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Copilot aviniti teams

Microsoft Copilot enters the meetingroom and supports your online calls

Summarise key discussion points and suggest action items, all in real time during a meeting. Easily find and use information contained in documents, presentations, e-mail messages, calendar invitations, notes and contacts.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in communication tools

AI is becoming a part of our lives and is literally transforming the way we live and work. Currently we see it at the center of Microsoft 365 thanks to Copilot, it is therefore your new sidekick to boost your creativity and make workflows easier. Also during meetings, preparations before as well as a convenient debriefing after.


There is currently huge potential for bringing AI to your workplace. Whether you work in an office or at home, AI never sleeps and it is best to get to know each other as soon as possible.

AI simplified

AI is simply defined the simulation of human intelligence by machines, especially computers. AI can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and language conversion.

Our developers and content creators have been eagerly using all kinds of AI techniques for over a year now. We have never seen this as a threat, quite the contrary. It makes our organization (and customers!) stronger and smarter when applied rationally.

AI and digital screens

AI based on rules

This tool works based on a set of predefined rules and logic. This type of AI is useful for solving mathematical equations or writing out logical instructions. It can also be used for analyzing large sets of data. Dynamic data and patterns are then recognized to identify, for example, possible fraud or all sorts of other irregularities and then alert the appropriate agencies or individuals accordingly.

Machine learning

Includes training a computer system to recognize patterns in data. Image and speech recognition are examples of machine learning.

Deep learning

This is also a machine learning technique that uses layers of neural networks to process data and make decisions. A deep learning system looks at huge amounts of data and learns by recognizing patterns.

Deep learning AI is used for tasks such as image and speech recognition, natural language processing and for making predictions about the future based on data. It is an important part of the technology used in self-driving cars.

NLP (Natural language processing)

It enables computers to understand and interpret human language. This type of AI is one of the most common as it is used in chatbots, virtual assistants and language conversion software. NLP is what you use when communicating with Copilot using simple English instructions.

Chatbots as pioneers

A highly proven method, chatbots have been leaning on these techniques for years. However, their intelligence has only made huge leaps in recent years.

Generative AI is gaining popularity

This is another form of AI that is becoming increasingly popular and is prominent in how Copilot functions behind the scenes. It creates new written, visual and auditory content using existing data sets or human input.

The dominance of ChatGPT

So ChatGPT is a generative AI, in fact that's what the letter "G" in its name stands for. ChatGPT was founded by OpenAI, an AI research company. OpenAI began as a nonprofit company in 2015 and was recently acquired by Microsoft.

What's in it for you?

Users can access Copilot in any chat. Copilot can summarize up to 30 days of chat content prior to the last message in a given chat. Copilot uses only the single chat thread as source content for replies and cannot (yet?) reference other chats or data types (e.g., meeting transcripts, e-mail messages and files). Users can interact with Copilot by selecting pre-written prompts or writing their own questions. Answers contain clickable source links that direct users to the relevant source content that was used. Conversations with Copilot take place in a side panel where users can copy and paste to their heart's content. Copilot conversations are always ephemeral and disappear after the side panel is closed.

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