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Room and desk booking with parking- and catering service

Digitopia is ready to align your collaboration, meeting rooms, room & deskbooking, visitor management and screen communications.

Office of the future

We offer smart technology that brings workplace management into the hybrid office. The workplace of the future is a flexible office, where smart technologies (software and hardware) are applied to improve employee comfort, efficiency and productivity.


Another key pillar in this story is insight and analysis of workplace behavior. Our tools provide GDPR-proof insights and access to highly relevant work information.

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Room and desk booking with parking- and catering service
Room and desk booking with parking- and catering service


To manage all these rooms, you need a smart room booking system. Our Roombooking is an easy-to-use software system that gives insight into all (meeting) rooms and more in the office. It also shows the occupancy status of the rooms, room capacity and it shows you what facilities are available. And to make it extra interesting, you can book catering & extra services at the same time.

Your facility manager will love this

The facility manager wants to know what the occupancy rate of all meeting rooms is, so he can assess how the office can be set up differently, more efficiently, or learn to use his precious square footage differently. Through the browser you can easily access and export reports

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Digital reception

No one likes to be disturbed while working. Visitors, couriers and suppliers sign in themselves. Visitors are automatically welcomed and the host is immediately notified via the app. Choose the ultimate digital reception. Ask about all the possibilities.

Badge printer, QR-code scanner and NFC-badge

We offer complete visitor registration software with great features such as pre-registrations, customized layouts and badge printing. Identification of externs can be done in different and always secure ways.

Room and desk booking with parking- and catering service
Room and desk booking with parking- and catering service


The introduction of new technology often means that employees have to (partially) let go of their traditional way of working. We help you with this, moreover the system gives you back a wealth of information after only a few weeks.

Desk management is so much more than just reserving a workspace. It is understanding your employees and their needs. Turn this understanding into efficient use of your office. Digitopia desk booking software creates an office environment where hybrid working and hot desking become the norm.

View the occupancy status of workstations and reserve your workspace within seconds. Use the smart app or online portal to make a reservation in the workplace reservation system. Anytime, anywhere. Check in/out at your workspace and set your personal preferences in advance.

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

Your data is safe. It always has been, because we set very high standards for our software and security. But it is now also officially and internationally recognized, as our partner Gobright has proudly received ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification.

When we talk about digital solutions, a cloud-based platform and smart technology, we also immediately think about data security. Our platform inevitably collects and produces data. Mostly anonymous data, but of course also personal data. It is our responsibility to keep all data safe and treat it according to privacy laws (GDPR proof). Protecting data is logical and natural for us.

Room and desk booking with parking- and catering service ISO certified

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