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How digital signage brings order and clarity to public spaces

Public spaces such as shopping malls, railway stations, cinemas, museums etc are visited by thousands of people every day. These locations are often busy, dynamic and stressful. This ensures that maintaining an overview brings considerable challenges for visitors and staff.

Navigating in the public sector

Digital Signage is recognized as a crucial tool for wayfinding in busy public spaces. Wayfinding, the process of guiding people in the right direction, becomes more dynamic and flexible with digital signage. Traditional static signs are confusing and inevitably become outdated, while digital screens are quickly updated with current information and directions.

Interactivity and mobile apps

Our signage software allows for combinations with other forms of storytelling, such as interactive touchscreens and mobile apps (PWAs), to suggest the most efficient route to the visitor's destination.

Secure public spaces, safety first!

One of the greatest advantages of digital signage is its ability to quickly respond to emergencies. With the push of a button, an emergency scenario can be activated, displaying safety instructions and evacuation plans immediately on all screens. This enhances safety and ensures that both visitors and staff can act quickly in emergency situations.

Advertising space, crowd control, safety and wayfinding

Digital signage provides a solution for the complex management of these environments. Advertising space, safety, and wayfinding are effectively managed by contemporary digital signage systems. Additionally, we increasingly see impressive visuals used purely as attention grabbers.

Increase efficiency for your staff and external services

Using digital signage significantly increases efficiency in the workflow. For staff, this means spending less time answering common questions from visitors, such as directions or information about events and promotions. This gives them more time to focus on other important tasks. For visitors, it means finding their way faster and easier, improving the overall experience and reducing stress.

Use Widgets

Modern and attractive communication

The screens are used to display a wide range of content, from practical information such as routes and schedules to promotional content and news. The visual appeal of digital signage makes it an effective way to capture people's attention and inform them of important announcements or offers. Moreover, the content can be a combination of customized information and automatically generated data such as live queue updates, transport schedules, or weather forecasts. This ensures that the displayed information is always relevant and up-to-date, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

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Overview and transparency can often be lacking in busy locations where people gather. Whether it's a conference center, station, parking lot, hospital, or cinema, we deal with many people with little time in a stressful environment. Digital signage is used in these places to guide people from A to B while simultaneously working on product placement and awareness. Signage provides people with current and relevant information but also serves as an eye-catcher. The content scenario ideally consists of a combination of customized information supplemented with automatically generated data from external sources, apps, or widgets.

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