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The carbon footprint of digital signage, is it purely greenwashing?

Time to get some things clear. Greenwashing is a practice where an organisation falsely presents itself as more environmentally friendly or sustainable than it actually is. It is a form of misleading advertising that emphasises environmentally friendly aspects of a product, service or company.

However, with the increasing focus on sustainability, it is important to consider the environmental impact of digital signage. It's time to put CMS software and signage hardware to the test.

Market is concerned

We regularly receive questions from customers who want to understand the consumption of our digital signage screens. Usually it is about installations from 20 pixels and up. The biggest difference is in the control of the screens and the type of LED panel used. Software-wise, the brightness and scheduling/schedule of the displays play a big role. We are happy to provide a few more basic priciples with you.

Some guidelines

Using digital screens in a sustainable way requires attention to energy efficiency, content management and responsible use of the technology. Below this graphic are some quick-wins to promote sustainability when using your digital screens.

Energy Management

Adjust screen brightness based on ambient light conditions. Turn off backlights during standby using software such as Centoview. Invest in energy-efficient screens and equipment with certifications such as Energy Star.

Remote Monitoring

Leverage remote management to centrally manage screen content and settings and perform updates without physical intervention. Track energy consumption and screen performance in real time to detect anomalies. Consider using local renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, to power your digital screens.

E-waste management and certification

Ensure that obsolete screens and electronic components are disposed of or recycled in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner to minimize electronic waste (e-waste). Work with suppliers and manufacturers that offer environmentally friendly technologies and products. Consider using sustainability and environmental performance certifications when selecting digital signage solutions.

Screen durability

Buy long-life displays and consider modularity so that individual components can be replaced rather than the entire display. Always investigate options for recycling or reusing your displays at the end of their useful life. Ask us about sustainable as-a-service fomules. All our strategic partners have a comprehensive CSR policy so we always know how and where the product was assembled as well as the procedure that comes into effect when you return or upgrade your old display.

Our CSR policy