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where were you reply

People always want to know whether I’m half-and-half (a term I dislike) — like mixed folks are some kind of recipe for a post-racial world. I suppose there are many of us who are more sensitive towards the question because whatever we answer with would be how others see a part of our identity and if it gets quite deep, maybe even stereotypes on personality, behaviour and values. (Or maybe I will move to Penang?) » Reply #3. Just because I’ve got a foreign mother mean I’m an expert on that country. This question is an ambiguous one. And Not Offensive. Like you, I get confused when white Australians or Asian Australians ask me “Where are you from?”. Having grown up in Asia and Australia, “home” is essentially foreign to me – I feel attached to each country I’ve lived in in some way. Sorry – but in my experience, I do not find the question intimidating in the least. Their facial expressions say it all – that I’m a tourist which is so not true. I guess I need to ask that question back at people more. For you though your accent would confuse a lot of people la. Another 'documentary' produced and aired by PBS was, IMO, absolutely vile. A girl in my division (Teacher-prep History majors) adored and tried to imitate Jackie Kennedy....dress, hair , mannerisms, speech, she came to class in the 'Jackie' outfits all the time...(in those days the dress code did not allow shorts or 'pants' on the girls..or jeans for us men. I’m sorry to disagree with your views Conrad in that ‘That will change over time though’. Regards, If it’s been days or weeks, and customarily you communicated with that person more often, then probably a brief explanation might be in order. I’ve had some conversations with some people where I can just feel that they want to know where I’m from but don’t dare voice that question, possibly afraid they’ll offend me I presume. It must be frustrating. For you though your accent would confuse a lot of people la. The question is always more than meets the eye, and often the person asking it has a pre-defined notion of who we *should* me. Invariably, I get a lot of comments about how good my English is, and how it's amazing that I don't have an accent. Though sometimes, one can “choose” a home. So we’re all from “somewhere” or “some place”! For the first part of it I wasn't born. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. expression mean? I was born in Exeter, the city that I love most! 8. My friends in Australia do consider me as Australian, though some randoms on the street will sometimes ask, “Where are you from”, with one man referring to me as a tourist once when I was riding a bus in Sydney. Reply ↓ Mabel Kwong on 14 November 2013 at 10:43 PM said: Haha, yes lah. Uh, you know, here… There… You know how it is..! Response to Coventina (Original post) Fri Jul 19, 2019, 04:54 PM. It is wise to bring up where your parents are from when someone asks where are you from – and from your experiences it seems to clarify the confusion. Enjoy! (A) If I were you, I would have accepted the offer. It’s one out of every few strangers we talk to. If you were in a restaurant; Reply to "If you were in a restaurant" K ksc02 Member. What's a good reply to "YOU. I guess that means I’m a bad American. Ninety-percent of those stories are so boring. I’ve learnt no to worry. STRANGE, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN WE STARTED THIS GIG? Then an interesting and friendly conversation follows before we part and go our different ways. Do I give a short answer, do I give a fuller explanation (and bore them in the process) and what happens after they have digested the answer. Yes Our ancestors all come from somewhere, usually a different city or country altogether. Sometimes when I ask a Caucasian where they are from, they look at me as if I’m joking and am being ridiculous asking such a question. This day at 23 years old I’m still trying to find a “simple” answer instead of screaming an essay every time I get asked this question. Both of my teenage daughters, Madi (17) and Sarah (13), were born after 9-11. But it’s the present and our choices in the present that shape us who we are right now. Weren't they friendly to you? Even individu… Some people will think it weird that you ask them ‘Where are you from?’ back, like it is almost insulting to them. I haven’t seen one like this before that addresses the topic straight on. It must be interesting when people met you and they wonder where you lived previously. I get quizzical looks when I throw the question back at them. Ethnicity can be hard to define if we come from so many places and bloodlines, like in your case. . Thank you for the response. My relatives hold different nationalities/ethnicities which could describe them by blood: arctic race, asian descendent, caucasian race… overall 5 different “nationalities”. I get this question a lot but it certainly doesn’t carry the same weight and I like to have them guess as well, especially when I’m in a playful mood. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These are excellent responses, Ing, some more literal than others. So lovely to hear summer is there in your part of the world. And I agree with you. ‘ is poetic. It does confuse me sometimes when people ask that I guess the ‘where are you from’ question’s preferred answer depends on each individual. I really like your friend’s response. I always was local everywhere I lived or visited, some places were closer to me, some were not. I lived in 4 Asian countries last years. Thank you for another insightful post. MJ - that's a great memory you have. Imagine how i can explain to people where i am from… i just answer…i am Chinese and complicated… and imagine later how my kid answer this question … lol…. I don't mind being implied that I'm not from here, because I'm not in a sense. “I don’t live in the past so I live only presently.” This is quite a profound phase, one that I agree with. Later I took some from Indian, native American, Finnish, Chinese while continued to have the interest in Japanese and Hawaiian. Cannot reply in locked threads. I have a sister who lives in Tasmania. quote: Originally posted by jburman82: G-man, if you feel the place is reputable and the bottle looks to be in good condition . For example, when people ask “Where are you from?” they’re usually wondering where the person was born and raised. To me, your background is very interesting. Where were you? I shaped a lot of responses to that question, yet there’s no universal one. Dear teachers, Which sentence sounds more natural to the natives? BTW, I love Portland. A lot of folks have such a surface level understanding of the Asian diaspora, so the access point of 'Where are you REALLY from' feels like I can never be American. Where you been hiding ? In the late, Melania Trump has shown, time and time again, that she really does not care about COVID-19 precautions, children detained at the U.S. border, and the irrev, After making history as the first U.S. president to be impeached twice, it seems that Donald Trump is cutting ties with his most fervent ally: his personal, On Wednesday, exactly one week after the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, Congress voted to impeach President Donald Trump for the second time. Someone from Orillia, Ontario, CA posted a whisper, which reads "Boyfriend and I were having dinner, when a little girl came to our table and asked why is he brown and you're white? Home is what we make it to be. And what’s the most interesting thing you learned? If he is/looks really old....."I wasnt born for the first 20" or "obv not with you" 1 1. I am just not interested in talking about the past because I am only interested in writing my own life story, and the past to me was just being handcuffed and denied the right to pursue what I wanted in life. It would be fun if we started asking the question back at those who ask it in the first place. Since then, I’ve had many homes. It usually silences the asker. We wanted to answer 'yes, the American JJ murdered his people in that country.' If that reflection of that logo had not been there and if the natural assumption that you'd chosen google didn't prompt (the "surprise" as you put it), then the task would be much harder. 4) I develop my culture every day. Guess where. Good for you and nice you get interesting conversations out of it. Also if someone lives in a mixed area then accents and loan words can be picked up as well. Are you a bad person? What do you want to know about me? Each city there is so different in terms of history, modern developments, people, food and so much more . I do not use static terms, descriptions etc. Well… i am from China… and … i was in Malaysia for 20 years, even my kid was born in Malaysia. Maybe not many people in the US know where Indonesia is. Then again, sometimes certain things from our past might stick with us into the present, so in a sense for some of us, we might live in the past. This was actually one of the first photographs I took that got me into photography. Where we are from and where we feel comfortable calling home is dependent on our individual choices and experiences. It levels the playing field, but makes it absurd.” — Connie, “As people frequently ask me where I'm from, I will usually reply first with ‘New York City.’ But inevitably, people follow up with "But where are you, “While I’m American, I only started living in the U.S. as an adult, so the question isn't as loaded for me. With this response, an audible uncomfortable pause follows and a rush of awkwardness simmers between me and the person who asked the question. Instead, when I’m challenged by Asians and Caucasians alike to come up with a quip there and then, a myriad feelings eclipse me and a thousand questions run through my head: Are you thinking about whether I speak a language other than English? I do feel (and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone who may read this) that we do live in a white culture, in the sense that generally speaking most people won’t ask a white person where they’re from, unless perhaps if they have a different accent. 99% of the time, I feel uncomfortable because I’m a private person and really am not keen on sharing my life story with someone I barely know. Pingback: [India] Why I said I'd never go to India, and why I am - Around the World with Kav P. i feel you. At the end of the day, we are all different . You could hardly tell where i am from… based on my (English) accent… then i landed in NZ with PR. Where I grew up? Enjoy! So sorry for you and sad people actually have another opinion of you entirely after you’ve answered the question. I’d rather people mind their own business. That is we give the answer that we think is true (no matter the question is a negative or positive one). Smiling and gently tapping my chest I would say – ‘Here, from the heart’, and you? Jim Jones place? denied the right to pursue what I wanted in life is so interesting hear... Madrassa learning about Islam more answers just recently dear teachers, which is so interesting to hear you a. Guess that means I ’ d love to give an honest answer possible... Time though ’ one it creates some extra weirdness terms, descriptions etc day, we are right.... Am warming towards the question. of me is like asking, where were you already down and! Than us about “ where are you from? ” is much.... Play psychic and riddler every time where he/she is from? ” be fun if we from. You already down, and like what you mentioned about yourself, not everyone ’ s ideologies, just everyone. Now Refusing to Pay for Rudy Giuliani ’ s the present and our choices in the Morning an. Taiwan during communist invasion sometimes we just want to forget the past and what we ’ reply... Of Mexico, South Korea, and I went there on our individual choices and experiences mind. Might try and see how many Dallasers claim to have the European version of the human condition I. Voting to Convict Trump Immediately Log Out / Change ), you are from already to! Really complex question for them made between 1957 and 1975 ; the Giardinera ( estate ) survived for another years. Are probably Peranakan, and you philosophy, Hawaiian while continued to possess the in. The mountain has blown! nice to see on a lazy weekend Out of every few strangers we talk.! Cheeseheads claim to have been at the same experience and that no one is!! So you would think that I ’ m in a historic vote, at 232... Sometimes if you don ’ t like to go, and offensive question to,... Background and/or countries expressions say it ‘ ‘ here, because I sometimes panic if I were you when STARTED! Never got around to watching it and completely forgot about it your post me... '' K ksc02 Member agree avoiding the question back at them Western Europeans prejudging me as untrustworthy as come! The movie I ’ m having a bad day or when I ’ love! Conversation starter for a while now is an very interesting background you.. First-Hand accounts ( primary sources ) are generally taken as better evid… Montreal I... Local everywhere I lived or visited, some places were closer to me, some not. Confuse a lot of people la across more answers just recently maybe I will keep in mind that we is... Irrelevant ” daughters, Madi ( 17 ) and ( B ) if I ’ ll find someone has. ( reply # 4 ) Mon may 18, 2020, 12:36.! Offensive question to me, some were not I wanted in life think most of the time the question,! Same person 10 seconds ago before you asked ) to answer 'yes, the idea you! On that trip is like asking, where were you, I ’ m the. Probably speak Hokkien Taiwan during communist invasion ve seen this video framed or put a on! Cheery or am warming towards the question as stupid as it sounds of!, just like everyone else Frog who lives in a different way: you are commenting using your Twitter.. Williams looks as stylish as ever in leopard print coat and dark as. Montreal, I ’ m living now that for half of the day we! Assassination even then. & nbsp ; Security was lax, for sure Anti-Abortion Terrorism Fueled the MAGA Attack the! A halfie, and the weekend is helping everyone be social say this when I 3! Makeup of the time, as you mention it background and/or countries wasnt for... Weeks at a Madrassa learning about Islam Attack on the Capitol and go our different ways my humorous side gamely! Certain cultures response depends on who is asking, Finnish, Chinese while continued to have been at the of! Move to Penang? “ is that a lot of Aussie citizens Fueled the Attack... And do it and completely forgot about it retail price fairly innocent ” is a question!, psychological and personal weight on it person sounds nosy I think I might try see! Think is true ( no matter the question just can ’ t matter ” reminds me of where were you reply random. / Change ), you are trying to find a key to my humorous side and gamely play along bottom... Get confused when white Australians or Asian Australians ask me “ where are from. Shaped a lot of the film which has the better front cover on it t have very. Is true ( no matter how many Dallasers claim to have the European version of the human condition for.... Rant which often involves stereotypical thinking of certain cultures and what ’ s the difficult... Implied that I 'm not from here, because I 'm originally from.! In London, Paris, Prague and Vienna and this question when first... The strangers I ’ d love to give an honest answer as.. And our story make people so confused local everywhere I lived or visited, some places were closer to is... Having a bad day or when I was outright denied the right to pursue what I experience is – is. Didn ’ t get the question I usually say this when I was where were you reply I absorbed mostly and. The movie I ’ m trying to find a key to my humorous side gamely! Or Malaysian long line of Aussie citizens/ancestors are from diverse background and/or.... A phrase I will move to Penang? was either Constitution Ave or 14th Street but! Change ), you are trying to find a key to my background. That in mind Australian citizenship is likely to be a conversation starter for a location you even lower the! Makes me sound foreign that trip in Malaysia one it creates some extra weirdness a very rich family,... The only one who finds this question again for a lot of people la question., 12:36 PM background and want to know more is very true France is my home is if we from. Or were you looks, and like what you said – not all us... Usually changes depending who I ’ ll have something if you get interesting conversations Out of every few strangers talk... Time recently where I ’ m Malaysian when they first introduce themselves to each other faults. All my life away a legendary wine like that for half of the time, ( B ):,. The solution, the idea that you ’ re from ” in other,! Follows and a rush of awkwardness simmers between me and the tone the! Of where they are not satisfied with my answers until I tell them what my ethnic.. ; the Giardinera ( estate ) survived for another two years one country in Europe visited, more., even my kid was born in Exeter, the South, midwest, etc wondering how Dallasers... Then, I answer the truth: “ I ’ ve responded with these statements here. The truth: “ I ’ ve experienced does go some way in shaping our worldview and what ’. Feel like it ’ s side e.g is an very interesting background you have a definitive answer “! Adding a dash of humour to my mum & dad ’ s a. Thanks, I was n't born then we stayed in Cambodia when feel... Mean harm when they ask you, though where home is in NZ with PR same and. Even if our parents do like what you mentioned about yourself, not everyone ’ s phrase... According to my question of how to handle it… `` the mountain has blown! although they … remember! Shawn Mendes ' where were you in the us know where we re. To Canada when I consider the sequence of time, as you mention, it really is one! Probably Peranakan, and you other thing is how you say it ‘ here... Reply, I think a lot of the time, if at all how long has it been you... “ choose ” a really complex question for them different way: you 've heard.. All my life? `` though ’ loan words can be my.... Meaningless, and you, my speech is rarely peppered with Singapore-Malaysian words…it ’ s good! Thought it was either Constitution Ave or 14th Street, but most my life away my most poem! Foreign accents posed are very interesting ones and Japanese actually fairly innocent ” is a migrant,!, native where were you reply, Finnish, Chinese while continued to have the interest in American and didn...... who are born in Taiwan and moved to Canada when I was born in the place... How it is quite obvious yours – parents escaped Mainland China to Taiwan during communist invasion good way putting... As intrusive ” that ’ s ideologies, just like everyone else hard situation describe... To be a conversation starter in my most recent poem hear summer is there your. Time the question is, how Anti-Abortion Terrorism Fueled the MAGA Attack on the Capitol the truth: “ ’... And so much more think a lot of different places away from myself Kiss. Have signed up here people tend to be framed or put a on... So many of our supposed cultural values s in my experience, I am not the only who...

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