge, you'll find dining options and even a Carrefour within the hospital walls. These independent entities were also included in the display network.

Screen layouts according to location and function

By categorizing pixels into clear categories, everything remains transparent for the user. Moreover, very specific roles can be assigned to users of our digital signage software. The chef will never be able to manipulate displays of (for example) radiology, and vice versa. In addition, there are also some ultimate administrator roles (admins) who can adjust everything. Feel free to call them the head directors or gatekeepers.

The famous queue soothers

Screens in a waiting room offer a valuable addition by providing increased information flow and entertainment to waiting visitors. These visual tools serve as queue soothers, reducing the perception of wait time and creating a more pleasant waiting environment.

A balance between information and relaxation

Whether it's sharing relevant health information, displaying current news, or simply offering relaxing content, screens contribute to improving the overall waiting experience. This creates a balance between informative communication and diverting elements, resulting in a more positive experience for those in the waiting room.

Ticketing leads everything in the right direction

The combination of cueing, doctor signs and general information helps improve orientation and efficiency within the hospital, which is essential for both patients and medical staff. Such a system also provides great insight into visitor trends and can identify bottlenecks at peak times. Clear cueing is essential for positive organization within the hospital.

Our software interfaces with third-party systems

Some third-party systems were connected (such as the ticketing already in place), our software handles APIs and SQL databases of third parties smoothly. Once such a 'connection' is established, the correct information is automatically displayed. By setting time intervals, new data is systematically retrieved so that there is no unnecessary synchronization.

Planting seeds with The Greenhouse

In the heart of az groeninge, there is a lab dedicated to innovation, development, research, education, and expertise. A cluster of specialists aiming to build bridges for new trends, innovative treatments, and quality.

Everything for science

A think tank busy planting seeds for science and its growth. Think of 5G, drones, etc. All of this results in greater insight, knowledge, and progress. Whether you're a professor, an idiot savant, or a complete novice in the field of science and innovation, everyone can contribute to the expansion and development of The Greenhouse. Together, they sow the seeds for a better future and clinical growth that benefits the entire sector.

A powerful CMS to control smart screens transforms the patient experience

Digital screens are used in the healthcare market for their ability to provide real-time information and enable more dynamic and flexible communication. Display devices can quickly and clearly present information such as wait times, appointment reminders, and current news. This keeps patients and medical staff informed of all relevant headlines. Moreover, digital screens offer the possibility to easily adapt to changing conditions, making them suitable for displaying various content, such as interactive maps, medication instructions, or other educational content. This flexibility contributes to an improved patient experience, streamlining processes, and more efficient use of information flows in the healthcare environment.

More about the software

Photo credits az groeninge & Dennis De Smet

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