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Kbc high brightness digital signage groot

Reaching large areas with high-brightness screens

This KBC branch has been shining on the streets of Wommelgem since last week. The big advantage of high brightness screens is the perfect balance between brightness and contrast in challenging (read bright) conditions.

Lifespan & Maintenance Costs

Additionally, these screens are known for their durability and reliability, resulting in a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs in the long term. The wide viewing angle of 178° also stands in stark contrast to a consumer screen.

Responsible Electricity Consumption

An important element for our customer was that the brightness adjusts to the ambient light. So opt for responsible electricity consumption. There's no added value in having your display emit content at 100% power 24/7. As soon as the sun disappears (in the evening or in cloudy weather), the consumption of these powerhouses also decreases drastically.

High Performance Thanks to Centoview & webOS

This setup works without an external NUC. Both endpoints can play different media independently. Currently, they are piggybacking on general communication messages from KBC HQ. The customer can supplement this scenario with local messages. These displays run out-of-the-box webOS 6.0 (LG's operating system), guaranteeing smooth implementation and practically no aftercare.

Also Beneficial for Our Developers

LG has its software in order and works seamlessly with our digital signage software. This improves user-friendliness with an intuitive GUI and offers our developers simple app development tools such as SDKs and other applications.

To the KBC reference

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