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IoB: The road to the future with opportunities but also pitfalls?

Internet of Behaviour (IoB) is an extension of IoT (Internet of Things) that focuses on capturing, processing and analysing the "digital debris" of our daily lives. It connects not only devices but also people to the internet. IoB mainly reveals insights into human behaviour.

What is the purpose of IoB?

The purpose of IoB is to understand and analyze the behavior of individuals and groups based on digital data. This includes online activities, social media interactions, purchase history, location data, and more. IoB utilizes advanced technologies such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things to identify, predict, and influence behavioral patterns.

Behavior Analysis

By collecting and analyzing digital data, organizations can gain deeper insights into the behavior of consumers, employees, users, or citizens. This enables them to identify trends, understand preferences, and anticipate future behavior.


By understanding individual behavior, businesses and organizations can offer personalized experiences, offers, and services. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and more effective marketing efforts.

Risk Management

By monitoring behavior, organizations can identify risks and take proactive measures to manage them. This may include detecting fraudulent activities, preventing cyberattacks, or reducing health risks.

Behavioral Influence

IoB can also be used to actively influence behavior through targeted interventions, recommendations, or feedback. This can be applied in various domains such as healthcare (promoting healthy lifestyle choices), education (personalizing learning methods), and marketing (stimulating purchases).

Is Your Privacy Completely Exposed Now?

Ensuring privacy in IoB requires transparency about data collection, anonymization, security, user control, and compliance with ethical and legal standards. The goal is to maintain user trust while gaining valuable insights into behavior. To be continued.

Gartner Remains Optimistic

Gartner provides an example of cars recording how quickly a driver accelerates and brakes, as well as how fast they drive. An insurer can assess whether you are a safe driver or not and potentially adjust your premium accordingly. When it comes to company cars, organizations can use the data to optimize employee driving behavior and safety. The research firm emphasizes that local laws play a crucial role in how data is used by both public and private organizations to influence behavior. Gartner adds that if IoB initiatives are not designed to provide added value to consumers, the whole concept may be rejected.

The Impact on Digital Screen Communication

Overall, IoB will enhance the capabilities for personalized, context-aware, and digital screen communication, but it also brings challenges in terms of privacy and ethics that need to be addressed to ensure responsible implementation.

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