\n" "content" : "\n" The Electrical Technology lab is over 4,000 square feet and equipped with electrical systems found in agricultural, commercial and industrial facilities as well as systems that serve residential homes.\n" "image" : "", A&P Fastrack is a refresher course for individuals with civil, airline, manufacturing, FAA approved repair station, or military documented evidence of 18/30 months practical experience. Graduates will be eligible to take the national registry examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. \n\n" Hope. "contentImage" : null, "headline" : "Southwestern Michigan College", "headline" : "Wayne State University (Detroit)", Students learn various machining operations, such as manual milling, turning and grinding. Share This: HVAC Technician Career Overview Download the HVAC Technician Career Guide. Diesel Engine Course: Courses on diesel engine mechanics are primarily on-campus offerings, though some online training programs may offer visual aids. Students also work toward nationally recognized IT certifications for computer repair and networking.\n" They also receive training in National Retail Skill Standards for loss prevention and safety procedures.\n" If you're driven by a love of cars, vans or trucks or looking to change career, then our six week fast track course in Motor Vehicle could be just what you've been looking for. 14 Day Advanced Helicopter Transition A&P License Program & exams. Students will apply theory in various hands-on activities. In addition, students gain knowledge of oxy fuel cutting, plasma arc cutting, basic blue print reading and weld symbol interpretation. Because there is often a difference between knowledge retained and being able to bring up that knowledge during the US A&P exam, your test preparation courses should expand on some of the different FCC test taking techniques so you can perform better on your exams. "headline" : "Troops to Teachers", Individuals will receive a Certificate of Completion, and earn for hours of academic credit toward Delta's Heavy-duty Diesel Service Technology associate degree.\n" Veterans with previous applicable training may receive military training credit to shorten the time of the program.\n\n" Veterans with previous applicable training may receive military training credit to shorten the time of the program.\n\n