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Polaroid Pop up

Make your pop-up concept stand out

Pop-up stores are an interesting concept for both existing and new retailers to drive fun business. These outlets are usually temporary and we see varying from a week to a year pop up in large shops or they occupy an empty building to sell their collection from there.

The basics

The moment the collection has passed, the store disappears from the high street or shop-in-shop. This way, retailers can easily draw attention to a temporary collection.

The challenges

A store is often recognized by its name on the facade and the presentation of its window. With a pop-up store, however, this does not remain on display forever, so why should a substantial investment be made to create this impression? A good alternative is to use LED technology or classic displays. Depending on the situation, we offer solutions with high or extremely high light output, also technology with which the image carriers run 24/7 are among the possibilities. In the case in the picture, we wrapped a store column all around with indoor LED panels.

That Wow-factor

Every store needs a signboard that attracts customers' attention. If this store has a limited time presence in a location, it is nice that maximum impact is created. Therefore, nothing attracts attention more than digital signage. Sleek displays or LED panels are the means; the content you send to them determines everything.

Financial sustainability, flexible technology and a powerful service package

The CapEx/OpEx argument has long dominated the conversation when it comes to investments. With the growing number of as-a-service models, signage-as-a-service is also being applied on an increasingly larger scale. The pop-up concept is therefore a formula that fits perfectly into this context. Be sure to ask us about the finacial options for your situation.

Pop-up stores that are uncertain about furnishing and attractiveness would do well to inquire about our digital signage solutions.

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