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Traffic and weather information on your digital screens

Combine texts, photos and dynamic widgets effortlessly on your screens. Create a catchy scenario in no time. With our apps/widgets you can display all kinds of additional information automatically. Check out the possibilities below.

Increase engagement with infotainment

Digital displays have the potential to provide perfect information to your target audience. You keep them informed of the latest developments and feed them with data you want to convey at that moment. The result? Engaged visitors and clear communication that puts your organization on the map.

Available apps

During the winter months, we often receive requests to make both weather and traffic visible through our software. Every customer has a number of infotainment apps available. These are easy to add to your playlist and can also be customized with a custom background.

You inform, your audience anticipates

From traffic jams on the highways to an unexpected snowfall or downpour: it's nice to be aware of these before you leave.

Useful in the workplace

Are you looking for the perfect way to ease waiting or do you want to provide your visitors with the most current developments at all times? Then, be sure to display traffic and weather information on your screens. If your displays show a lot of traffic congestion, employees can consider leaving early and finishing their work at home, or they may choose to work a bit longer to return home without traffic (and frustrations).

The presentation can appear on your screens in text form, photos, or a combination of both. You can also set the time, whether or not to display it, on a day-by-day basis.

Also a waiting easer for hospitals, airports, cities, pharmacies, etc.

A waiting room without digital displays can be very dull. Moving images act like a magnet for the eyes of visitors and hold concentration like no other. With traffic and weather information, the waiting ones remain entertained while receiving interesting information. The perfect waiting easer that can also be highly functional.

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