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How to deal with the rise in office operating costs

Most of our clients have changed office layouts because of the continued acceptance of tele- and hybrid working. As a result, companies have moved to smaller office spaces and reducing shop floor area.

On the other hand, some have chosen to proceed with only 1 social hub that is then more likely to be centrally located in our country. Consequently, the shift to more flexible and adaptable workplaces therefore continues.

Occupancy measurement and evaluation

A large number of employees do not visit the office on a daily basis, leading to unused office space. According to research by Savills, global real estate services professional, the average office occupancy rate in Europe was 43%.

In other words, 57% of the floor space rented by companies across Europe is unused. Conclusion: companies spend on average twice as much on real estate than they need to.

Sustainability is so much more than thinking greener

Besides the main goal of saving annual costs, reducing company floor space can also benefit your company's sustainability goals. According to the Paris accords, the European Union aims to be carbon neutral by 2050, including office buildings.

To achieve this goal, you need to gradually start making changes to your building now. It's better to optimize your office now and limit investments in green alternatives than to spend too much on sustainable solutions for parts of the building that you won't even use.

Talent attraction and retention because of workplace savings

A well-designed and efficiently utilized office space can have a positive impact on a company's perception of potential employees. It can help attract and retain talent in a competitive job market. The way people work is constantly evolving. Flexible working hours, working from home and shared workspaces have become increasingly common.

In short, using office space efficiently has become essential to connect to a sensible future. Reducing costs, promoting sustainability and providing an attractive working environment for your employees thus becomes a positive story with only minor investments.

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