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Kantoor Dumoulin

Offer an informative digital signage experience in your bank as a trusted advisor

Banks are using digital signage in a variety of ways to increase customer engagement, improve the customer experience and communicate information efficiently.

Sometimes it is about small details (opening hours of branch X are exceptionally different from branch Y), or sometimes it is serious topics such as phishing, which a bank is required by law to inform about. We see the bullet points below pop up frequently with our banking clients:

Inform customers

Banks use digital signage to provide customers with relevant information about products, services, interest rates, investment opportunities and other financial information. This information can be presented in the form of static or dynamic graphics, as well as videos or animations to attract attention. This remains the primary goal in branding our customers, also pointing out the security aspect (phishing) a bank can never showcase enough today.

Promote your campagnes

Digital signage is used to display ongoing promotions, special offers and promotions of the bank in question. These may include loans, savings accounts or credit card offers.

Cue management

Digital signage manages queues in our bank branches. Providing customers with information about their place in line or displaying the estimated wait time ... all useful wait softeners. This reduces the feeling of impatience while waiting.

Quick hands-on videoclips

Digital signage can highlight product or service demonstrations, showing customers step-by-step how to use certain products or services, such as mobile banking or other online transactions.

Interactive screens

Some banks are implementing interactive screens where customers can independently access information, manage their bank accounts, make appointments with bank employees and find answers to frequently asked questions.

News and updates

Banks can use digital displays to show current news, market updates, currency exchange rates and financial analysis to keep customers informed of the latest developments. Reach out to us about data, privacy and security. Our developers examine your challenges and they usually find solutions for displaying your hard-to-reach data.

Make a difference, dare to stand out!

In a world where everyone and everything looks, acts, offers and uses the same marketing techniques and communication channels, the uniqueness of a company is vital. This also applies to the entire banking industry.

Empower your bank brand

Digital signage always plays a role in strengthening the bank's brand. Consistent branding and visual communication contribute to a positive perception of the bank among customers. In Belgium, our content services are widely used.

By betting fully on digital signage, banks are increasing customer engagement, better informing and therefore increasing customer satisfaction from themselves. It allows banks to flexibly and quickly update and adapt information to the changing needs of customers or individual bank branch.

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