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Emergency messages from BE-Alert on your digital information screens

Flemish minister-president Jan Jambon and our CEO Jan Bussels presented the expansion of BE-Alert in Brasschaat. Emergency messages can now be displayed on large info boards in addition to SMS or email form.

Taking off on Brasschaat's digital signage screens

BE-Alert is being linked to digital information signs in 15 Belgian cities and towns today. The intention is that more and more people will be able to see BE-Alert's emergency messages. The Digitopia software guarantees easy and reliable interaction to push emergency messages to the population. The daily screen information changes immediately and automatically in case of crises.

The Pukkelpop effect

Jan Jambon: "Everyone remembers Pukkelpop 2011. The storm caused a large tent to collapse and caused great panic among the many attendees. Everyone wanted to start texting and calling right away, which overloaded the system. But security services were also unable to communicate.

A solution was then sought and found with in the Netherlands. The BE-Alert system took effect. Via SMS or email, a mayor, governor or interior minister could notify registered citizens of an emergency situation. In Brasschaat, 4511 residents have since been registered on the system."

A mass of digital screens suddenly come into play

Digitopia Group, which manages the system, now provided an extension to the system. Jan Bussels: The municipality of Brasschaat has 25 info boards that can now be put on hold to display emergency messages. If a disaster occurs on the border between two municipalities, both municipalities can announce the messages.

Free service, security takes precedence

In total, there are a mass of digital screens in Flanders that we manage. That's where all those emergency messages can now go. This service is free. In time, this system can be extended to retail and businesses. The system is very easy to operate. With one push of a button, a mayor, governor or interior minister can now reach a mass of people, Jan Bussels adds.

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