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Download Free PDF. This experience changed his life and he ended up spending twelve years at that institution, primarily as the Director of Astronomy and Physics, with a short leave … Stamporama began with 6 members in January 1996 with one idea -- trading duplicates among the members. In the illustrated embodiment, these are depicted as a printed circuit board assembly of the type commonly employed in electronic devices to provide necessary signal generation and other electrical functions, though, in other embodiments, these may comprise discrete electrical components (e.g., power transformers), structural members of enclosure 10, and so forth, instead or in addition. A short summary of this paper. While members 27, 28 of the illustrated embodiment comprise rubber or other elastomeric sheets, it will be appreciated that other structures and/or compositions, e.g., of the type otherwise used or suitable for passive radiator construction (and with sufficient strength and/or reinforcement to accommodate battery 40) may be used instead or in addition. This paper. 3 is a top-down cross-sectional view of the sound cradle 5. 12/114,402. In embodiments utilizing drivers 12 constructed in accord with aforementioned incorporated-by-reference U.S. patent application Ser. DocMemory, RFID Takes Priority With Wal-Mart,, Feb. 9, 2004, 2 pages. A short summary of this paper. PDF. Find best-selling books, new releases, and classics in every category, from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird to the latest by Stephen King or the next installment in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid children’s book series. In the 1970s Dr. Freedman worked as a comic book letterer and helped organize the San Diego Comic-Con (now the world’s largest popular culture convention) during its first few years. No.11/752,400, filed May 23, 2007, entitled “LOUDSPEAKER AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES INCORPORATING SAME,” the teaching of which are incorporated herein by reference. ;REEL/FRAME:034648/0635, MAINTENANCE FEE REMINDER MAILED (ORIGINAL EVENT CODE: REM. Communication for European Patent Application No. In a still further aspect of the invention, the mass (e.g., battery) and active drivers are mounted within a sealed enclosure, thereby improving audio fidelity by ensuring that air-coupling of the components is not degraded by, for example, air uncontrollably escaping the enclosure. Akg Akustische U. Kino-Gerate Gesellschaft M.B.H. International Search Report for PCT/US99/27011, mailed Feb. 28, 2000 (1 Page). The skirt, moreover, need not be integral to the battery but, instead, could be configured for affixation to the battery itself, again, by hook-and-loop fastener or other mechanism. USPTO; Office Action dated Aug. 20, 2009 in U.S. Appl. 1B, the illustrated device 5 includes a rear access panel 24 that permits a user (or a repair technician) to access a passive radiator 34 that enhances the reproduction of low-frequency sounds, e.g., sounds in the range of 40 Hz (or below) to about 200 Hz (or above), by device 5. A passive woofer mounted in a wall of an enclosure and air-coupled to one or more speakers that are also mounted to the enclosure, wherein a battery is tightly coupled to the passive woofer and adds mass thereto. 28, 2003., Apr. The patent was opposed by the appellant on the grounds of lack of patentability under Article 100(a) EPC and insufficiency of disclosure under Article 100(b) EPC. In further aspects of the invention, the elastomerically-mounted mass (e.g., battery) has a generally thin, planar configuration. in the same acoustic enclosure, Details of stereophonic arrangements covered by H04R5/00 but not provided for in any of its subgroups, Aspects relating to docking-station type assemblies to obtain an acoustical effect, e.g. This enhances air-coupling, and thus enhanced sound fidelity and bass response characteristics, with minimal travel of the woofer 40 (e.g., a few millimeters). The following state of the art was i.a. The mass comprises a component of the device not normally used for such purpose—e.g., a battery—thereby, permitting size reductions while, at the same time, enhancing audio fidelity. 9 Full PDFs related to this paper. This application is a continuation of U.S. patent application Ser. 24, 2009 in U.S. Appl. ;REEL/FRAME:034648/0635, Free format text: the War with Mexico in 1846, the War with Spain in 1898, the First World War, and the Second World War. J appl Phys. Free PDF. Significantly, Gerbman does neither, reducing the value of his patent, in terms of genuine intellectual property protection, to a fat zero. cited: D1: GB-A-2 168 280. a battery having an elastomeric skirt that is adapted for affixation to an enclosure in order to serve as a passive radiator in connection therewith. I believe theirs was the first all-women law firm in the state. [18] Schlafly was the Republican nominee for Illinois's 24th congressional district again in 1960, losing again to Price, this time by 144,560 votes (72.22%) to 55,620 (27.79%). No. In one exemplary embodiment, a system for facilitating a transaction comprising a transponder, an RF reader, a transaction completion system, and a resource engine. US20080292117A1 US11/752,400 US75240007A US2008292117A1 US 20080292117 A1 US20080292117 A1 US 20080292117A1 US 75240007 A US75240007 A US 75240007A US 2008292117 A1 US2008292117 A1 US 2008292117A1 Authority US United States Prior art keywords woofer enclosure battery speakers electronic device … Thus, for example, battery 40 can include an integral rubber or other elastomeric skirt (not shown) that is suitable for affixation, e.g., by hook-and-loop fastener or other mechanism, to the enclosure 10, e.g., in place of (or in addition to) panel 24. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1986. Denizita Medina. No. A system and process is provided for removing or treating harmful biologic and organic substances within an enclosure, such as a container, building or vehicle. 28, 2003., Apr. No portion of this material may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the publisher. In still further aspects of the invention, the radiator is mounted on an outside wall (e.g., a rear wall) of the enclosure. The foregoing notwithstanding, there is increased demand for improved bass response in small devices and particularly, for example, small low-powered (e.g., battery-operated) devices. 01948816.2 issued Feb. 20, 2007 (3 Pages). Mater Sci Technol. Over time, this task can aggravate or even cause osteoarthritis of the hands and… A more complete understanding of the invention may be attained by reference to the drawings, in which: FIGS. No. Coregis Insurance, Sr. Claims Technician, 1994-1995; CNA Insurance, Sr. Claims Representative, 1991-1994; Education. Sample chapter is available for download in PDF format. Law school deans issue joint statement on 2020 election and events at the U.S. Capitol Mario L. Barnes, UW Law Toni Rembe Dean and professor of law, joined fellow deans from across the country condemning last week's riots and attacks on the rule of law. Aug. 25-29, 2003. p. 879-881. 00954008.9, dated Mar. MAINTENANCE FEE REMINDER MAILED (ORIGINAL EVENT CODE: REM. 92 303 829.3). LIEN;ASSIGNOR:DR. G LICENSING, LLC. As shown in FIG. generation of a signal involved in cell-cell signaling, , , LOUDSPEAKERS, MICROPHONES, GRAMOPHONE PICK-UPS OR LIKE ACOUSTIC ELECTROMECHANICAL TRANSDUCERS; DEAF-AID SETS; PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS, Details of transducers, loudspeakers or microphones, Arrangements for obtaining desired frequency or directional characteristics, Arrangements for obtaining desired frequency or directional characteristics for obtaining desired frequency characteristic only, Transducer mountings or enclosures modified by provision of mechanical or acoustic impedances, e.g. 10/708,597. Features-Create a Custom Text: Pearson Customenables you to work with a dedicated … Today Stamporama has over 2200 members from 49 US states, 9 Provinces and Territories of Canada, 6 states of Australia and 66 total countries worldwide. One of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer, she was a pioneer of computer programming who invented one of the first linkers.Hopper was the first to devise the theory of machine-independent programming languages, and … Today, when not in the classroom or slaving over a computer, Dr. Freedman can be found either flying (he holds a commercial pilot’s license) or with his wife, Caroline, cheering on the rowers of UCSB Men’s and Women’s Crew. The couple had one son, Matthew, in 1977. 12/338,976. 30 Deadline Draws Nearer, Oil Companies Push Marketing, Cost Cutting to Fortify Earnings, Microsoft, IBM and Phillips Test RFID Technology, System and method for payment using radio frequency identification in contact and contactless transactions, Reload protocol at a transaction processing entity, System and method for assigning a funding source for a radio frequency identification device, Authorizing payment subsequent to RF transactions, Method and system for tracking user performance, System for monitoring resource utilization and resource optimization, Goal and performance management performable at unlimited times and places, Resource portfolio processing method, device, apparatus and computer storage medium, System and method for securing a recurrent billing transaction, System and method for distributing personal identification numbers over a computer network, System and method for transponder-enabled account transactions, System and method for encoding information in magnetic stripe format for use in radio frequency identification transactions, System and method for dynamic fob synchronization and personalization, System and method for securing sensitive information during completion of a transaction, Method and system for auditory recognition biometrics on a FOB, Method and system for hand geometry recognition biometrics on a fob, System and method for incenting rfid transaction device usage at a merchant location, System and method for providing and RFID transaction device, Biometric registration for facilitating an RF transaction, Systems and methods for managing multiple accounts on a RF transaction device using secondary identification indicia, Systems and methods for non-traditional payment, RF transaction system and method for storing user personal data, Authenticating an RF transaction using a transaction counter, Systems and methods for non-traditional payment using biometric data, System and method for securing RF transactions using a radio frequency identification device including a random number generator, System and method for generating an unpredictable number using a seeded algorithm, Securing RF transactions using a transactions counter, Facial scan biometrics on a payment device, Processing an RF transaction using a routing number, System for biometric security using a FOB, System and method for managing a transaction protocol, RF transactions using a wireless reader grid, Method and system for proffering multiple biometrics for use with a FOB, Method and apparatus for enrolling with multiple transaction environments, System and method for converting a stored value card to a credit card, Systems and methods for managing account information lifecycles, System and method for electronic prepaid account replenishment, Method and system for generating real-time directions associated with product promotions, Consistent set of interfaces derived from a business object model, Biometric safeguard method for use with a smartcard, Transaction processing platform for faciliating electronic distribution of plural prepaid services, Device for authenticating ownership of product / service, method for authenticating ownership of product / service, and program for authenticating ownership of product / service, Apparatus and method for ownership verification, Mechanism to control delegation and revocation of tasks in workflow system, Method and system for accessing media content via the internet, Radio tag management program, radio tag management method, and radio tag management apparatus, Biometric and geographic location system and method of use, Electronic payment instrument and packaging, System and method to automatically create a given atmosphere by controlling the contributions of perceptible sensory stimulus media, Method and apparatus for providing status of inventory, System and computer-readable medium for managing consistent interfaces for business objects across heterogeneous systems, Managing Consistent Interfaces for Kanban Business Objects Across Heterogeneous Systems, Managing Consistent Interfaces For Trading Business Objects Across Heterogeneous Systems, Managing Consistent Interfaces for Sales Price Business Objects Across Heterogeneous Systems, Managing consistent interfaces for business objects across heterogeneous systems, Providing digital content based on expected user behavior, Managing Consistent Interfaces for Credit Portfolio Business Objects Across Heterogeneous Systems, System, method and program product for checking revocation status of a biometric reference template, System, method and program product for communicating a privacy policy associated with a radio frequency identification tag and associated object, System, method and program product for communicating a privacy policy associated with a biometric reference template, System, method and program product for generating a cancelable biometric reference template on demand, System, method and program product for associating a biometric reference template with a radio frequency identification tag, Techniques for securing supply chain electronic transactions, Managing consistent interfaces for merchandising business objects across heterogeneous systems, System for processing, activating and redeeming value added prepaid cards, A system for processing, activating and redeeming value added prepaid cards, Managing consistent interfaces for number range, number range profile, payment card payment authorisation, and product template template business objects across heterogeneous systems, Managing consistent interfaces for property library, property list template, quantity conversion virtual object, and supplier property specification business objects across heterogeneous systems, Secure sharing of data along supply chains, System and method for operational and behavioral business intelligence, Managing consistent interfaces for employee data replication business objects across heterogeneous systems, Managing consistent interfaces for communication system and object identifier mapping business objects across heterogeneous systems, Managing consistent interfaces for financial business objects across heterogeneous systems, Managing consistent interfaces for business rule business object across heterogeneous systems, Consistent interface for sales territory message type set 1, Consistent interface for sales territory message type set 2, Consistent interface for user feed administrator, user feed event link and user feed settings, Consistent interface for feed collaboration group and feed event subscription, Consistent interface for feed event, feed event document and feed event type, Consistent interface for product valuation data and product valuation level, Consistent interface for entitlement product, Consistent interface for goods and activity confirmation, Consistent interface for document output request, Consistent interface for address snapshot and approval process definition, Consistent interface for message-based communication arrangement, organisational centre replication request, and payment schedule, Consistent interface for financial instrument impairment attribute values analytical result, Consistent interface for financial instrument impairment calculation, Consistent interface for financial instrument impairment expected cash flow analytical result, Method and apparatus for implementing multi-vendor rolling code keyless entry systems, Consistent interface for email activity business object, Consistent interface for appointment activity business object, System and method for financial services device usage, Method and apparatus for automated secure one-way data transmission, RFID document with de-activatable communication, Systems and methods for tracking access data to a data source, Use of gesture-based nfc interaction to trigger device functionality, Electronic inventory tracking system and associated user interfaces, Apparatus and method to facilitate shopping, Universally applicable, in-motion and automatic toll paying system using microwaves, System and method for authorizing access to an article distribution or service acquisition machine, Secure badge for infrared badge reader and process for making same, Synchronization system for overlay of an internal video signal upon an external video signal, Contrast enhancement layer composition with naphthoquinone diazide, indicator dye and polymeric binder, Financial transaction processing system using an integrated circuit card device, System for identifying particular objects, IC card system compatible with bank account system, Telephone card and telephone card-operated telephone, Multi-issuer transaction device with individual identification verification plug-in application modules for each issuer, Method and apparatus for personal identification, System and method for administration of incentive award program through use of credit, Packaging material with good gas barrier properties and also packaging container manufactured from the material, Sliced addressing multi-processor and method of operation, Centralized consumer cash value accumulation system for multiple merchants, Multi-processor reconfigurable in single instruction multiple data (SIMD) and multiple instruction multiple data (MIMD) modes and method of operation, Method for reducing thickness of a high-strength low-ductility metal foil on thin strip element, Method for reducing thickness of a titanium foil or thin strip element, Dual mode SIMD/MIMD processor providing reuse of MIMD instruction memories as data memories when operating in SIMD mode, Interrogating station for identification purposes, with separate transmitting and receiving antennae, Method and device for simplifying the use of a plurality of credit cards, or the like, Intelligent shopping cart system having cart position determining and service queue position securing capability, Separable multi-account safety credit card, Graphics processor nonconfined address calculation system, Ones counting circuit, utilizing a matrix of interconnected half-adders, for counting the number of ones in a binary string of image data, Circuit arrangement for obtaining a constant field strength of an HF signal radiated by a transmitting device with exchangeable antenna, Transponder systems for automatic identification purposes, Currency transfer system and method using fixed limit cards, Data communication transceiver using identification protocol, Built-in chip transponder with antenna coil, Third millenium credit card with magnetically onto it written multiple validity dates, from which is one single day as the credit card's validity day selected day after day by the legitimate card owner, System for supplying various departments of large self-service stores with department-specific information, Method for producing a flat flexible antenna, Antenna system for use in an automatic vehicular identification system, Secure money transfer techniques using smart cards, Multi-processor with crossbar link of processors and memories and method of operation, System at a vehicle for debiting at automatic fuelling, System for automated toll collection assisted by GPS technology, Apparatus and method for identifying multiple transponders, Titanium metal foils and method of making, Automatic antenna tuning method and circuit, Single loop transponder system and method, Automatically correcting data detection circuit and method for FSK modulated signals, System and method for reading multiple RF-ID transponders, Secured disposable debit card calling system and method, Arrangement for monitoring the operating state of vehicle pneumatic tires mounted on wheel rims, Reconfigurable multi-processor operating in SIMD mode with one processor fetching instructions for use by remaining processors, Method and system for conserving power in a recognition system, Referral recognition system for an incentive award program, Transponders, Interrogators, systems and methods for elimination of interrogator synchronization requirement, Method of providing a synchronized data stream suitable for use in a combined FDX and HDX RF-ID system, Smartcard adapted for a plurality of service providers and for remote installation of same, Read/write transponder arrangement and method of communication, Circuit frequency following technique transponder resonant, Interrogator for detecting adjacent transponders, Unitarily-tuned transponder/shield assembly, System and method for conducting cashless transactions, Inductor/antenna for a recognition system, Integrated air coil and capacitor and method of making the same, Method and apparatus for wireless chemical supplying, Spherical antenna pattern(s) from antenna(s) arranged in a two-dimensional plane for use in RFID tags and labels, Method and apparatus for restrospectively identifying an individual who had engaged in a commercial or retail transaction or the like, Data card that can be used for transactions involving separate card issuers, Universal electronic transaction card including receipt storage and system and methods of conducting electronic transactions, System and method for protecting unauthorized access to data contents, Apparatus and method for flat circuit assembly, Speedup for monetary transactions using a transponder in conjunction with a smartcard, Communication accessory and method of telecommunicating for a PDA, Device for controlling discharge of a charge capacitor in a transponder, Method of making electrical contact material, Cellular telephone as an authenticated transaction controller, Hotel check-in system with wireless communication, Method and apparatus with adaptive transponder plucking, Multi-stage transponder wake-up, method and structure, Process for generating DSA signatures with low-cost portable apparatuses, Identification system antenna with impedance transformer, Information management and security system, Manufacture of a flexible antenna, with or without an inner permeable magnetic layer, Dispensing machine with data card scanner apparatus and enhanced features, Transponder/interrogator protocol in a multi-interrogator field, Smart card with multiple charge accounts and product item tables designating the account to debit, Method and apparatus for utilizing a token for resource access, Printing system with self-monitoring and adjustment, Automatic vehicle identification system capable of vehicle lane discrimination, Debit card system and method for implementing incentive award program, System and method for conducting cashless transactions on a computer network, Closed slot antenna having outer and inner magnetic loops, System and method for bill delivery and payment over a communications network, Method and system for identifying and communicating with a plurality of contactless IC cards, System and method for processing a customized financial transaction card, Secure method and system for communicating a list of credit card numbers over a non-secure network, Authentication system and method for smart card transactions, Identification system reader with multiplexed antennas, Transponder including a fluid cushioning medium and a method for its production, Key having an air coil antenna and a method of construction, Database computer architecture for managing an incentive award program and checking float of funds at time of purchase, System for extending present open network communication protocols to communicate with non-standard I/O devices directly coupled to an open network, System and method of using smart cards to perform security-critical operations requiring user authorization, Multimedia electronic wallet with generic card, Register to memory data transfers with field extraction and zero/sign extension based upon size and mode data corresponding to employed address register, Apparatus and method for adding an associative query capability to a programming language, Key replacement in a public key cryptosystem, Reduced area of crossbar and method of operation, Non-biased pseudo random number generator, Solar cell powered smart card with integrated display and interface keypad, Injector and object to be injected by the injector, Method and apparatus for detection of corrosion, Transponder signal collision avoidance system, Method for automatically determining the approval status of a potential borrower, Wireless communication system for reliable communication between a group of apparatuses, Wireless transmitter carrier phase synchronization, Key fob acting as car-park access card, for automatic charging for parking, Method and system for calculating a user account balance in a recognition system, Method for producing a smart card module for contactless smart cards, Shopping cart mounted portable data collection device with tethered dataform reader, Integrated system for controlling master account and nested subaccount(s), System and method for transmitting data using reflected electromagnetic radiation, Automatic non-computer network no-stop collection of expressway tolls by prepaid cards and method: pay according to category of vehicle and the distance it travels, Method of on-line shopping utilizing persistent client state in a hypertext transfer protocol based client-server system, Computerized system for making payments and authenticating transactions over the internet, Non-contacting type radio frequency recognizing credit card system, Method and apparatus for transfering information from a transponder, Method and system for using an application programmable smart card for financial transactions in multiple countries, System and method for billing for transactions conducted over the internet from within an intranet, Smart card reader having multiple data enabling storage compartments, Programmable multiple company credit card system, Portable point-of sale terminal with device for inputting security code access key, Computer-based communication system and method using metadata defining a control structure, Data processing method of configuring and monitoring a satellite spending card linked to a host credit card, Detection regions for transponder tracking, Full-wave rectifier and method of operation for a recognition system, Key lock having inductive key detection and method of construction, System and method for processing multiple electronic transaction requests, System and method for detecting fraudulent expenditure of electronic assets, Computerized purchasing system and method for mediating purchase transactions over an interactive network, Computer implemented automated credit application analysis and decision routing system, Transaction security apparatus and method, Reusable package for identification devices, Electronic online commerce card with transactionproxy number for online transactions, System for and method of distributing proceeds from contents, Method for using applications in a mobile station, a mobile station and a system for effecting payments, On-line shopping system and the method of payment settlement, System and method for employing a telecommunications network to remotely disable a SIM or smartcard, Electronic shopping and merchandising system, Method of issuing a service ticket in transactions of commodities by making use of communication, Self-contained payment system with circulating digital vouchers, TIRIS based kernal for protection of "copyrighted" program material, Process flow design at the module effects level through the use of acceptability regions, System and method for pseudo cash transactions, Automatic portable account controller for remotely arranging for transfer of value to a recipient, Credit card spending authorization control system, System and method for revaluation of stored tokens in IC cards, Automatic recognition of periods for financial transactions, Method and apparatus for fingerprinting and authenticating various magnetic media, Methods and apparatus for providing a prepaid, remote memory transaction account with voice indicia, Method of charging for pay-per-access information over a network, Method for repeating interrogations until failing to receive unintelligible responses to identify plurality of transponders by an interrogator, System, method and article of manufacture for a gateway system architecture with system administration information accessible from a browser, A method and system for tracking smart card loyalty points, Contactless smartcard for use in cellular telephone, Method and apparatus for funds and credit line transfers, Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection, Microprocessor circuits, systems, and methods implementing a loop and/or stride predicting load target buffer, Graphical user interface for customer service representatives for subscriber management systems, Transaction verification protocol for Smart Cards, Method to prevent rouge transponder responses in automatic vehicle identification systems, Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network, Disabling and enabling transaction committal in transactional application components, Secure, convenient and efficient system and method of performing trans-internet purchase transactions, System, method and article of manufacture for the use of payment instrument holders and payment instruments in network electronic commerce, System and method for secure transaction order management processing, Virtual catalog and product presentation method and apparatus, Performing electronic commerce on the internet providing links from product manufacturers to authorized dealers where the authorized dealer provides a custom order interface for the manufacturer's products, Video communication device providing in-home catalog services, Electronic procurement system and method for trading partners, System, method and article of manufacture for a payment gateway system architecture for processing encrypted payment transactions utilizing a multichannel, extensible, flexible architecture, Method and apparatus for distributing currency, System, method and article of manufacture for handling transaction results in a gateway payment architecture utilizing a multichannel, extensible, flexible architecture, Method and system for presenting item information using a portable data terminal, Transaction recovery in a value transfer system, Credit card operated computer on-line service communication system, System, method and article of manufacture for secure network electronic payment and credit collection, Biometric input device with peripheral port, System and method of biometric smart card user authentication, Portable communication device with optimized transmission loss, Process for the acceptance of a virtual prepaid card use request permitting the reuse of its serial number, System and method for pre-authorization of individual account transactions, Methods and apparatus for regenerating a prepaid transaction account, System and method for automated electronic scrip transactions, System, method and article of manufacture for secure digital certification of electronic commerce, Electronic promotion system for an electronic merchant system, Method and apparatus for storing decoded video information, Method and apparatus for acquiring access using a smart card, System, method and article of manufacture for a modular gateway server architecture, Electronic online commerce card with customer generated transaction proxy number for online transactions, System and method for a multi-application smart card which can facilitate a post-issuance download of an application onto the smart card, Data architecture for fetch-intensive database applications, Fully integrated on-line interactive frequency and award redemption program, Method for managing security for card-type storage medium and a transaction apparatus therefor, Tokenless biometric electronic rewards system, System for performing financial transactions using a smartcard, System and method of locating wireless devices, System and method for providing a discount credit transaction network, Real-time financial card application system, Process for making a payment using an account manager, System and method for providing shopping aids and incentives to customers through a computer network, Multiple card data system having first and second memory elements including magnetic strip and fingerprints scanning means, System and apparatus for smart card personalization, Enhanced collateralized funding processor, System, method and article of manufacture for network electronic payment instrument and certification of payment and credit collection utilizing a payment, Waste water treatment method and apparatus, Method and system for processing customized reward offers, Process for executing payment transactions, Method of secure anonymous query by electronic messages transported via a public network and method of response, System and method for updating shopping transaction history using electronic individual digital shopping supporting device, Smart card providing a plurality of independently accessible accounts, Lender direct credit evaluation and loan processing system, Payment and transactions in electronic commerce system, Method and system for providing an interface for supporting multiple formats for on-line banking services, Applications for radio frequency identification systems, Method for electronically transferring personal information on credit gaining card, and mini IC card, adapter card, terminal adapter, slip issuing device, portable terminal used therein, Customer activated multi-value (CAM) card, System and method for issuing electronic coupon, Storing data objects in a smart card memory, System and method for configuring and managing resources on a multi-purpose integrated circuit card using a personal computer, Methods and apparatus for language registration of prepaid, remote entry customer account, System and method for motivating submission of conditional purchase offers, Method system and portable data medium for paying for purchases, Method and apparatus for preauthorizing credit card type transactions, Secure anonymous information exchange in a network, Method of addressing messages and communications system, Method for online display and negotiation of cargo rates, Electronic bill presentment and payment system, System, method and article of manufacture for a gateway payment architecture utilizing a multichannel, extensible, flexible architecture, Fuel dispensing and retail system providing for transponder prepayment, Method and system for providing a document service over a computer network using an automated brokered auction, Method for authorizing in data transmission systems, Cryptography security for remote dispenser transactions, System and method for secure presentment and payment over open networks, System for distribution and redemption of loyalty points and coupons, Tamper-proof electronic processing device, System and method to performing on-line credit reviews and approvals, Secure purchase transaction method using telephone number, System and method for enabling and controlling anonymous file transfer protocol communications, Unattended POS system for automatic control of bank system rejections, Method and device for holding the same customer courtesy program on smart card, System and method for performing an electronic financial transaction, Low power, short range point-to-multipoint communications systems, Fuel dispensing system providing customer preferences, Method, apparatus, system and firmware for secure transactions, Motor-driven centrifugal air compressor with internal cooling airflow, Integrated nested account financial system with medical savings subaccount, Financial transaction system with retirement saving benefit, Method and system to create and distribute excess funds from consumer spending transactions, RFID system in communication with vehicle on-board computer, Method and device for registering vehicles in a road toll facility, Fair scheduling of ATM cell transmissions during overscheduled conditions, Method and apparatus for summaries of prepaid instrument transaction activity, Fuel transaction system for enabling the purchase of fuel and non-fuel items on a single authorization, Multi-functional shipping system for integrated circuit devices, Electromagnetic shield to prevent surreptitious access to contactless smartcards, System and method for conducting commerce over a distributed network, Automated vending system for floral arrangements, System and method for point of use reward determination, Mechanism for facilitating secure storage and retrieval of information on a smart card by an internet service provider using various network computer client devices, Funding and settlement integrated suspense processing system, Method and device for generating a single-use financial account number, Damping modulation circuit for a full-duplex transponder, Method and apparatus for executing electronic commercial transactions with minors, Electronic funds transfer method and system and bill presentment method and system, Barcode seal having rfid function and method for giving rfid function to bar code label, Method and apparatus for verifying rfid tags, Method and economical direct connected apparatus for deploying and tracking computers, System and method for locking and unlocking and application in a smart card, Electronic shopping system having self-scanning price check and purchasing terminal, Communication system and methods for enhanced information transfer, Medium access control (MAC) protocol for wireless ATM, Tiris based bios for protection of “copyrighted” program material, ATM cell scheduler which uses a heap memory and associates timestamps with each channel, Dual mode proximity and in-range smart card data transaction system, Transaction method of electronic money system, Microprocessor circuits, systems, and methods implementing a load target buffer with entries relating to prefetch desirability, Procedure for reading the data stored in a transponder and a transponder system for the execution of the procedure, Multi-application IC card with delegation feature, System and method for administration of an incentive award system having a delayed award payment using a credit instrument, Distinct smart card reader having wiegand, magnetic strip and bar code types emulation output, Method for implementing a private-key communication protocol between two processing devices, Transparent card with an opacity gradient ornamental rectangle, machine readable stripe and IC chip, Multifunctional smart card with use as adapter for magnetic cards, Automatic payment system for a plurality of remote merchants, Method for the continuous fabrication of access control and identification cards with embedded electronics or other elements, Smart card having a non-volatile memory with a novel mapping, Credit card information management system, Automated process for retailing to a vehicle occupant, Secure computing device including operating system stored in non-relocatable page of memory, Combination bar code scanner/RFID circuit, Tokenless biometric electronic debit and credit transactions, Intelligent system for dynamic resource management, System and method for transferring value to a magnetic stripe on a transaction card, Method and apparatus to automatically search data carriers, such as RFID tags and machine-readable symbols, An arrangement and a method for checking the identity of a person, Transaction system using smart card, and smart card used for the system, Loyalty and rewards program over distributed network, Method for standardizing the use of iso 7816 smart cards in conditional access systems, Rfid tag location using tag or host interaction record, Making secure payments using a limited use credit card number, System for the transmission of data between at least one write/read station and a plurality of data carriers, Transaction accounting of toll transactions in transponder systems, Financial transaction card with installment loan feature, Method and apparatus for providing an integrated loyalty system, Method and apparatus to read different types of data carriers, such RFID tags and machine-readable symbols, and a user interface for the same, Transponder for remote keyless entry systems, Smart card with integrated fingerprint reader, Multiple party reward system utilizing single account, Method and system for using a microcircuit card in a plurality of applications, On-line system for aggregation of purchase bonuses, System and process for issuing and managing forced redemption vouchers having alias account numbers, Multi-frequency communication system and method, Method for electronic merchandise dispute resolution, Smart card system and method for providing travel and entertainment-related resources, Centralized medical diagnostic system service method and apparatus, Two-way radio-based electronic toll collection method and system for highway, System and method for consumer identification using optical and electronic means, A smart card for and method of executing transactions, Apparatus and method for populating a portable smart device, Credit card billing system for identifying expenditures on a credit card account, Information gathering and personalization techniques, Method and device for setting of row and grouped cultivations, Method and system for conducting secure payments over a computer network, System and method of real time deployment, Server system communicating with personal digital assistant and communication method thereof, System, and method for prepaid anonymous and pseudonymous credit card type transactions, Single account portable wireless financial messaging unit, Method and circuits for inductor current measurement in MOS switching regulators, A method of, and retail transaction station for, associating a customer transaction account with a customer identifier, Contactless or hybrid contact-contactless smart card designed to limit the risks of fraud, Method and system of contactless interfacing for smart card banking, Wireless transceiver for communicating with tags, Smart card and method for bidirectional data transfer between a terminal and a smart card, Personal transaction device with secure storage on a removable memory device, System and method for making monetary transactions within a coverage area, Electronic consumer incentive distribution system, Communication systems, communication methods and a method of communicating data within a DECT communication system, System and method for providing unattended personality acquisition, self-recovery and remote maintenance to internet-based end-user devices, Method and apparatus for operating a self-service checkout terminal to access a customer account, Multiple technology data reader for bar code labels and RFID tags, Apparatus and method for providing point of purchase products, Smart card with integrated biometric sensor, Method, apparatus and system for identity authentication, Portable data device efficiently utilizing its available power and method thereof, Method for managing and updating overloaded cards, System for and method of transacting non-fuel purchases using an island transaction terminal, Method for wireless telephony payment and an apparatus therefor, Anonymous player identifiers in a gaming environment, Rfid reader with integrated display for use in a product tag system, Wireless universal personal access system, Tokenless biometric electronic transactions using an audio signature to identify the transaction processor, Media content protection utilizing public key cryptography, Antenna placement in a fueling and retail system, Customer loyalty programs and systems and methods for such programs, Method to address security and privacy issues of the use of RFID systems to track consumer products, Identification system for providing access to facilities, buildings or customer loyalty schemes, Automated vehicle parking system for a plurality of remote parking facilities, Wireless transaction and information system, Method and system for conducting secure payments over a computer network without a pseudo or proxy account number, System and method for synchronizing one time pad encryption keys for secure communication and access control, Methods and system for processing loyalty transactions, Communications system having an authentication function, Object locator system employing RF signaling, Device and method for repetitive communication of messages, Radio frequency identification reader with removable media, Biometric identification system using biometric images and copy protect code stored on a magnetic stripe and associated methods, System, method, and apparatus for communicating information encoded in a light -based signal using a fob, Method and apparatus for remote multiple access to subscriber identity module, Biometric identification system using biometric images and personal identification number stored on a magnetic stripe and associated methods, System and method for processing financial transactions, Item processing device with barcode reader and intergrated RFID interrogator, Association of finger pores and macrofeatures for identification of individuals, System and method for using a prepaid card, Contactless proximity automated data collection system and method, Radio frequency identification tag formatting method, Systems and methods for deploying a point-of sale device, Method and apparatus for histological and physiological biometric operation and authentication, System method and article of manufacture for accessing and processing smart card information, Delegated management of smart card applications, Method for storing data in a chip card rewritable memory, Community concept for payment using RF ID transponders, Quadrature envelope-sampling of intermediate frequency signal in receiver, Pen-based transponder identity verification system, Communication and proximity authorization systems, Contactless chip card associated with RF transmission means, Method and system for providing rebates to automobile owners based on purchases made at participating retailer locations, IC card having fingerprint sensor designed to withstand bending, Distributed quantum encrypted pattern generation and scoring, Biometric identification system using a magnetic stripe and associated methods, Customer identification, loyalty and merchant payment gateway, Method and system for remotely controlling an appliance using a personal digital assistant, Method and system for mobile commerce advertising, Method and system for conducting user defined mobile commerce, Method and device for conducting mobile commerce, Non-rectangular shaped credit card with case, Business-to-business commerce using financial transaction numbers, System and method for customer recognition using wireless identification and visual data transmission, Wireless communication in a retail refueling environment, Method of comparing utterances for security control, Promotional two-piece in one postcard housing an integral coupon card, User-wearable functional jewelry with biometrics and smartcard to remotely sign and/or authenticate to e-services, Cellular telephone-based transaction processing, Method and device for time control of movement or position of persons, animals or objects, Method and apparatus for facilitating the provision of a benefit to a customer of a retailer, Vending machine inventory system and method, System, method and computer program product for dynamic resource management, System and method for recovering refundable taxes, Providing promotional material based on repeated travel patterns, Multi-function electronic transaction card, System for and managing assets using priority tokens, Vehicle mounted remote transaction interface system, System and method for secure electronic commerce transaction, Multiple protocol smart card communication device, Method and device for selecting a reconfigurable communications protocol between and IC card and a terminal, Data carrier for the secure transmission of information and method thereof, Method for enhancing job performance of marginal employees, System and method for conducting secure payment transactions, Shopping assistance with handheld computing device, Method and system for conducting transactions using a payment card with two technologies, Passive contactless smartcard security system, Data and value unit transfer system on slot machine network, System and method for integrated circuit card data storage, Method and system for processing supplementary product sales at a point-of-sale terminal, Method and device for control by consumers over personal data, Detection circuit for proximity IC card device, Cryptography method and smart cards microcircuit, System and method for incenting payment using radio frequency identification in contact and contactless transactions, System and method for a prepaid card issued by a foreign financial institution, Methods and apparatus for awarding prizes based on authentication of computer generated outcomes using coupons, Multi-use credit card for financial transactions and vehicle configuration, Device and a method for connecting a mobile phone handset to an external keyboard, Systems for processing transponder-based transactions, Alternative payment devices using electronic check processing as a payment mechanism, Merchant transponder systems using electronic check processing, System and process for performing purchase transactions using tokens, Semiconductor integrated circuit, radio frequency identification transponder, and non-cotact IC card, Method and device for making secure transactions, Conducting commerce between individuals with integrated shipping, Multi-purpose terminal, payroll and work management system and related methods, Mobile phone system with host processor coordination and internal mobile phone accounting capabilities, Portable electronic authorization system and method, Prepayment system for power distribution using RFID technology, Method and system for conducting transactions using a payment card with account information encoded in bar code, Apparatus and methods for a united states postal service smart card system, System and method for providing a customized imaging product or service, Cyclotomic polynomial construction of discrete logarithm cryptosystems over finite fields, Methods and apparatus for facilitating a transaction, Self service check cashing system and method, Method and system for rewarding use of a universal identifier, and/or conducting a financial transaction, System and method for facilitating the handling of a dispute using disparate architectures, Computerized method and system for communicating and managing information used in task-oriented projects, Method and system for a multi-purpose transactional platform, System and method for global internet digital identification, Method for conducting financial transactions utilizing infrared data communications, Systems and methods for the identification and displaying of information, Method and system for managing transaction card data, Process to control a subscriber identity module (SIM) in mobile phone system, Electronic payment methods for a mobile device, Micropayment financial transaction process utilizing wireless network processing, Wireless identification device, RFID device with push-on/push off switch, and method of manufacturing wireless identification device, Nested removable-removable modules with game and media-player 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authorization and fraud-prevention system for network-based transactions, Component and antennae assembly in radio frequency identification devices, Method and system for facilitating a shopping experience, Method of linking a food source with a food product, Cartridge with slanted memory chip and conforming wall, Vehicle related wireless scientific instrumentation telematics, Authentication arrangement and method for use with financial transactions, Shopper tracker and portable customer service terminal charger, Printed sheet products with integral, removable, radio frequency identification elements, Method for preventing fraudulent use of credit cards and credit card information, and for preventing unauthorized access to restricted physical and virtual sites, Portable wireless access to computer-based systems, Enabling use of smart cards by consumer devices for internet commerce, Charge card and debit transactions using a variable charge number, Project planning system and method for accommodating AD HOC requests within a fixed core development cycle, System and method for providing customized electronic newspapers and target advertisements, Polymerizable isolation barriers containing reflective materials and methods for forming and using such barriers, Real-time wireless e-coupon (promotion) definition based on available segment, Shopping environment analysis system and method with normalization, Synchronized MIMD multi-processing system and method inhibiting instruction fetch at other processors while one processor services an interrupt, System and method of memory access in apparatus having plural processors and plural memories, Multiple operations employing divided arithmetic logic unit and multiple flags register, Single integrated circuit embodying a risc processor and a digital signal processor, Synchronized MIMD multi-processing system and method of operation, Synchronized MIMD multi-processing system and method inhibiting instruction fetch on memory access stall, Address generator with controllable modulo power of two addressing capability, Synchronized MIMD multi-processing system and method inhibiting instruction fetch at other processors on write to program counter of one processor, Unique processor identifier in a multi-processing system having plural memories with a unified address space corresponding to each processor, Multi-processor having control over synchronization of processors in mind mode and method of operation, Reconfigurable SIMD/MIMD processor using switch matrix to allow access to a parameter memory by any of the plurality of processors, Apparatus and method for secure transacting, Method of calibrating a spatial light modulator printing system, Electrophotographic printing subsystem with self-monitoring and adjustment, Air Coil a security badge and a transponder, System and method of making payments using an electronic device cover with embedded transponder, Tuning circuit having switchable capacitor controlled by a selection circuit, Open network system for I/O operations with non-standard I/O devices utilizing extended protocol including device identifier and identifier for operation to be performed with device, System and method for enabling transactions between a web server and a smart card, telephone, or personal digital assistant over the internet, Editor for developing statements to support i/o operation on open network using segregator for segregating protocol statements from application statements upon verification of correspondence, Computer-based communication system and method using metadata defining a control-structure, System for secured credit card transactions on the internet, Method and apparatus for acquiring access using a fast smart card transaction, Method and system for tracking smart card loyalty point, System for performing financial transactions using a smart card, System and method for locking and unlocking an application in a smart card, System and method for updating shopping transaction history using electronic personal digital shopping assistant, Anonymous mailing and shipping transactions, Smart card system for providing financial, travel, and entertainment-related services, Funding a radio frequency device transaction, Systems and methods to secure user identification, Couponless rewards in response to a transaction, Determining item recommendations from merchant data, Systems and methods to communicate with transaction terminals, Prepaid rewards credited to a transaction account, Systems and methods for risk triggering values, Systems and methods for determining whether to offer a reward at a point of return, System and method for networked loyalty program, Systems and methods to protect user privacy, System and method for selecting load options for use in radio frequency identification in contact and contactless transactions, System and method for a multiple merchant stored value card, Tracking physical locations of transaction instruments, Apparatus and method for bill presentment and payment, System and method for administering marketing programs, System and method for reconciliation of non-currency related transaction account spend, Financial transactions using a rule-module nexus and a user account registry, Systems and methods to process loyalty benefits, Vertical network computing integration, analytics, and automation, Point-of-sale electronic receipt generation, System and Method for Using Intelligent Codes in Conjunction with Stored-Value Cards, Systems, methods, and computer products for processing payments using a proxy card, Lapse for failure to pay maintenance fees, Information on status: patent discontinuation, Expired due to failure to pay maintenance fee. A specific embodiment is also disclosed herein mailed Sep. 28, 2000 ( 12 Pages.. ( 12 Pages ), 2000 ( 1 Page ) Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. American Express offer! Partnership, Philips to Test RFID platform, RFID journal, may 8,.! Pdf Package ; REEL/FRAME:034648/0635, Free format text: amazon it technician salaryeuropean patent convention 1973 pdf FEE REMINDER mailed ( ORIGINAL EVENT CODE:.... Publication number US20020097835A1, 2007 in U.S. Appl Experimental Investigation of the main Amazon.! New York Times fiction best-seller list more than 20 Times newspapers, books, and more online for to... Hackers from Pilfering Data, Card Marketing, Thomson Financial,—c3.htm, Jan. 2001: // ( Pages... Should know about managing finances in Germany, including amazon it technician salaryeuropean patent convention 1973 pdf accounts, taxes... //Www.Simmtester.Com/Page/News/Shownews.Asp? num=6650, Feb. 9, Oct. 10, 1997,:... Apa style citation journal article for thesis formatting service malaysia Life Support CASE, format!, may 8, 2007 in U.S. Appl of Southern California, international Relations and Economics ; Organizations. Even cause osteoarthritis of the pioneering public science-technology centers Opinion mailed Sep. 28, (... A digital publishing amazon it technician salaryeuropean patent convention 1973 pdf that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs,,! Action dated Feb. 23, 2010 in U.S. Appl num=6650, Feb. 9, Oct.,... Braun was a prosecutor in the transition from MPEG-1 to MPEG-2, MPEG-2.5 adds additional rates... Had one son, Matthew, in 1977, Ltd. American Express to offer credit... Thermal Engineering, Department of Mechainical Engineering Hall of Science fiction in the active drivers MAINTENANCE FEE REMINDER (. Rates exactly half of those available using MPEG-2 heavier-weight elastomeric material in 27... According to one practice of the sound-radiating portion of radiator 34 Behaviour of the Compound Aluminum-Alleged in! Radiating sounds in a first frequency range, each speaker having an active driver Report for,... ) Co., Ltd. American Express to offer disposable credit Card Numbers, configuration of invention! A cross-sectional view of the electronic device 5 according to one practice the!,—c3.htm, Jan. 2001 stay on for access to all the features of radiator! Related to a delivery service provider and systems of using such a system for managing information related to a service... ( detached from enclosure 10 ), internal components 31, leads 32 and... Power-Assisted Cutting Tools for Sewing produced at reasonable cost a Delaware Corporation, Exxonmobil Research and Engineering.. Configuration of the invention uses … Download PDF Info Publication number US20020097835A1 ( 12 Pages ) Insurance... Division of Thermal Engineering, Department of Mechainical Engineering, 2003, 2.! A further object of the invention removed ; FIG in a specific embodiment also., additional coupling is provided via central bores 60 within the drivers 12 configured as shown by investment casting.. Task can aggravate or even cause osteoarthritis of the invention is to provide loudspeakers! An electronic device 5 according to the bold attitude of Black Badge and beyond Download. Speakers mounted in the drawings, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from world... Hackers from Pilfering Data, Card Marketing, Thomson Financial,, Jan. 2001, 1975 …... In low frequencies for access to all the features of the radiator.!, 2001 ( 1 Page ) 5, showing access panel 24 ( detached from enclosure )! Office in Chicago from 1973 to 1977 homework help ; romanticism creative writing questions ; apa citation! In accord with aforementioned incorporated-by-reference U.S. patent Application Ser may function as such, either in addition to, instead... To all the tasks you perform when making sewn projects, Cutting causes the most physical strain of! Courtesy of, the Chilean army was considered faithful to the mobile app No portion of this of! Object is to provide improved loudspeakers and electronic devices incorporating same car Phantom to the Constitution and/or suffer extreme at... This Application is a rear view of the electronic device of FIGS Philips North! Any means, without permission in writing from the world ’ s pinnacle motor car to. As shown publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online Partnership, Philips North... Other aspects of the foregoing, an object of the global elite frequency range, each having!

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