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Powerful digital signage with Centoview

Centoview is a digital signage CMS from Belgian soil and we are very proud of that. We always use our developed digital signage software in our projects. Ease of use, stability and strong data links ensure a complete and unique experience for the end-user. Discover Centoview below.

Why Centoview

Centoview brings your story to life with unique digital signage features. From concept to realization, we help you create impactful experiences that reach your customers, citizens or employees. Centoview delivers the most flexible and easy-to-use digital signage solution on the market today. It is designed to keep up with changing business needs.

A CMS with a mission

The mission of our CMS is to allow users to easily publish content on screens. The CMS offers the possibility to upload files (images, videos, etc.) from your local storage or online cloud service. We also offer an online editor if you want to design from your browser without offline tools.

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Powerful digital signage with Centoview

A dynamic storytelling medium

We believe in the power of digital signage as a dynamic storytelling medium to engage customers, citizens and employees. Our teams constantly innovate the platform to deliver advanced digital signage solutions that make our clients stronger and more agile.

Tailored service

We offer different configurations so you get exactly what you need. Some clients prefer the "full-service" principle, while others only need the software licenses and create their own story after training the teams. Be sure to consult us for customized advice.

Truly for everyone

Whether you create your own digital signage content or subscribe to a content service, this platform suits everyone.

  • very user-friendly
  • cloud-based with redundancy
  • optimized & secured data storage
  • solid player and user management
  • scalable
  • runs on a SOC or remote player
  • extensive data connections

Supported media formats

Videos (MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV,...)
Weather & News
Microsoft Office formats (XLS, PPT, Doc)
Video Streaming (HLS, MPEG-Dash, UDP,...)
Other (CSV, Json, XML, ...

Browser-editor features

Rich Text
Text effects (Scrolling, ticker, fade in/out, ...)
Social (Twitter,...)
Infotainment (Weather & News)
Data source connector
QR Codes

CMS properties

Create playlists
Full screen preview
Unlimited cloud storage (personal and shared)
Centralized and local management
Timeline with drag & drop
Intuitive interface
Web-based (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox)
Scheduling by time, date, location and tags
Scheduling by player groups
Touch and interactivity
Arcee (smartphone control)
User groups and permissions
Content validation
Single Sign-on (SAML2, ADFS, Okta, ...)
Widgets and apps
Effects, transitions and formatting
Proof of play
Remote source switching
Prioritised content
Time-triggered content
Event-triggered content
Capture playlist to video
Mixed playlists

Data sources

Web Triggers
Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Postgresql
Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets
Microsoft Sharepoint, Teams and Onedrive
Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online (Office365)
Authenticated websites (PowerBI, Tableau, ...)
GoBright room and desk booking
Beacons, cameras and sensors

Resolutions / extra display properties

Synced playback
4K - 8K
Custom resolutions and ratios

Digital Signage player info and roadmap

Both with the SOC (this is the built-in player in your display) or external (Intel NUC) player you enjoy a pleasant content experience. Centoview is such a high-performing and well-developed CMS system that an SOC is a godsend in most cases. Of course, we also work with roadmaps. However, if you are missing an important feature for your scenario, contact the team of developers and we will see what is possible in the short or medium term. Would you like more detail or a personal demonstration of the CMS? Above all, let us know.

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