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The dynamics of graphic design: explore the latest design trends for your digital screens

From the return of old print styles to the rise of bold minimalism, vibrant colors, pixel art and the enduring charm of serif fonts ... the trends below are redefining our clients' aesthetic and brand identity. But how does that translate into digital signage today?

Bold minimalism: embracing simplicity with impact

Minimalism has long been an indispensable design style. In 2024, we see designs that confidently make a statement, striking compositions using a subdued color palette, ample white space, and bold typography to create impactful visual experiences. This bold minimalism is about reducing elements to their essential forms while embracing contrast and scale. Our graphic cell regularly experiments with unconventional layouts and oversized elements to push the boundaries of what minimalism can achieve.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of minimalism is that it amplifies the message. Our clients often tend to fill every screen pixel with content, which can be overwhelming. A minimalist approach can help you determine what you need on the screen and what you can do without.

Vibrant colors: the revival of bright and vivid colors

After years of dominance by muted color schemes, we see vibrant and bold colors making a comeback in 2024. Our designers often use these vibrant color palettes to grab attention and evoke emotions. From electric blue and radiant red to lush green and flaming orange... This revival of deep colors grabs attention and adds energy and personality to designs.

Make your brand stand out in a busy digital landscape by using these color choices to safeguard your distinctive visual identity. The use of gradients and color transitions will further enhance this trend. We clearly see the effects of added depth and dynamism to our digital interfaces and own marketing material.

Influence of pantone - the universal color watchdog

Pantone has announced the color of the year 2024: Peach Fuzz. They describe it as "a velvety soft peach that enriches the spirit of heart and body". The Pantone Color Institute studies color trends throughout the year before selecting the color of the year, examining color usage in interior design, fashion, film, and art.

For 2023, they chose Viva Magenta, a vibrant color that truly stands out. While Peach Fuzz feels more subdued and calm, it can be very effective in graphic design when combined with contrasting colors. As tradition, Pantone has released a range of color palettes to support the color of the year.

Pixel art: nostalgia meets innovation

Pixel art describes a design style that originated in the early years of digital graphics. In 2024, this nostalgic aesthetic is characterized by its blocky and pixelated appearance, embraced for its retro charm and ability to convey simplicity and authenticity. Pixel art is a deliberate departure from the norm in a world flooded with high-resolution images and sleek interfaces.

Adding a personal touch

In times of AI and its impact on designs, the human touch is returning to digital design with the increasing popularity of handwritten and hand-drawn elements. In 2024, designers are expected to imbue their creations with spontaneity and authenticity by incorporating hand-drawn illustrations into their artwork. It can be as simple as a hand-drawn arrow or as complex as a complete design. This is a clear response to the overdose of polished and perfect visuals.

Merging the past and present

This year, designers draw inspiration from the past, this time inspired by old print-style advertisements. This trend honors the classic typography, layout, and graphic design elements that were characteristic of print advertisements from past decades, especially the 70s and 80s. We expect to see digital campaigns that mimic the look and feel of vintage magazine ads, using aged textures, retro color schemes, and classic serif fonts to create a sense of nostalgia.

Seamless transitions of color and depth

Gradients have been a staple in design styles for some time; in 2024, we see them evolve into more complex and nuanced forms. Experiment with gradients to create seamless transitions between colors and also to add depth and dimension to your digital interfaces.

Timeless elegance in typography

While sans-serif fonts have dominated digital design in recent years, we see a revival of serif fonts in 2024. Characterized by their decorative details and curls, serif fonts add a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication to digital typography.

Consultancy for your visuals

2024 proves to be a digital design landscape full of possibilities. From bold minimalism to vibrant colors, pixel art to hand-drawn elements, old print-style advertisements to gradients, and the enduring appeal of serif fonts, designers have a rich palette of trends to explore and integrate into their creations. Need assistance or tips for your digital content? Feel free to let us know.

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