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An important lesson that big brands can learn here is that helpful content has to be more than just promotional tie-ins and soft selling. They transmit video signals up to 350i, but that’s a low-quality transmission by today’s standards. ), 6 Actionable SEO Strategies for Exceptional Customer Service, Just the Stats: Why Should You Leverage Video Marketing, The A-to-Z of Viral Marketing (+ Infographic), Live Streaming Videos: The Most Powerful Way to Share Content, Ride the Video Content Marketing Wave to Boost Your Organic Reach, Top 16 SaaS Bloggers: Best Business Blogs You Can Learn From, SaaS Email Marketing: 12 Best Strategies to Follow, How to Analyze Your Email Campaign Performance and Optimize It, Why Your Start-up Business Needs a T-shaped Marketer, How to Create a Promotional Plan for Your Business (with Template! Perhaps as surprising as the unboxing video, the reaction video is a popular option that is simple to produce. And yet, despite the obvious potential of video marketing, a lot of companies are still sitting on the sidelines. “ClickFlow has helped me grow my traffic by over 2 million visitors.”, We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies, venture backed startups and companies like yours. For example, it’s possible to connect a coaxial cable from an older TV to an adapter that allows you to plug in via HDMI. I consent to receive email messages from Single Grain. In order to find out the best video conferencing systems for your business needs, knowing the different types of video conferencing systems available in the market is necessary. You can start a trending hashtag for the campaign to stir up more interest around your brand and products. Performance music videos are exactly that, the artist(s) performing the song – but it doesn’t have to be that simple. In this games, the player has control over all the players in the team. This example by Nine Line is only 30 seconds long, but it gets the brand message and product benefits across loud and clear – without using a single word: Some marketers may think that product review videos like this won’t work for their business, because they operate a B2B model that only has one product, like a SaaS company. If you’re stuck for questions for your testimonial videos, here are a few you can ask customers: Remember: 88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations from a friend or family member. Such hilarious prank videos are often shared and garner praises, likes, and a huge fan following. Therefore, it's a good move to get on board now, whether you cover the next industry event or just have fun exploring your office. Much like Nigella teaches us to make that perfect Squid Spaghetti, these channels show recipes step by step. The key here is to get real customers – don't hire actors from Fiverr! 12 Types of Interactive Content to Drive Better Engagement, How We Built the Growth Everywhere Podcast to 109,000 Listens per Month, How Nathan Latka Drove $4.5M+ in Sales Via Webinars with His '10x Partner Rule' [podcast], How to Use Event Marketing to Generate Leads & Close Sales, How to Get as Many Testimonials as Possible from Your Customers, 20 Pre-Production Tips to Create Successful Video Content in 2021, Quick Tips to Optimize Your Facebook & Instagram Live Broadcasts, The Types of Videos to Use at Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel, A Quick Guide on Combining Virtual Reality and Content Marketing, 8 Ways to Encourage More User-Generated Content (UGC), How to Boost Your Website Traffic with a Giveaway, Creating a Social Media Contest Strategy to Boost Engagement, The Complete Guide to Getting Started With Website Personalization, Now that You’ve Hired a Video Production Company, Here’s What to Expect, 31 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns You Can Swipe, 18 Reasons Why Your Instagram Posts Fail (And What to Do About It), 10 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2021, 54 Alternative Ad Networks to Open Up New Channels of Growth in 2021, 30 Social Media Prompts to Get the Conversation Started, How to Create Instagram Stories Ads that Your Ideal Customer Will Swipe Up, Beginners Guide to Using Facebook Video Chat, 42 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021, How to Think Like an Investor to Win at Content Marketing in 2021, What Is Enterprise SEO? However, the platform birthed Google Hangouts, which is a fantastic, user-friendly way to host webinars: When it comes to offering actionable advice to and educating your viewers, webinars are one of the most valuable types of video content in modern marketing. Another option is to check the user manual for the equipment—manufacturers will let you know what type of connection works with their product. If you still need convincing that video content is the way to go, consider the concept of YouTube stars – people who rise from complete unknowns to fame and fortune, purely through the power of online videos. HDTVs offer the highest pixel amounts, and you can find resolutions listed in “UHD” or “K.”. Dive Deeper: * How to Boost Your Website Traffic with a Giveaway * Creating a Social Media Contest Strategy to Boost Engagement. Blogs are great. Google Calendar is perfect for this, and you don’t need an elaborate script to run a webinar. (How to determine your version of Windows Media Player).Note: Additional file formats might be supported if you install new codecs in Windows. You can expect a quick reply from our team. Interlaced resolution means a lower bandwidth consumption that still provides better motion perception for viewers. The type of family is less important to a child's healthy development than the members and the family unit itself. Five variations exist: DVI-I single link and dual-link, DVI-D single and dual-link, and DVI-A. Most deal closures happen at the end of an exciting presentation by the sales executive. Computer systems work with different types of digital data. BNC—Bayonet Neill-Concelman—cables are an alternative to RCA options for professional video components. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Mini-DIN connectors are S-video types that are round with internal pins. Here are commonly asked questions about video connector cords. Hosting an FAQ section to answer consumer queries. Doing a roundtable panel discussion with several gurus in your niche. Apart from reading the package information, determining video resolution requires some background knowledge of the numbers and calculations involved. Standard hardware begins with the audio and video equipment needed for these types of communications, including cameras, microphones, and speakers. Done right, these little snippets can quickly foster brand recognition, helping people see your company as one with its finger on the pulse. For example, many people prefer the look of gold, because it doesn’t tarnish the way copper does. This environment satisfies the deep need humans have for instant gratification, making viewers feel as if they are at a live event. Click here to learn more and get started. If you choose a low-quality cable that fits into your device’s plug, that doesn’t mean you’re getting the best picture quality. Record and instantly share video messages from your browser. The FOMO phenomenon is a psychological trigger, in which people suffer anxiety when they feel excluded from social occasions, new experiences or important events. Visual: don’t just speak to the camera; mix in clips or stills of the people… Virtual reality (VR) is booming, with projections estimating that the global revenue from the VR market will top $21.5B in 2021. Consumers are smart enough to know when they’re being sold – especially millennials and Gen-Z! The 20 Types Of YouTubers Shaping The Platform’s Future. We already discussed that PlayStations use AV Multi connectors, a proprietary type of cord. S-Video can also carry 480i signals, but they send the color and brightness data separately. DisplayPort cables are similar to HDMI, but HDMI connectors also have audio return channels. When you’re working hard shooting and editing elaborate videos for your YouTube business, it can be very difficult to accept the fact that often the most viewed YouTube videos are the ones where the creator didn’t put much effort in at all. Vlogs: Vlogs are a popular and broad video type that can be found on just about any Youtube channel. Roundup videos are lists curated around a theme, such as “The Top 5 Best Yoga Mats” or “6 Restaurants You Must Try in Atlanta.” The most effective ones are: 1. It’s no surprise that Facebook is investing so much in building up Facebook Live: Another unique edge for this form of video marketing is that live videos allow real-time community interaction. Great brand storytelling can set a company apart from its competition, simultaneously motivating employees and captivating consumers. Relatively short: aim for four minutes or less to keep your audience engaged 2. The cables have three connectors—a yellow one for composite video, and then white and red plugs for audio. High-definition television (HDTV) is the most modern measure of resolution. Over the past few years, content marketing has undergone a huge transformation, and video has emerged front-and-center. Live streaming is predicted to be a $70.5 billion industry by 2021. Follow these tips for great video emails: With audience segmentation, you can create some evergreen email videos that you can re-use. Total cost? Whichever route you go, remember that the goal is to demonstrate the character of your team and the environment of your workplace. to anybody who records a video testimonial. CNN's Brian Todd reports on new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about masks and how they help prevent the spread of Covid-19. CJ Haughey is a creative tech copywriter with a desire to help innovative brands grow. AV Multi connectors are a proprietary cable for Sony PlayStation products. Better yet, webinars are an excellent tool to promote with paid ads. Older home computers, gaming consoles, VCRs, and other devices also used F connectors for decades. It’s worth crawling behind (or moving) the furniture to get an accurate idea of what you need. Multiple iterations of the PlayStation use AV Multi cables. Why? All it takes is one or two short videos to drum up some interest. By reviewing products, you can answer common questions, dispel doubts and show viewers the unique benefits that your product offers. In marketing you can use the form of fun and informative free content to achieve your means. This site uses cookies. This abbreviation stands for Digital Visual Interface. Sites like make it ‘drag and drop’ easy to create photo montage videos. What type of video cable you need depends on the purpose of the connection and the kind of data you’re transmitting. Another popular video type, Think With Google estimates that users are 3x more likely to watch a Youtube how-to video than read a product’s actual instructions. Cables can have varying amounts of shielding—from one to three layers—and two common types are foil and braiding. Single Grain is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps great companies grow their revenues online. Some users who are using this format are Youtube, Yahoo! One of the best types of video content for vlogging is the simple concept of sharing your day at work. Dive Deeper: How Nathan Latka Drove $4.5M+ in Sales Via Webinars with His '10x Partner Rule' [podcast]. A video file format is a type of file format for storing digital video data on a computer system. People attend virtual webinars as an easy way to learn from you and your guests about the topics that matter to them. This little boy may only be only 7 years old, but he was YouTube’s biggest earner in 2018, raking in a cool $22M from unboxing products: Another idea is to run UGC contests, encouraging people to send in videos of themselves using your products. If you have an older external hard drive or a digital camera, it might use a FireWire cable. Its important to note that the following shot types only relate to subject size within the frame, and dont directly indicate what type of lens is used to capture the scene. Generally, computer monitors come with VGA cables, but newer technology is changing standard equipment. Dive Deeper: How to Get as Many Testimonials as Possible from Your Customers. More on those below. Mini DisplayPort cables is another offering from Apple and intended to be an alternative to HDMI. Your job, as the interviewer, is to keep the other person talking, gently guiding them to discuss hot topics, trends and, if possible, get them to reveal exclusive news or big secrets for the audience. Apple’s proprietary DVI connector combined analog and video signals plus USB and power cords all in one. When to use it: Anytime you need to teach a simple concept in a few steps. From short Vines to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, the through-the-keyhole impact of event videos plays with a powerful, emotive marketing technique: the fear of missing out. You could even turn it into a fun competition to attract more entries. In 2021, consumers are watching more video content than ever before. You can get creative with brand storytelling and cinematic production to present your brand in a light that attracts your people. Now, it’s all about the customer. I consent to receive a confirmation and occasional e-mail updates. There are two kinds: a “bilingual” port and a b-only port. Three types of pictures (or frames) are used in video compression: I, P, and B frames.. An I‑frame (Intra-coded picture) is a complete image, like a JPG or BMP image file.. A P‑frame (Predicted picture) holds only the changes in the image from the previous frame. The container is essentially the “file format” most people are familiar with, such,.avi, and.mp4. They come in three connector types; Type D (micro), Type C (mini), and type A (the largest). They give your audience an intimate 1-to-1 experience, where someone in your business or market space answers hard-hitting questions. He specializes in creating engaging growth content for exciting brands and startups in eCommerce, SaaS, AI, and martech. The good news is, even on older TVs, you can usually convert the port to whatever type you need. The truth is, video marketing isn’t as complex as it seems. Do yourself a favor and spare six minutes to listen to this podcast on How to Run Automated Webinars. The best way to persuade potential customers to buy is by asking your current customers to convince them. Micro-sized DVIs are another type of cord Apple used, such as on their older MacBooks. Before you start shopping, check the ports on the two devices or components you want to connect. Websites such as, and make it ‘drag and drop’ easy to turn your text and photos into a video. Where are they performing? This article lists the multimedia file types that are supported by Windows Media Player 12. They are for use with computer displays. They do simple recipes but don’t take themselves too seriously and do it through humour.Other cooking … Without further ado, here are the top 15 types of video content that will help carry your consumers down the marketing funnel: Top of the Funnel: The Awareness Stage. For example, Peloton (an exercise equipment company) could review running shoes. In this video, we’re going to run down the 7 types of videos that get the biggest views on YouTube. Some cords use both types of shielding at the same time, too. This video ad from Lexus takes the viewer on a “ride along with the heroes of ABC’s Quantico to explore its power and capability in this 360° experience”: As live-stream videos continue to dominate, 360° video content is also sure to evolve. For example, a standard resolution today might be 1920 x 1080. Last but not least, we’ll conclude our rundown of the most engaging types of video content with an irresistible style of marketing: personalization. These games are based on sporting activities such as football, basketball, rugby etc. There are many different types of video editing: simple cutting, based on a theme, reduction editing or compilation. Want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%? Opus). With social media being such a big part of life now, 69% of millennials experience FOMO daily – if not hourly! Thousands of your peers will read your work, and you will level up in the process. Where to Buy Video Cables Online. The plating on your video cable’s connector is what plugs into a jack. Vlogs, or video blogs, are much better. Other hardware needs are more … While you can find cheap video cables in many places, the materials can affect how well your cords work. Many Apple and Sony computers used Mini-VGA plugs, but they are relatively rare. Desktop video conferencing is regarded as the most affordable one in comparison to the other two video conferencing systems. Reviewing a product with some existing customers. Telepresence Video Conferencing System. Inexpensive materials—or simply the wrong materials for the application you need—can mean cables that fall apart sooner. The simplest way to connect a smartphone to your television is by using an HDMI cable since they transmit audio and video at the same time. But different types of gaming systems have their own requirements. F connectors are another familiar sight for people who began watching cable television circa 1950. Dive Deeper: The Types of Videos to Use at Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel. Connect to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and we’ll show you a list ofarticles you should refresh (so you can win back your rankings and traffic). In this example, it is for Clare, and throughout the video, you see little instances of personalized marketing. In the social media age, event videos are uber-popular, especially when it involves a sneak peek behind the scenes of a glitzy corporate event. Among the most common and major types of video conference systems are telepresence, integrated, desktop, service-based and codec. For bigger brands, especially those with technical products, animation videos are a great way of breaking down complicated subjects and features into an easy-to-digest medium that anybody can understand, like this one from Cisco about phishing attempts: Because of that reason, it’s no surprise that animated videos are most often used as explainer videos, which work well on a sales landing page. They help you establish authority with input from a respected voice. Here are the cords you’ll need for the most common video game systems. Most video conferencing technology can be organized into different types of hardware needed for video conferencing and software used to establish a connection between participants. Most videos types aside Entertainment videos, if not all videos, have a bias and a goal to persuade and motivate action on part of the viewer. ), The Agency Accelerator: Start Your Own Agency, Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency. An outer jacket is what protects the shielding and wiring of a cable. Personalization like this can work well with multiple types of video content, putting you on the road to success. Each video conferencing has its advantages and disadvantages. But in 1999, DVI connectors began replacing the original 9-pin design. Just make sure to respond to fans who contribute or tag them in your posts to give credit where it’s due! This authentic approach gives your video content a relatable, human quality, instead of a super-slick, corporate production. User-generated content is massive now, and you can leverage it in a variety of ways to drive traffic, gather leads and build brand loyalty. Today, the most common cable is an HDMI connection, but depending on how old your TV is, you might find a coaxial connector on the back. Dive Deeper: 8 Ways to Encourage More User-Generated Content (UGC). Telepresence is designed to host a … In contrast, copper-clad aluminum (CCA) is said to be of lower value. Haul videos are also incredibly popular among brands who rely on hauls to organically show their newest products. Now, it’s arguably the most effective strategy you can use to connect with your audience. It’s a win-win! Viewers can join the conversation as the video unfolds, and may even get acknowledged by the broadcaster, live on air. The most common of these types of videos tend to be in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle channels. These type of video files are basically supported by almost every browser making suitable for web purpose. FireWire cables are outdated, so you won’t find them very often. Here’s everything you need to know about video transmission cord construction and common types for household equipment. (Definition, Examples & Tools! The difference between a live video interview and a standard video chat on a service such as Skype is that live video interviewing services often offer some branding and recording capabilities. You’ll find HDMI cables (or inputs) on media streaming devices (like Roku or Apple TV), DVD players, video game consoles, and TVs. It is a universal fact that sales is one of the most important functions of a business. Best of all, the production is minimal. Video cables are available in many configurations and for a range of purposes. Speaking of contests, you can use video marketing to promote a giveaway or raffle on social media. Find him on Twitter @cyberjuicetweet. However, gold-plated connectors are not necessary, especially with digital cables. I saw Jay Shetty at Traffic and Conversion and missed on of his “5 types of viral videos.” What I wrote from his talk was 1 adventure 2 comedy 3 humor 4 controversy 5 emotion Since “humor” and “comedy” are the same – I’m still wondering what that 3rd type is Thanks for this post! The good news is, with so many adapters and even converter units available, you can connect just about any device to another. In fact, 60% of people say that UGC is the most authentic type of content (compared to just 20% for brand-generated content): An excellent way of taking UGC to the next level is by partnering with an influencer. Shielding is what protects video cables from interference and electromagnetic forces. In the early days of computing, data consisted primarily of text and numbers, but in modern-day computing, there are lots of different multimedia data types, such as audio, images, graphics and video. Enterprise. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. YouTube has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, and more than 50 million users publish videos each day. Dive Deeper: How We Built the Growth Everywhere Podcast to 109,000 Listens per Month. Every week, Single Grain CEO Eric Siu interviews entrepreneurs and marketers on his weekly podcast, Growth Everywhere: He creates both audio and video interviews: Interview videos are perfect for building brand authority for a few reasons: Like a vlog, a good interview should follow a set of guidelines, but it shouldn’t feel scripted. With the latter, you can build suspense over several video clips, revealing the runners-up first, then announcing the big winners. Many newer devices now use HDMI cables, but you might come across AV Multis on some units. Video, VEVO etc. You might notice better coloration with S-Video cables. Common video ports on PCs are compatible with cables like: Companies like Dell also offer wireless monitors, which only require a power source and Wi-Fi to connect to your PC or laptop. Live Streaming. Newer TVs tend to have USB ports, and your phone’s charging cable will likely connect it to the port. Businesses need to show they not only understand their audience, but care about their audience’s needs and interests. Promotional videos require a call to action, where the video will clearly state the next step the viewer must take to achieve the result that is being proposed. With that in mind, on to the list! That means pixel dimensions, or how many pixels there are in both the width and height. There are seemingly millions of different types of video cables for connecting devices, TVs, computers, etc. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. For each data type, there are very specific techniques to convert between the binary language of computers … Most companies pump the brakes on video marketing after they splurge on a polished “brand introduction” video. If you’re keen to play around with one of the most fun types of video marketing, consider animated videos. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do product reviews of related products or services that aren’t in direct competition to you. Subscribe to the Single Grain blog now for the latest content on SEO, PPC, paid social, and the future of online marketing. Live videos create suspense because we don't know what's going to happen next, and we often get the feeling that we're missing something if we don't tune in. And there's no better way to do that than with a brand film. The more you do, the more credibility you gain through brand association. You can use Facebook ads to drive sign-ups for your webinar, then leverage that traffic to generate more leads and, eventually, make more sales from your product or service. Once upon a time, marketing was all about making the sale. Twin-lead connectors are more common in places outside the US these days. The choice of lensand, thus, the distance of the camera from the subjectremains an artistic decision for the Director and/or Director of Photography. Adding the word “video” to your email subject line can boost open rates by 19%. What's great about interview videos is that you can rapidly create a series with different guests, leveraging their knowledge to power your content marketing. For example, in a scene where a car moves across a stationary background, only the car's movements need to be encoded. Apple, IBM, and other computer systems used these connectors. DB13W3 connectors include pins and are older-style analog computer video connectors. A live video interview is the second type of video interview in which an employer and candidate connect face to face via webcam. Television sets typically use five types of connectors: component video, composite, coaxial, S-video, and DVI or HDMI. DVI—or Digital Visual Interface—video cables are standard with computer video cards. Product review videos work best when you have already established some trust with your audience. So, how can you use personalization in video marketing? For more information, see Codecs: frequently asked questions.. Windows Media formats (.asf, .wma, .wmv, .wm) You might also want to connect your laptop to an external monitor or add a second monitor to your PC. But these days, their replacements (VGA and DVI) have taken over. One cup of coffee. Essentially, there are three ways manufacturers denote resolution: with pixels, “i,” and measures of high definition (such as “D”). It's always good to know the type of video people are enjoying. Let’s kick off with a simple chart that sets out the many different main video cables (including computer cables): Apart from digital versus analog, there are a ton of different types of video cables. Since its first appearance in 2015, there has been a 330% increase in searches for “Facebook live stream.” Now live-stream videos are the norm on many channels, and it's easy to see why. They’re usually less than a minute long and appeal to today’s media consumers, who have notoriously short attention spans. VP9) alongside audio data in an audio coding format (e.g. I wanted to get a handle on video cable options so got to work by researching and listing all the different types of video … One end has the AV port, while the other end features yellow, white, and red jack inputs. In fact, the first transatlantic telephone cable system (TAT-1) used coaxial cable, all the way back in 1956. The best way to truly stand out is through your personality, not through tired, overused tactics. HDBaseT or 8P8C connectors transmit high-def video, audio, ethernet, and more. Whereas vlogs are regular, possibly even daily, productions, you can generate a decent ROI with a weekly or monthly webinar. While we’re not quite at the point of offering a full-on VR experience through video content, 360° videos aren’t a bad alternative. By looking at the ports, you can determine what cable you need and how to make the connection quickly—no tools or soldering required. MP4 (.mp4): This type of format is basically used to store to store audio and video stream online. There are also four types of analog cables: coaxial, composite, S-video, and component. Capture it on video and share it on your social channels to generate a buzz online. Vlogs offer your brand a cost-effective platform to establish a unique brand voice and personable image that resonates with your target market. Though we’re looking at video cables here, many types transmit sound, too. A product review is among the most helpful types of video content, especially for consumers who are in the consideration phase of the customer journey. This was helpful. Add some text and music and you’ve got a professional video! The top of the funnel, is all about awareness through introduction and seduction. Ultimately, that’s what compels and converts. They allow you to align your brand with a thought leader or an inspiring person.

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