Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to the future we want to give to our employees, society and the planet.


Any self-respecting company must demonstrate that CSR is a fundamental corporate pillar. This requires more than isolated initiatives to meet legal requirements. Digitopia is committed to the future we want to give to our employees, our society and our planet. In addition, we help our customers to have even more impact and to work more sustainably themselves. Two topics we have been focusing on for years: digital inclusion and… the planet.

Go green

Digitopia is committed to reducing the ecological footprint, protecting the environment and preventing carbon pollution. That is why we develop innovative solutions with a positive impact on the environment, people and society. We also focus on creating this awareness among our employees, leading to more conscious behavior that is crucial to achieving our green goals.

Corporate social responsibility

Digital inclusion

This refers to actions and solutions needed to prevent digital exclusion, so that everyone can fully participate in the digital society. On the one hand, Digitopia removes serious ICT-related barriers, including digital issues about data display, personal identification, sales processes, stock management, energy production, etc. On the other hand, citizens, customers and employees must be supported and given the opportunity to find their own digital path via our interactive totems and apps.


Every employee is unique and different from the rest. We embrace this inclusive work environment. We believe that with a good balance between different personalities we can really take our customers to the next level. We recognize the added value and diversity. They allow us to offer our clients a broader spectrum of skills and also boost innovation.

Sustainable Development Goals

We promote the good health and well-being of our employees. We are committed to creating an environment where all genders and cultures are equal.

When designing our solutions, we strive for maximum energy efficiency. For example, our servers receive regular updates to optimize energy consumption. We build a solid infrastructure, we promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and we stimulate green innovation.

Energy neutral as a goal

From using tap water to recycling batteries and optimizing energy consumption, we ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. By means of solar panels, sensor-controlled LED lighting and a heat pump, we actively strive to make our offices energy-neutral.

Since climate change, we have been providing our employees with alternative means of transportation and selected vehicles with low or zero emissions. We carefully collect waste and have the recycled material from our yards recycled as much as possible. We have ongoing partnerships (including Living Tomorrow and Tomorrow Lab) to strengthen our core business with sustainability in mind. In these think-tanks we step out of our comfort zone more easily because we do realize that we are all in this together.