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Digital signage security

Share security tips and IT policies with digital signage

The use of digital screens to raise awareness among employees about the dangers of phishing is an effective way to continuously create awareness. We are happy to share some strategies and content suggestions based on practical cases with our clients.

Regularly Highlight Security Topics

Change the message regularly to keep employees' attention. Use current examples of phishing attacks that have been in the news. Demonstrate that this issue also poses potential risks in the Benelux region.

Make it Visually Appealing and Use CTAs

Use attractive and clear graphic elements like infographics and short videos. Utilize color and motion to grab attention. End each message with a clear call to action, such as "Report suspicious emails to IT" or "Take our phishing training". If the screens are interactive, a short quiz or scenario-based questionnaire can be added to test employees' knowledge.

Examples of Short Messages

  • "Phishing Alert: Never trust emails asking for your password. Contact IT if in doubt."
  • "Security Tip: Always use multi-factor authentication for extra protection."
  • "Imagine: you receive an email from 'HR' asking for your login details. What do you do? Scan the QR code and get tips."
  • "An email promises you a gift card if you click on a link. Don't fall for it! Learn more about these attacks on our intranet."
  • "Double-check the sender: Always verify the name and domain of the email sender. The devil is in the details."

Proof of Play as Part of ISO Documentation and Audit Processes

Proof of play serves as evidence that certain content has been displayed on digital signage screens. They are used as part of the documentation and audit processes required for ISO standards. IT security is crucial for various ISO standards, especially ISO/IEC 27001, which provides a framework for managing sensitive company information. This standard addresses risk assessment, security policy, access management, physical security, cryptography, and incident management. Digital signage is a powerful medium that has a wide reach and impact on your organization and workplace with minimal effort.

Reporting Capabilities in Centoview CMS

By complying with these standards, organizations can not only meet legal and regulatory requirements but also protect their reputation and operate more efficiently. This demonstrates their commitment to the highest security standards, which instills trust in customers and partners. Our digital signage software offers extensive reporting capabilities, ask about it!

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