AI digitopia

AI and digital screens, better together?

Digital signage is getting smarter and can collect, analyse and use data to adapt content and experiences on the screen to the target audience and environment.

Face recognition

Using AI, digital screens can use facial recognition to estimate the age, gender and mood of the audience, thus displaying targeted content. For the sake of privacy and GDPR, this trend is being slowed down a lot. There is clearly still a need for better laws an protection. Especially in the Benelux.

Realtime data

These technologies also make it possible to collect real-time data, such as traffic flows, weather conditions and social media posts, to then adjust content and display relevant information.

In parallel with this trend, we are also seeing the growing demands of our customers for interactive solutions. Today's users can already interact with the content on our digital screens. Increasingly, however, we are receiving questions and challenges that we are actually taking on in part AI-driven.

  • AR and VR technologies are becoming increasingly sophisticated and accessible. Interactive applications use these technologies to create engaging experiences, such as AR-based games, virtual tours and training simulations.
  • With the rise of voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, voice-controlled interaction is becoming increasingly popular. Interactive applications use voice commands to allow users to control devices and applications hands-free.
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants are becoming smarter and more sophisticated. They are used in various interactive applications, such as customer service, information delivery and automating routine tasks.
  • Incorporating game elements and mechanisms into non-gaming contexts is becoming increasingly popular. Interactive applications use gamification to motivate users, increase engagement and influence behavior.
  • Mobile apps continue to be an important platform for interactive applications. With the increasing power and capabilities of smartphones, apps are becoming more sophisticated and offering users rich interactive experiences.

Many trends in digital signage are moving toward greater intelligence, interactivity and integration with other technologies. This opens up new opportunities for advertisers and content creators to provide attractive and engaging experiences to audiences. So take advantage of our expertise, our designers and our developers.