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The new Experience Center in Beringen officially opened its doors in 2023. Everyone is welcome to experience our latest concepts and integrated AV/IT solutions.

A warm welcome to everyone

You can learn about new technology and concepts in an informal way (not like at a trade show, but more like a real world experience). The Experience Center also serves as a meeting location and training facility with modern presentation and video conferencing capabilities for partners, associates and third parties.

Industrieweg 83
Industriezone West-Limburg 2576
3583 Paal-Beringen Belgium

A dynamic approach

Just like our content and interactive applications, we also consider the Experience Center to be a dynamic scenery. Concepts that have made it to production often rotate in the showroom. So there is little chance that you will experience the exact same thing when you visit a second time.

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Visit the Experience Center

Compare screen sizes, backlight technology etc.

"Let's immediately buy the biggest display that fits within our budget!" We understand the temptation to reason this way. But is bigger always better? Certainly not. Consider, for example, tight spaces, such as a hallway or a fitting room. A smaller display might then create a more personalized experience, with more impact. Then again, place a larger size in spacious, open spaces.

Always consider a touchscreen in vital locations

Touchscreens are popping up in more and more modern stores, hospitals, ... They let patients register themselves for an appointment with a specialist, or help customers find their way around the physical store - or to the online store. Discover different user interfaces on various totems and kiosks.

Benchmark collaboration tools

  • How do you affordably make every room connected?
  • What are the differences between Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android or Windows?
  • Discover the benefits of digital signage and room/desk booking on the same platform
  • The importance of data & analytics - get insight into your office
  • Front Row Teams, what exactly is the point of this and where are we headed?
  • Do you want a video bar or a stand-alone PTZ camera and ceiling speakers?
  • BOYD or BYOM, which works most flexibly? Do you have to make a choice?
  • How does a digital reception desk work? Can I book parking or catering with a meeting?
  • Our meeting rooms are compatible with Zoom, Teams and Google.
  • Talk to us about capex / opex

A true 'Experience' Center

Dive into the world of Centoview CMS, book your workplace via Teams, ... In addition, our possibilities of interactivity offer a huge added value for your digital signage network and general communication. Visitors, employees or citizens consult content they find interesting themselves. This creates two-way traffic (in contrast to classic signage) and also creates an unprecedented insight into your target audience. We bring you that message in this showroom.

Don't miss trends

Map preferences and even trends, anticipate external factors at lightning speed, ... but also get to know the target audience (with their behavior and actions) better thanks to our interactive solutions

Experience concepts conceived by Digitopia

We offer high-quality custom solutions for virtually any environment. For small-scale projects to developing and realizing completely new interactive and audiovisual experiences. Trusted by top clients and brands, we translate digital strategy into effective results.

See you soon?

Curious about the possibilities? Would you like to come take a look for yourself? Our specialists will be happy to show you around, take you into our view of technology, give you smart practical insights and show you how technology really supports the user, customer, employee and organization and makes them more efficient.

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