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How digital signage adds value at Lotus Bakeries

Lotus Bakeries continues to post record results, thanks to growth in natural snacks (+25%), the rising popularity of speculoos abroad (+20%) and product innovations. Our modest role in this story is to make sure all safety communications are displayed correctly and in a fresh way.

2023 was a year of milestones for Lotus Bakeries. The company surpassed the 1 billion euro revenue mark and secured a spot in the top five of the world's most popular cookies. To eventually claim the third position, the company adheres to its well-known strategy, with some updates. 'We will emphasize other consumption moments than just with coffee: as a snack on the go or as an ingredient in cakes and tiramisu,' says CEO Jan Boone (Source: De Tijd). For a number of years, our CMS/software has been used to control the screens in several production facilities. Our graphics team is occasionally enlisted to create engaging animations to convey safety information attractively.

We make raw data readable

Correlation, aggregation, and formatting of plain data: data is transformed into visual information that can be supplemented with widgets, indicators, tables, metrics, warning systems, etc. We then organize them into clear dashboards, wallboards, and even fully automated playlists.

Play of proof

In production environments, customers often need to demonstrate that certain safety films or instructions have been displayed a certain number of times on the screens. Think, for example, of the popular European Napo safety films with a cartoonish approach.

We make your content easily digestible

In addition to deploying and managing the signage network, we also brainstorm to creatively (sometimes playfully) launch a serious theme such as 'safety' on the screens. Our graphics team frequently creates animations and dashboards that enable clients to protect their employees from 'screen fatigue.' Through 3D mascots and, for example, 'dancing cookies,' we consistently capture everyone's attention. Often, production personnel seek out these messages to see the continuation of the story, often without realizing it.

Objectives for safety and improvement

The use of an accident counter on digital boards can help establish goals for safety and improvement. By tracking accidents and displaying progress, organizations can focus their efforts on reducing the number of accidents. Connect this to a group reward if a record is broken, and you'll find it easier to get everyone on board.


Displaying the accident counter can motivate employees to actively participate in safety programs and initiatives. Visualizing the impact of safety efforts can encourage people to follow safety protocols and thereby reduce the number of accidents.

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