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The importance of targeted content on your digital screens

In the dynamic world of digital signage, tailoring content to your screens is essential to achieving effective communication.

Whether you share current information in a bank, present tempting offers in a retail environment, enrich the guest experience in hospitality, or communicate production performance in >an industrial setting, understanding and aligning with your target market is crucial. We briefly go over 4 sectors where we see different stories on the screens.

Financial Institutions

In the banking sector, it is important to use digital screens to provide relevant and useful information to customers. Be sure to communicate about these topics:

Current interest rates, show current interest rates for savings accounts, loans and other financial products.

Financial News, keep customers informed of important financial developments, market updates and economic news.

Promotions and offers, shows current promotions and special offers for various financial products, such as loans, credit cards or savings accounts.

Financial Education, offer educational content on various financial topics, such as budgeting, investing, and building credit.

Security Information, remind customers of existing security measures and provide tips on how to protect their financial information.

Food & drinking sector

In food & In drinking environments (chains or retail) such as bakeries, butchers, restaurants, cafes and bars, digital screens can be used to streamline the customer journey, promote menu items and share relevant information. You do this via:

Menus and price lists, show the menu with images of dishes, prices and special offers. This can help guests make choices.

Seasonal Specials, shows information about seasonal dishes, drinks or special menu items that are available for a limited time.

Offers and discounts, promote current offers, happy hours or discounts on specific dishes and drinks.

Allergen Information,Provide guests with clear allergen information and nutritional information for transparency and to accommodate dietary needs.

Preparation method, show short videos or images of the preparation method of popular dishes to give customers a look behind the scenes.

Hospitality environments

In environments such as hotels, sports resorts and other accommodations, digital displays can be used to enhance the guest experience, provide information and enhance guest interactions through:

Welcome Messages, Show guests a personalized welcome message upon arrival, with information about amenities and services.

Amenities Information, lets guests know about the facilities available such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, restaurants and other recreational facilities.

Events and Activities, promotes local events, excursions and special activities for guests to attend during their stay.

Instructions for using facilities, show simple instructions for using facilities such as using the gym, swimming pool, spa, etc.

Weather and traffic information, keep guests informed of the current weather and any traffic information that may affect their stay.


In retail environments, displays are used to improve the customer experience, stimulate sales and share relevant information through:

Product offers, show current offers, discounts and promotions to encourage customers to make purchases.

Product Demonstrations, shows videos that contain product demonstrations and tutorials to educate customers about the uses and benefits of different products.

New product launches, inform customers about recent product launches and introduce new products in an attractive manner.

Seasonal content, Adjust the content based on seasons and holidays. For example, show Christmas offers or summer collections.

Customer Testimonials, Shows positive customer reviews and testimonials to increase trust in products.

Digital Catalog, display a digital catalog of products, prices and availability to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

We make your content successful

Our approach is aimed at making your story successful. Instead of starting from a technical perspective, we first try to inventory your needs, wishes and locations together before we design a proposal. Regardless of the size of the project, we support every part of the process from start to finish to ensure that the concept and content perfectly match the target group. And whether they are customers, employees or citizens, our expertise and experience extend far enough to identify and act on these targets.

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