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Digitopia acquires THISPLAYS2

Wommelgem, 26 June 2024 - Digitopia, pioneer in the area of Digital Signage and Smart Office Solutions, announces the takeover of THISPLAYS2, specialist in Digital Signage and Business Music solutions in the Retail environment since 2008. From today THISPLAYS2 will operate within the Digitopia Group. With the takeover, the group consolidates its position as the main independent Digital Signage, Business Music & Smart Office player in the Benelux.

The reason for the acquisition is THISPLAYS2’s search for a new partner that provides economies of scale and a safe haven to perpetuate its leadership position within Retail. Founder and director Bruno Hancké remains in charge as director and will continue to grow THISPLAYS2 with a strong focus on retail. Jan Bussels will become CEO and, together with Sylvie Van de Leest, will assume the day-to-day management of the companies with the Digitopia Group.

With the takeover, Digitopia Group will achieve a consolidated turnover of 20 million euros and manage more than 34,000 digital touch points in six countries. The more than 50 employees will continue to grow together strongly at the two branches in Antwerp (Wommelgem) and Deerlijk.

Jan Bussels: “With the acquisition of THISPLAYS2, Digitopia Group is taking an important strategic step forward for the second time this year. Our position within the Digital Signage world is again being strengthened through additional clients and partnerships.
At least equally important is the acquisition of the Business Music software “Groevy” with associated services as well as the extensive experience with Zebrix (Manganelli) and Tizen (Samsung). All these elements enable us as Digitopia Group to offer both our existing and new clients an even more complete range of services. Together, we ensure the right experience and message for customers, citizens and employees through image, music and digital interaction.”

Bruno Hancké: “Our companies have a long history, each with its own style and specialism. But our joint internal values, passion for the client, economies of scale and the sum of skills put us in a great competitive position where we can offer even more added value for our current and new clients.”

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Jan Bussels – 0477 37 83 03
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