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The wings foodmaker

The success of Foodmaker restaurants in large companies (QSR)

In its restaurants, Foodmaker serves only healthy and balanced dishes: one by one made with as much organic and seasonal home-grown produce as possible. Enthusiasts can also eat 100% vegetarian and vegan there.

Foodmaker, the healthy restaurant chain and producer of ultra-fresh meals, recently opened restaurants in Brussels and Diegem. They are located in the beautiful buildings of BNP Paribas Fortis and EY, where external customers are also welcome. They want to focus on the working person. "Healthy food should be accessible and affordable for everyone, even in the workplace," says a proud Lieven Vanlommel, founder and CEO of Foodmaker.

Solution for large companies

Foodmaker was already present in the headquarters of Proximus and Engie in Brussels and aims to expand this offering further. "Because the demand from companies is enormous," says Lieven Vanlommel. "By offering healthy food, an employer keeps their staff fit, and there is less absenteeism. People are more aware of what they eat and demand a healthy alternative from their employers. That's why we chose a location with many offices for this new restaurant as well."

Social eating hubs

Thanks to the unique location in the new buildings of BNP Paribas Fortis and EY, these new restaurants can welcome both their own employees and those of surrounding companies.

From farm to fork

Foodmaker creates fresh, delicious food that is healthy for you and for our planet. You won't find artificial flavorings, preservatives, or mayonnaise, but dishes packed with vegetables and healthy nutrients.

More digital screens over the years

Since 2018, Foodmaker has been expanding its own outlets, entirely dedicated to the experience of healthy, organic food, and sustainability. Currently, customers are informed and enticed on dozens of screens (shop window and cash register) at 8 locations spread across Antwerp, Brussels, Utrecht, and Paris.

Also at Sportoase

In addition, Sportoase swimming pools are also equipped with screens and software, ensuring daily screen communication and menus for clarity among the public.

Employee engagement

Employees also feel the impact of digital signage in the restaurants. When changing an item on one of the displays (campaign or menu board), they sell more of that product. Employees have also received very positive feedback from customers who appreciate the content on the displays.

Why digital signage through Digitopia

  • Intuitive, centralized online content management for all locations
  • Very user-friendly software to use
  • Only 1 touchpoint for hardware, software, development, and content management
  • Own installation service, nothing is outsourced
  • Rigorous monitoring and reporting
  • Supported by local service with the same people always

Practical information

Foodmaker Montagne du Parc
Address: Ravensteinstraat 25, 1000 Brussels
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7 - 5 pm

Foodmaker The Wings
Address: Culliganlaan 3, 1831 Diegem
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7 - 5 pm

Source Delhaize

Source The Wings

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