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The rise of 21:9 monitors in retail and corporate

Discover this exciting new image format in retail and corporate environments.

Anyone who has ever used a 21:9 PC monitor in a working environment never likes to return it. The extra workspace is immediately noticeable without feeling overwhelming. In the meantime, we also encounter this exotic format on the professional market.

Great in the meeting room

The risk with hybrid meetings is that the participants at home or off-site feel more like a spectator than part of the meeting. With Microsoft Teams Front Row, the layout of the Teams meeting changes and that feeling disappears. The participants are listed in a row at the bottom of the screen. Because they then appear at eye level in the meeting room, it feels much more natural to actively consult with each other.

Immersive experience in retail

The retail sector is given an extra dimension thanks to today's LED options. Our strategic vendors have a whole range of indoor LED applications. Ask us about the full line-up, from a super fine pitch to a very affordable indoor pitch. The 21:9 is easily achieved by playing with the individual LED cabinets.

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