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Intelligent buildings and smart charging in Europe's climate-neutral future

By 2050, the European Union aims for an economy that is completely climate neutral, creating new opportunities to boost the rise of intelligent buildings. The growing awareness of the benefits of advanced construction technology is fueled by both stricter European and local regulations and the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The growing awareness of the benefits of advanced building tech is fueled by both stricter European and local regulations and the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Digital signage is increasingly being used to display building metrics. Graphically representing this dynamic information is a request we frequently receive. Today, the focus is mainly on the following pillars.

Real-time dashboards processing live data

Essential metrics include energy consumption, energy production, temperature, air quality, occupancy rates, and other relevant data. These dashboards are continuously updated, providing employees, visitors, and facility managers with insight at a glance. Key statistics are presented in the form of charts and diagrams to illustrate trends and patterns. This accelerates the interpretation of your workplace management, energy efficiency, and other measurements, enabling better anticipation of issues and trends.

Major issue around charging stations

With e-charging or smart charging, electric vehicles can be charged extremely efficiently without overloading a building's electrical grid. This way, maximum efficiency is achieved at charging stations with limited power capacity. This information can be widely shared within the entire building, avoiding unexpected situations by informing users in time about the usefulness of slightly longer stays in the office.

Alerts and notifications

Digital signage can automatically push alerts and notifications in case of abnormal situations or critical events, such as temperature deviation, overload, or even a power outage.

Room availability

For smart buildings with room reservation systems, digital signage can display the current availability of meeting rooms, workspaces, or other areas, allowing the employee to comfortably complete their workday.

Feedback and surveys

Our screens are often used to display surveys and feedback forms, allowing users to immediately share their opinions about the environment, services, and amenities. This provides a wealth of information for the facility manager.

Integration with IoT devices

As part of an IoT ecosystem, digital signage can receive information from various sensors and smart devices. Various IoT solutions (embedded in the building) are then presented in a highly accessible manner.

Finally, awareness

Awareness of advanced building technology is growing due to stricter regulations and Corporate Social Responsibility. Digital signage plays a crucial role in visualizing building metrics with real-time dashboards for energy consumption, temperature, and other relevant data. Efficiently charging electric vehicles with e-charging will be crucial in the coming years. Signage is increasingly used to read alerts, room availability, employee feedback, and IoT sensors in smart buildings. These technological developments contribute to the pursuit of sustainability in office buildings.

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