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Closing the gap between citizens and governance

Don't just say screens or digital signs to our government concepts, our services include much more. Cities and municipalities need a concrete plan on how to inform citizens smoothly and correctly, and that's what we do. With this vision we recently earned a tender to enable Limburg cities and municipalities with (interactive) digital signage.

Digital Signage for Cities and Municipalities

We see that communication to citizens must increasingly be centralized, digital, and informative. Cities and municipalities are increasingly focused on establishing a structured communication strategy. With our services, we provide a strong response to all challenges within cities and municipalities, whether large or small.

We ensure a proper packaging of the message

Unlike broadcasting, our goal is to reach your audience immediately in a meaningful way. Digital signage is a valuable addition to a local or regional communication strategy. The more uniform the message, the clearer it is for citizens. We provide advice or assist you daily in optimizing your communication. For example, passersby typically don't spend more than 10 seconds in front of a digital board. Through our tips and tricks, training, and free helpline, your team becomes even stronger in city marketing.

Indoor and Outdoor Communication

For years, we have seen a growing trend in the use of both large indoor and outdoor screens in cities and municipalities. These screens are integrated into urban infrastructure to provide information, display advertisements, communicate emergencies (BE-Alert), and promote citizen participation. Inquire about our indoor and outdoor solutions!

Data is Golden

Decisions are better not made based on gut feeling alone. If you want to implement a new mobility plan or carry out targeted actions against littering, you also want to support this with facts and figures. Fortunately, as an administration, you have a lot of data to ensure an objective view. You may generate it yourself through smart city initiatives or receive it from partners. However, information is often hidden in databases, and you can extract little insight from it. An effective policy, therefore, starts with making the data visual. We can also help you with that. Our developers analyze your systems and always find a way to visualize your important data.

Ticketing, Queue Management, and More

Show real-time information about waiting times for various services, such as municipal offices, permit counters, health services, etc. This can help the public better plan their visits. Display priority notifications for certain services or individuals, such as the elderly, disabled, or pregnant women, to promote inclusive and efficient service.


Use the digital signage system to provide clear visual instructions on where people should be, what the next steps are, and what documents they should have on hand.

Emergency Messages, Evacuations, BE-Alert, and Other Emergencies

BE-Alert is currently linked to digital information boards in fifteen Belgian cities and municipalities. The goal is for more people to see BE-Alert's emergency messages. Digitopia software ensures a simple and reliable interaction to push emergencies to the population. Daily screen information changes immediately and automatically in case of crisis situations.

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Utilize Our Content Expertise

Our approach aims to make your story successful. Instead of starting from a technical perspective, we try first to inventory your needs, wishes, and locations before designing a proposal. Take advantage of our content designers or let your communication service manage everything. We regularly provide online and on-site training to keep you updated on our software.

Library, Sports Hall, Culture, and Tourism

Additional city services benefit from a strong display network. Share information about cultural events, landmarks, and tourist attractions in the municipality. Display information about available services, counters, and opening hours of the library, sports hall, and other facilities specific to the city.

Stimulate Community Engagement, Focus on Safety

Encourage community engagement by announcing public meetings, opportunities for participation, or local initiatives, for example. Stimulate citizen participation through surveys, polls, or events.

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