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Our interactive solutions

We offer high-quality custom solutions for virtually any environment. From small-scale projects to developing and realizing completely new interactive and audiovisual experiences. Trusted by the best clients and brands, we translate digital strategy into effective results. Our vision ensures an optimal approach to guarantee results.

Progressive web-apps

PWAs are designed to combine the benefits of both Web and native apps. They are built with web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but are designed to provide the features of native apps, such as offline access, push notifications and access to device functions such as camera and location.

We create these web and mobile applications for your business or organization. Because we build with the latest technology and frameworks, you're always safe in terms of security and are prepared for future scalability.

Our applications work in a digital signage environment but also on mobile and other hybrid systems. So we offer you the benefits of both web and native apps to provide the best user experience.

User experience design

Do you want to know if your visitors can easily find what they are looking for? Does the design actually meets the visitors' expectations? We need to collect information as fast and easy as possible. That's why a search in an app or kiosk should immediately show exactly what you are looking for. The visitor's needs should be met as efficiently as possible, and that is only possible with a solid and intelligent user experience design.

Customer journey

We create intuitive interfaces and applications that perfectly match your branding and identity. Remember that people often judge products, services and organizations purely on the way they look and feel. If that picture isn't right then the journey ends before it even starts.

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Our lift and learn concept

Why add interactivity to your shop? If a customer lifts one of your products, a video about that product can automatically start. This is an opportunity to tell the story behind your product, show the benefits of that product or announce temporary promotions. Which customer can say no to that!

Targeted at your prospects

A good user experience starts with determining the structure of your information. Not only writing but also categorizing content is important here. Identifying your target audience should be key before working out customer journeys or other user flows. The search for your product or service also needs to happen quickly and efficiently. Only then, the best experience will be created.

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Free the robots

Robots may not capture the imagination as much as, say 10 years ago. Over the past years, both intelligence, autonomy and capabilities have evolved greatly. We learned that our robots are no longer cool concepts but perform human-like tasks and actions at some of our customers.

A bridge to digital signage

Because we often mix our technologies and ideas, we can also have the robots interact with, e.g., signage screens that respond to what the robot is doing, or control certain doors or other automation when the machine enters a certain zone.

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