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Make safety info visible to workers and employees on your digital screens

An accident counter is a tool or system used to record and track the number of accidents, injuries or incidents in a given environment or context. It is often used in working or industrial environments where safety is a priority, such as factories, construction sites, warehouses and even offices.

The accident counter keeps track of how many accidents have occurred during a given time period. This can include different types of accidents, ranging from minor injuries to more serious incidents. The goal is to understand the frequency of accidents and to monitor trends in workplace safety and health. Tracking this data is critical for management to assess safety performance and take action to improve workplace safety. An accident counter can also be used to set safety and health goals and measure the effectiveness of safety programs. Digital accident counters can be displayed on digital signs to show real-time information about the number of incidents. This can raise awareness about safety and encourage stakeholders to actively participate in safety initiatives.

Awareness and safety culture

An accident counter on digital signs raises awareness about safety. By displaying the number of accidents in real time, people are reminded to work safely and follow safety rules, boosting the overall safety culture in an organization.


Showing the number of accidents can contribute to transparency within an organization. It can increase the confidence of employees, customers and visitors. It shows that the organization communicates openly about safety issues and actively works to improve safety.

Safety and improvement goals

Using an accident counter on digital signs can help set goals for safety and improvement. By tracking accidents and showing progress, organizations can focus their efforts on reducing accidents.


Displaying the accident counter can motivate employees to actively participate in safety programs and initiatives. Visualizing the impact of safety efforts can encourage people to follow safety protocols to reduce accidents.

Management Information

It provides management with valuable information on the frequency and nature of accidents, which enables them to take targeted measures to reduce risks and make the work environment safer.

Do not instill fear and dare to reward

However, it is critical to present this data in a sensitive and respectful manner that respects privacy and individual data protection. The goal is to promote security without creating fear or embarrassment. Good numbers, by the way, deserve a pat(s) on the back for the entire organization.

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