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ISS counts on digital signage in its restaurants and HQ

Letting companies focus on their core business by taking facility services off their hands. That is what ISS successfully does with a wide range of services in cleaning, maintenance, catering, reception etc. ISS counts on 350,000 employees worldwide. Here in Belgium, they are now at 9,000 employees. Through a network of more than 100 screens, they control the restaurants at end customers.

Food brings people together

It creates a bond, strengthens a sense of community and provides relaxation. In all sectors and on all continents, ISS raises the bar in terms of experience, health, productivity and sustainability with integrated catering services. In doing so, they make your employees happier and more creative.

Order menus with price display

Digital signage is used to display menu items, prices and special offers. These dynamic tables can be quickly updated and adjusted to changes in the menu, seasonal promotions and current prices. This helps customers make decisions and reduces waiting time at the checkout.

Seamless integration

When deciding on the CMS for ISS, one of the important aspects was compatibility and (data) integration capabilities. Our future-proof CMS integrates with different types of hardware, software and third-party applications.

Food preparation, nutriscores and allergens

In some restaurants, digital signage is used to show customers how their orders are prepared. This provides transparency and can also influence customer expectations regarding waiting times. Sharing the composition of meals on screens also reduces overhead on staff. Moreover, you can push healthy food more easily this way.


ISS can make updates quickly and easily, enabling them to react immediately to changes in the menu, stock levels or other data such as outdoor temperature. This helps maintain consistent information dissemination. Lunch time is usually limited to the lunch break. Don't let your guests waste time making choices!

Employee engagement

ISS staff also feel the effect of digital signage in the restaurants. When changing an item on one of the displays (campaign or menu board), they sell more of that product. They also receive very positive feedback from customers who appreciate the content on the displays. In between, events or other news are regularly promoted on the displays.

Digital marketing and HR go hand in hand

Traditional newsletter and email are increasingly being replaced by digital/graphic forms of communication. ISS HQ also counts on our screens and software to keep in-house staff in the loop. ISS recognises a job well done, displays job vacancies and safety tips, shares HR information and offers high-quality entertainment at HQ.

Customised corporate apps guard the corporate identity

Consistent branding is crucial for building brand recognition. Thanks to customised templates, ISS monitors its visual identity, including colours, logos and fonts on displays. You cannot easily deviate from certain formatting settings such as logo placement, white space between paragraphs, etc.

Conclusion and thanks

Using our in-house digital signage software, we can provide ISS with a highly accessible Content Management System for stress-free content editing, including avoiding language errors or extraneous pricing. This allows more ISS employees to post content on the screens, such as the offer of the day. Tasty! ISS has been by our side for a long time, thanks for the years of (but mostly fun) cooperation!

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