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Inauguration of the VISIT FLANDERS Visitor Information Centre Brussels May 8 2014 61

Tourism Flanders relies on our digital signage software

At Tourism Flanders, they reinforce the positive power of tourism. They help Flanders flourish as an innovative and quality travel destination that inspires residents, entrepreneurs and visitors. The ultimate goal? To become a thriving destination! The headquarters on the Grote Markt in Brussels relies on our digital signage software, among other things.

Exemplary Role as a Government Institution

As an advocate for transparency and openness, a government institution utilizing communication platforms such as digital signage sets an example. Toerisme Vlaanderen promotes transparency by sharing current information, policy updates, and announcements with its employees in an accessible manner. As a driver of technological progress, this government institution using digital signage demonstrates awareness and effective utilization of modern technologies.

A Healthy Mix of Information on the Screens

Displaying both internal (HR, facility, etc.) and external (events, campaigns, charities, etc.) information contributes to building the image and cultivating the company culture. It reflects that Toerisme Vlaanderen shows engagement with both internal developments and external core activities.

Custom Corporate Apps Safeguard the Brand Identity

Consistent branding is crucial for building brand recognition. Thanks to custom-made templates, Toerisme Vlaanderen safeguards its visual identity, including colors, logos, and fonts on the displays. You can't deviate easily from certain formatting settings such as logo placement, whitespace between paragraphs, etc. You might see this as a limitation, but marketers consider it a guarantee for correctly implementing the brand style rules. This also allows multiple users/administrators to collaborate safely in the system. And since the content structure is already established in the template, updates and changes can be implemented more quickly. This is especially useful for urgent announcements or ad hoc information adjustments.

Digital Spokesperson for HR with Attractive Content

HR at Toerisme Vlaanderen uses digital signage as a fast and efficient communication method to instantly share important information with employees. It includes announcements, HR updates, and displaying job vacancies, making it a powerful medium for disseminating relevant information within Toerisme Vlaanderen.

Visual Stimuli and Dynamic Content

One of the advantages of digital screens is the ability to present information in a versatile and interactive way. Using dry textual communication is no longer sufficient; employees are attracted to visual stimuli and dynamic content that holds their attention. Toerisme Vlaanderen understood this right away. The in-house content they create is bursting with creative ideas and beautiful media.

Showcase Your Organization, Even to Your Staff

HR professionals understand that the power of visually appealing content goes beyond aesthetics. It has a direct impact on engagement. An attractive layout, combined with compelling images and clear texts, also makes complex information more digestible for employees.

Why Informing Employees via Digital Screens in the Workplace is Preferable

Digital screens are a powerful tool for quickly informing employees about important updates, policy changes, and urgent announcements. Due to the dynamic nature of digital content, government agencies can present everything in a visually appealing and understandable way, enhancing employee engagement.

A Smart and Strategic Approach to Internal Communication

Informing employees via digital screens in the workplace is a smart and strategic approach to internal communication. The dynamic nature of digital screens provides a platform for quickly and impactfully sharing important information. It promotes consistent branding, increases employee engagement, and contributes to a transparent culture. Moreover, custom-made templates ensure a professional appearance and efficiency in content creation. By using displays, not only is the speed of information sharing increased, but also a versatile and flexible communication channel is created that enriches the work environment and strengthens the impact of messages.

Other Government References

  • ISS counts on digital signage in its restaurants and HQ

    ISS counts on digital signage in its restaurants and HQ

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  • Optimal communication with patients, docters and visitors at AZ Groeninge

    Optimal communication with patients, docters and visitors at AZ Groeninge

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  • Great content case for the Commune of Puurs-Sint-Amands

    Great content case for the Commune of Puurs-Sint-Amands

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  • More than 165 digital screens at Q8 and Panos

    More than 165 digital screens at Q8 and Panos

    Fuel prices / Shopping offers / Vehicle maintenance / Loyalty programmes / Travel related information / Safety and other instructions. Q8 has an extensive network of manned and unmanned filling stations. With more than 500 Belgian Q8 and Q8 easy stations, there is always one near you.

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  • INNO takes shopping to the next level with indoor LED screens and Centoview CMS

    INNO takes shopping to the next level with indoor LED screens and Centoview CMS

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