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From idea to reality: the magic of a software company

In addition to installation and project services, we have been developing our own software for over 15 years. This full-service approach brings the necessary dynamism to our work environment. Working in a setting where innovation and creativity are central provides our people with the opportunity to constantly learn new things.

A connected community

Additionally, as a software company, we experience an enormously stimulating and collaborative culture. Teamwork is essential, with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and expertise areas collaborating on common goals (for example, the front vs back office of our CMS software). This approach noticeably promotes connectedness and community within our company. Individual cases such as a specific PWA (web app) provide variety. Delivering a project as an individual can also be enriching.

An additional advantage is the opportunity to be involved in various projects for different clients. This enhances the variety of work, exposing our people to various sectors, technologies, and contexts. This gives us the luxury to continuously broaden skills and knowledge.

The latest technological developments

Our clients also benefit from this. First and foremost, they benefit from the experience of our specialized professionals who tackle any challenge. We have an in-depth understanding of the latest technological developments and best practices, enabling us to develop tailored solutions that meet the changing needs of clients.

Changing requirements and growing needs

Meanwhile, we have flexible and scalable solutions that can be adapted to changing business requirements and growing needs (GDPR, AVG, etc.). This enables our clients to remain agile and respond quickly to evolving market conditions, which is essential today.

Historical focus on software development in web technology

Our digital screens leverage the interactive capabilities provided by PWAs. Through touch applications, we also enhance the engagement of our clients. Via push notifications, users are kept informed of important updates, events, offers, etc. We develop from A to Z (front and back end), with data integrations with client systems at the forefront.

Working at a software company offers numerous benefits for both employees and clients. Our people come to the office to solve complex challenges together and develop cutting-edge solutions. We are regularly seeking additional talent. Therefore, be sure to check out our jobpage.

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