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How digital signage offers added value in manufacturing

In addition to the rollout and management of the signage network, we also think along to visualize a serious theme on the screens in a creative (sometimes playful) way.

Production data

The “Industry 4.0” era connects data to the production floor. Many production workers are lagging behind because they still have very limited access to digital production assets. They lack real-time access to production data or other information to adjust certain activities. They also do not have quick access to digital sources of knowledge, including maintenance guidelines and safety instructions.

We make your raw data readable

Correlation, aggregation, layout (...) : data is converted into visual information that can be supplemented with widgets, indicators, tables, metrics, warning systems, ... We then organize them in clear dashboards, wallboards and even fully automatic playlists.

Quick wins for industrial environments

☑️ Send real-time information to your teams on the floor
☑️ Link your alarm system to the screens, work out different scenarios
☑️ Show that a certain safety film has been played x number of times
☑️ Quickly anticipate changes in the production process, schedules, etc.
☑️ Accelerate the adoption rate of new or temporary staff
☑️ Colleagues without access to a PC or mobile device stay perfectly informed
☑️ Inform your supply chain (trucks) about loading and unloading quay, parking, safety, etc.
☑️ Connect screens with Fireplug (Emergency Call out System

Make content easily digestible

In addition to the rollout and management of the signage network, we also think along with you to repeat a serious theme such as 'safety' on the screens in a creative (sometimes playful) way. Our graphics cell regularly creates animations and dashboards that enable customers to protect their employees from 'screen fatigue'. Through 3D mascots and, for example, 'dancing cookies', we always succeed in attracting everyone's attention. And often without realizing it, people from production look up these messages to see a continuation of the story.

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