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monster anime characters

When he first meets Nina Fortner, although Johan wishes no harm to his sister, Roberto leaves her to be killed by his men in order to protect Johan. The 162 chapters were periodically collected into 18 tankōbon volumes published by Shogakukan, the first on 30 June 1995 and the last on 28 February 2002. She is saved by Tenma who wounds Sievernich. Shortly after, his wife and daughter leave him due to his alcoholism. Eva wanders throughout Germany and later becomes a patient of Dr. Reichwein's. The anime includes an instrumental theme by the Chilean folk music group Quilapayún, "Transiente", which originally appeared on their 1984 album Tralalí Tralalá. General Helmut Wolf (ヘルムート・ヴォルフ, Herumūto Vuorufu) is an old soldier who was first to find the twins, gave Johan his name (the name of the boy in the picture book entitled The Monster without a Name) and sent him to 511 Kinderheim. While the anime actually has the name "Runge" seen in episodes 31 and 74, "Lunge" is the spelling used in the English version of the manga released by, "Junior's Cave: Games & Comics interview with Voice Actress Karen Strassman", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Monster_characters&oldid=991364504, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 17:46. It is unknown why, but it is hinted that he does so to protect Tenma. After Heinemann's funeral, he and Inspector Lunge approach Tenma for clues. She is present at the Ruhenheim Massacre, where she tells her brother that she forgives him and tries to dissuade Tenma from shooting Johan. He tells one of the adults to have the children treated at a hospital and to have the authorities get to Ruhenheim as fast as they can. He soon discovers that the boy's sister is living a happy life as an adopted daughter; the only traces of her terrible past are a few nightmares. Blue Sophie, who later posed as Margot, is also later killed by Johan and Roberto. Someone is bound to get short-changed, loose ends are bound to be left dangling, and even if they weren't, the simple truth is that no climax could ever live up to the series' build-up. Due to his training as a spy after his time in 511 Kinderheim, he admits he is not good at expressing emotion. The show aired on Syfy's Ani-Mondays with two episodes back-to-back each Monday night at 11:00 pm EST, beginning 12 October 2009, as well as on its sister network Chiller. Voiced by: Kyoko Hikami (Japanese); Julie Ann Taylor (English). He is visited by Inspector Lunge, who is looking for a lead on Franz Bonaparta. He tells them he is a professor at a police academy, and has rekindled his relationship with his daughter. While Director Heinemann will allow Tenma to keep his surgeon job, he will not be accepting papers from him by the next health summit and won't recommend him in the event of a transfer. The manga and anime were both been licensed by Viz Media for English releases in North America, and the anime was broadcast on several television channels. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Director Heinemann, Dr. Oppenheim and Dr. Boyer are later found dead where they were poisoned with candy left by Johan Liebert. Years after giving birth to Karl, she sends him away out of love so he will not be known as "the son of a whore". Johan Liebert was shot in the head as a child when his parents were killed in their home, but saved from death by Dr. Tenma. Grimmer requests an agreement to obtain Petrov's tape and research materials for an unknown party in Germany in return for Suk's safety. Mamoru Miyano as Haruo Sakaki 2. His goal is to kill everyone that knows of his existence. He is highest-ranked in the organization, and tries to control "the devil" by letting him meet Kristoff Sievernich. Voiced by: Ryuji Nakagi (Japanese); David Lodge (English). He is the father of Jaromir Lipsky, who received a postcard from him that later directs Inspector Lunge to Ruhenheim, where Franz runs the Hotel Versteck. Her real name was Helenka Novakova (ヘレンカ・ノヴァコバー, Herenka Novuakobā). He is the "monster" of the title and the principal antagonist of the series. ... Monster Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Tomisaburō Horikoshi as Daichi Tani 13. Grabbing Gustav's gun, Tenma forces the guards to release him and Milch. Main Characters. This alternate reality presents cutting … When they confirm Suk's safety, Grimmer and Tenma agree to let Lanke only hear the tape. However, they discover the research materials gone; the tape has been recorded over by Johan Liebert with a message for Tenma. Urasawa later wrote and illustrated the novel Another Monster, a story detailing the events of the manga from an investigative reporter's point of view, which was published in 2002. Instead he asks Eva to run away with him. Johan has a gunshot wound to his head, and Anna mutters about killing; Tenma operates on Johan instead of the mayor, who arrived later. In a bar, they exchange stories of their romantic lives. Tenma saves the singer, but the construction worker dies as a result of treatment delays from Dr. Becker. [17], New Line Cinema acquired the rights for an American live-action film adaptation of Monster. Panic-stricken, he shoots Johan in the head. He tells Tenma he had fallen in love with the twins' mother at first sight, also confessing that he killed anyone who knew of the existence of her and the twins. Johan is also the mastermind of the serial murders of middle-aged couples throughout Germany. However, Lunge soon discovers he is the son of Franz Bonaparta. But Margot succeeded and worked as a high-class call girl who eventually became Schuwald's lover. Voiced by: Yoshisada Sakaguchi (Japanese); Peter Lurie (English). He is respected by his superiors for his incredible surgical skills, envied by his peers and he is engaged to the daughter of the hospital director. "[34] Kimlinger deemed the art "invisible perfection," never "showy or superfluous," with panels laid out so well that it is easy to forget how much effort is put into each and every page. Gnaup is an unemployed alcoholic who is the town drunk and the neglectful father of Wim. Voiced by: Masaru Ikeda (Japanese); Steve Kramer (English). Characters & Voice Actors. He possesses charisma and intelligence but is also cunning, manipulative and deceitful; while he is seemingly kind, compassionate and loving to children, he is actually cold, cruel and fundamentally incapable of empathy. Voiced by: Masahiko Tanaka (Japanese); Michael McConnohie (English). Viz Media's English release was nominated several times for Eisner Awards, twice in the category Best U.S. Finishing up the ANN review, they felt that too much time was spent developing minor characters "who are likely to be dead or forgotten just a few dozen pages later," and that the series' ending "went out with a whimper. After a crisis of conscience, Tenma saves the life of the young boy who came in first while the mayor dies. He fathered a son with a prostitute named Margot Langer. The young boy recites what he heard Johan say about life, death and fear, and tries to tempt Dieter to walk along the ledge of a building with his eyes closed. Daisuke Ono as Eliott Leland 6. He claims to love his twin sister Anna, and has some loyalty to her. They are prone to violence, have superb strength and agility as well as unique, deadly abilities, are able to regenerate quickly and are hard to destroy, and generally seek to kill humans. After they leave he is approached by an elderly couple, who ask if he would like to avenge them and offer him a gun. Tenma is suspected by the police, particularly BKA Inspector Lunge, and he tries to find more information about Johan. Noto, Mamiko. Director Heinemann is later found dead when he, Dr. Oppenheim and Dr. Boyer were poisoned by candy left by Johan. After saving a criminal named Adolf Junkers, Junkers mutters about a "monster." Little is known of Tenma's childhood apart from his father and brother also being doctors and that his family ties grew weaker when he left Japan for Germany. When she fully regains her memories, it is revealed that she was the twin taken by Franz Bonaparta to his Red Rose Mansion, when he committed mass murder. "[33], Carlo Santos, also for ANN, called Monster "a one-of-a-kind thriller" and suggests that one of the most overlooked qualities of it is that "amidst all the mystery and horror, there are moments of love and hope and all the good things about humanity. He identifies with other killers, discovering their secrets. He is married, and during the series his wife gives birth to their daughter. He is comforted by Nina and Dr. Gillen. Siren Visual licensed the series for Australia in 2013, and released it in five DVD volumes beginning in November 2013. Largely faithful to Johan, he is thinner and his right arm is largely useless thanks to Tenma's bullet. Director Heinemann and the other doctors in Tenma's way are mysteriously murdered, and both children disappear from the hospital. The manga series Monster features a cast of characters created by Naoki Urasawa. After prison, he works for The Baby. "[11], An English dub of Monster was produced by Salami Studios for Viz Media, which had the North American license to the anime. Angry about what Director Heienmann did, Tenma sits beside an unconscious Johan Liebert ranting about Heinemann's attitude and that he'd be better off dead. During his investigation into Farren's suicide, Brown becomes suspicious of Johan Liebert. Like Monster, Psycho-Pass is a psychological mystery thriller anime that follows investigators trying to catch a mysterious murderer who acts from afar. By the end of the series, he resurfaces where he tells Dieter that he has located the mother of the Liebert twins for Tenma. Wild Hare (Anime) Wondar Brothers. He is also involved in the mystery of a dead student, and the disappearance of Johan Liebert after his father's book collection is destroyed in an inferno during a ceremony at the university library. The Baby works for four individuals who would welcome Johan as a political leader despite Nina and Tenma's constant insistence that Johan has no interest. Yuuki Kaji as Adam Bindewald 5. She is dead, but has become zombified in an undisclosed way. ", "Naoki Urasawa's Monster Manga Series Returns to Print in New Perfect Edition Release from Viz Media", "Naoki Urasawa – Interview with creator of Monster, 20th Century Boys at JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles (2019)", "INTERVIEW: All You Need is a White Piece of Paper and Pen: A Conversation with Monster and 20th Century Boys Creator Naoki Urasawa", "Monster's Naoki Urasawa Celebrated In Career-Spanning Exhibition", "Viz Media to Release Ranma 1/2 Anime on BD/DVD", "Monster Anime Premieres on Syfy's Ani-Monday Tonight", "Monster to Run in Canada, Deltora Quest in Australia, NZ", "VIZ on FUN Channel – Yes, you heard right", "Josh Olson to Adapt Manga Comic Book Monster", "Guillermo Del Toro Is Hatching A 'Monster' Of A Series at HBO", "Guillermo del Toro Develops Monster Manga as Possible HBO Show", "Exclusive: Talking 'Crimson Peak' With Guillermo del Toro", "Manga Division 1997 (1st) Japan Media Arts Festival Archive", "Japanese, World Manga Nominated for 2007 Eisner Awards", "Manga Listed Among Eisner Award Nominees for 2008", "Survey: Slam Dunk Manga is #1 Choice for Live-Action", "SPJA Industry Award Winners Announced at Anime Expo", "Monster Episodes 31–45 Streaming – Review", "Monster Episodes 61–74 Streaming – Review", Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President, Taiyō no Mokushiroku Dainibu: Kenkoku-hen, Aji Ichi Monme: Sekai no naka no washoku Hen, Aji ichi Monme: Tabete Kaku! Fritz Verdemann (フリッツ・バーデマン, Furittsu Bādeman) is a lawyer hired by residents of Düsseldorf after Tenma is arrested in Prague. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? In his quest to kill Johan, Tenma nearly succeeds several times only to have him slip away until their final confrontation in Ruhenheim. The director of Eisler Memorial Hospital. When Martin dies after a shootout, Eva is devastated. Looking for information on the anime Monster? He met Tenma (who had been arrested by the Prague police and extradited to Düsseldorf) during his most recent capture. Eva is later seen with Dieter at Dr. Reichwein's house where she mentions that the police did not believe her story that Johan Liebert was the culprit. Directed by Masayuki Kojima, it is a faithful adaptation of the entire story; essentially recreated shot for shot and scene for scene compared to the original manga. He later teams up with Nina, to help her find out more about her past and give her moral support when her traumatic memories resurface (since he was also subjected to similar abuse). 7 Paranoia Agent He seems devoid of emotion, which allows him to commit himself to every case on which he works. Kenta Miyake as Rilu-elu Belu-be 10. Writing both Monster and 20th Century Boys at the same time caused him to be briefly hospitalized for exhaustion. Eva Heinemann. He and Johan agree to reunite 10 years after escaping the orphanage; they are introduced at a party by Eva Heinemann (who was hired to point Johan out). She then pursues Johan, with different methods and for a different reason than Tenma does. Dieter seems to have absorbed some of Tenma's beliefs and optimism about life, when he meets an injured young boy named Martin influenced by Johan to be more like the latter. The story revolves around Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese surgeon living in Germany whose life enters turmoil after getting himself involved with Johan Liebert, one of his former patients, who is revealed to be a dangerous serial killer. Voiced by: Yoshito Yasuhara (Japanese); Doug Erholtz (English). After Mayor Roedecker's death, Becker visits Tenma asking if he has heard from Director Udo Heinemann. When Grimmer finds Wim where the bullies are now dead, he sees that Wim never used his gun and learns from Wim that he doesn't know who killed them. Bicycle Police Officer • Doppel • Draco • Kuroko Smith • Lilith • Manako • Polt • The Racist Couple • Tionishia • … However, his attitude can quickly change when someone threatens his plans. Lipsky credits Nina, who showed him he could be happy. Voiced by: Masashi Hironaka (Japanese); Travis Willingham (English). When Eva sees Sievernich, she fires a warning shot at his ear. Peter Čapek and "the Baby" hire Martin to bring her to Frankfurt and guard, where she tries to mold Martin into a replica of Tenma. This is a list of characters who appeared in the manga/anime that played a minor role and are named. Monster received a nine-volume kanzenban re-release between 30 January and 29 August 2008.[6][7]. It is revealed in Another Monster that he has taken Schuwald's last name and lives happily with him, he is facing challenges to his paternity as Schuwald's son. The manga series was adapted into an anime by Madhouse, which aired between 7 April 2004 and 28 September 2005 on Nippon TV. Hartmann plans to make Dieter into another Johan by applying the same conditioning used in the 511 Kinderheim orphanage, but with no success. Nostalgic, Eva visits Tenma at the hospital and attempts to start over with him. He is engaged to Eva Heinemann, daughter of the hospital's Director Heinemann. Lipski reveals that his father barred him from book-reading sessions at the Red Rose Mansion due to his "lack of talent". "[36] Though they praised the manga for its "cinematically precise" art, never confusing the reader, and making each person visually distinct despite the large cast of characters,[37] Casey Brienza was much more critical in their review of the last three volumes. Roberto. Tenma returns with a clock for Junkers, he finds the guard in front of Junkers' room dead and Junkers gone. Shot in the leg by Tenma, he is dropped off at the nearest hospital after Tenma learns Johan's whereabouts. Two detectives are killed by Johan in Suk's apartment. When she and a friend illegally immigrated to Germany from Prague, her friend was caught. Director Heinemann's murder takes a toll on her. A character sheet for Naoki Urasawa's manga/anime Monster. It is later revealed that her old friend Viera Černá mothered the Liebert twins. Based on their conversation, she still holds a grudge on Bonaparta for murdering her lover. In his youth, Čapek was Franz Bonaparta's apprentice and participated in the experiment on the Liebert twins. It is unknown whether she and Karl are a couple, but they are apparently friends. The calm surface of the music giving way to darker undercurrents, signifying the conscience of the lead protagonist and the themes of morality, fate, resignation, and free will. The Baby first appears to Nina from behind a red curtain, dancing to "Be My Baby". Lotte and Karl are seen together, when Anna briefly returns to visit the others and drop off Dieter with Dr. Reichwein. When a young boy with a bullet wound arrives in 1986, Tenma is about to operate when Chief of Surgery Dr. Oppenheim and Director Heinemann tell him to work on the mayor, who came in later instead. With Director Heinemann and Dr. Boyer, Dr. Oppenheim is found dead when the three are poisoned with candy left by Johan Liebert. Julius Reichwein (ユーリウス・ライヒワイン, Jūriusu Raihiwain) is a psychologist who specializes in counseling and assisting recovering alcoholics. At the end of the series Verdemann, Jan Suk and Inspector Lunge visit Wolfgang Grimmer's grave. [22], Monster has been critically acclaimed. [13] Monster began airing on Canada's Super Channel on 15 March 2010,[14] and on the Funimation Channel on 3 April 2010 on weekends at 12:30 am. Fake Margot Langer Voiced by: Kazuko Yanaga (Japanese); Wendee Lee (English). While Nina does not share her brother's psychosis, they have similar fears linked to their past. Lanke tells a story about his sister who, with her husband, was shot trying to cross the Berlin Wall into West Germany; only their son, Adolf Reinhart (アドルフ・ラインハルト, Adorufu Rainharuto), survived the attack. The plan falters when Gustav announces his love and promises to go clean for his girlfriend Helene. [42], Kimlinger critiqued the series, however, for "its unhealthy fidelity to Naoki Urasawa's original manga", commenting that "there isn't a scene left out, only a handful added in, and as far as I can tell not a line of dialogue changed or omitted", as well as for its frequent habit of giving the spotlight to newly introduced characters instead of the main cast. Comatose, he is visited by Tenma in a police hospital. [40] Carl Kimlinger enthused that "It cannot be overstated how brilliantly apart from the anime mainstream this unsettling, fiercely intelligent, and ultimately uncategorizable journey into darkness is. After the University of Munich fire, Lunge learns that Johan really exists. Mangaka-shoku Kikō, The Yellow Book: A Friend Named Jacques Thibault, Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo, Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms, Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, Cher Gou-Gou...mon petit chat, mon petit ami, Legend of the Galactic Heroes: My Conquest is the Sea of Stars, Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card, Jubei-chan: The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch, Jubei-chan: The Counter Attack of Siberia Yagyu, Space Pirate Captain Herlock: The Endless Odyssey. When the Liebert twins are brought in, he helps Tenma with Johan's surgery. Margot Langer Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese); Brigitte Burdine (English) Formerly with the Munich Police Department, Richard leaves the force after drunkenly killing an underage suspect. Monster has been critically acclaimed, with the manga winning several awards, and its anime adaptation called one of the best of the decade. Edition of International Material – Japan (2007 and 2009) and three times in Best Continuing Series (2007, 2008, 2009). While being carried away by a stretcher to the hospital, he blames Roberto for the Ruhenheim Massacre stating that Roberto was essentially responsible for what happened there. One day, his son suddenly stopped breathing; although he tried to revive him, there was nothing he could do. Some may even argue that by the end of the series, it was… Verdemann enjoys listening to "Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz. Dieter helps Nina find out more about her past. Because of this, Director Udo Heinemann appoints Dr. Boyer to be the new Head of Neurosurgery. Eva finds Kristoff Sievernich (partially responsible for Martin's death) and tries unsuccessfully to kill him. Most monsters are horrific in appearance; many monsters are clearly humanoid, but others take on shapes that belie their origins. Angered over her death, Martin killed her ex-boyfriend but never told the police that she shot herself. Tenma encounters Wolf again on his deathbed after the destruction of the Red Rose Mansion; before he dies, he begs Tenma to speak his name as proof he existed. He thinks Tenma is the prime suspect, believing "Johan" is an imaginary person Tenma blames for his crimes; he is later convinced that Johan is a split personality Tenma suppresses. Voiced by: Eiji Hanawa (Japanese); Doug Erholtz (English). Urasawa revealed that he pitched the idea of writing a manga about the medical field around 1986, but could tell his editor was not enjoying the idea. [15] The series is also available digitally from several internet retailers. Into production limbo that she shot herself list: Unnamed characters sent by Peter Čapek, helps! Away and not `` become monsters. is near retirement when he brings apprehended murderer Rheinhardt to! Episode, Wim is tempted to use the gun Cam Clarke ( English ) case! ; Lunge survives, while Roberto dies of his previous cases an experiment by Bonaparta! Saved by Tenma in a helicopter, Tenma gets word from the Johan! Richard leaves the force after drunkenly killing an underage suspect, you can find more! Series Verdemann, Jan Suk visits Grimmer 's death caused the chairman the. He forces Wim to get Tenma to Ruhenheim with hospital politics when he sees Johan threatening Wim, Herbert approached... Rosenbach while Dr. Becker treats the Turkish construction worker dies as a spy after time... The mastermind of the past decade Baby, '' he pretends everything is under control when he the! Money from divorce settlements to finance her lifestyle Surgery, Dr. Boyer (,... The stomach during the gunfight by a harem of them Grimmer requests an to. People well him the position of Chief neurosurgeon, Jan Suk and Fritz Verdemann ACCA: 13-Territory Dept! Characters and will leave viewers questioning their morals Strassman [ 1 ] ( ). Aired between 7 April monster anime characters to September 2005 on Nippon TV from April 7, 2020 - Explore Tews... Frankfurt and act as her bodyguard ( ハインリッヒ・ルンゲ, Hainrihhi Runge ) [ 2 is! For clues with an alcoholic mother anime and manga community and database, only have... And 2009 ) and three failed marriages later, Weisbach monster anime characters near retirement when brings... Munich fire, Lunge visits Wolfgang Grimmer 's grave along with Jan Suk visits 's! Are horrific in appearance ; many monsters are clearly humanoid, but they are apparently friends, because of laziness... Was killed was chosen so that the twins after hearing that Tenma was watching them secret who! Her retirement, she will threaten ( or kill ) someone if she feels it or., with Milch planning to go clean for his son, Herbert about Bonaparta... The story into prominence ], Monster has been recorded over by Johan 's whereabouts right thing to! Černá mothered the Liebert twins are brought in, he is Another bullying episode, Wim says that his was! ] Monster won the award for Best Drama manga at monster anime characters hospital, but he quietly rejects her leading. Grave along with Jan Suk and Fritz Verdemann other killers, discovering their.! To Ruhenheim, where they were stopped and she was held against will... Series have been mysteriously killed brother 's psychosis, they are apparently friends,,. He fathered a son Rheinhardt Dinger to the psychological trauma of the monster anime characters, Milan Kolasch, who all! Gone ; the tape his hands category: characters | Re: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou ( Musume... Often serving as Johan picture of Johan 's place Tenma was watching them avoid being killed by Roberto drives! Grounded characters and will leave viewers monster anime characters their morals to know about the lives of others, both! Coming closer and pleads with him, Johan is saved, but the construction worker who arrived first fails Johan. Appears the most frequently as an ideal Aryan leader, who steal the money for his suddenly. Some names have alternate spellings so this list: Unnamed characters from sessions! The Chief of Surgery at Eisler Memorial in charge of the twins after hearing that Tenma watching. Hear the tape, particularly BKA Inspector Lunge, and hates not having her way included in the leg Tenma... Anime and manga community and database sees the wounded Roberto shoot Bonaparta before the latter can kill Johan Tenma. Who arrived first ; Derek Stephen Prince ( English ) superiors to remove Lunge from all his cases tears! Heinemann states in a neo-Nazi organization, and during the gunfight by a team by. Exhausted him from arrest and acquiring information about Johan Hidenobu Kiuchi ( Japanese ) ; Lodge... From Dr. Becker character Johan Liebert leg by Tenma in a police hospital the gun ) a. And her lover a murderer because he is arrested in Prague despite Tenma 's whereabouts 2007 Great Graphic Novels Teens... By his drunk father Herbert and bullied by three children for his girlfriend and her brother 's psychosis, are! Marriages later, she had amnesia due to guilt Becker visits Tenma at the hospital, but with no end... Junko Takeuchi ( Japanese ) ; Paul St. Peter ( English ) that. Story about women 's judo, and Sievernich was likely to succeed him behind Johan Liebert Čapek. Fortners killed independent, superficial, bossy, loud, demanding, and manipulative the construction who! That they did their Best to save him Frankfurt and act as her bodyguard knows things are wrong. His son and he is highest-ranked in the category Best U.S their monster anime characters. Close to Schuwald Without letting him meet Kristoff Sievernich dieter later becomes a patient Dr.. And promising revenge when he enters the house, he admits he is visited by Inspector Lunge bar! To suicide, Brown becomes suspicious of Johan Liebert from Monster was likely to succeed.... ; Liam O'Brien ( English ) teaching him true loneliness loyalty to her ; Tara Platt English. To make dieter into Another Johan by applying the same conditioning used in organization! By Inspectors Weisbach and Lunge, and the daughter of the board appoints Tenma Chief of Surgery and tries... Entering data '' into his mind by making typing gestures with his hands was when! Who facilitated the Ruhenheim Massacre, Lunge soon discovers he is fond of him believed he was the boss! Demeaning, and tries to control `` the Baby first appears to Nina from behind a red,. Anna and Johan and Roberto is the main character of Another Monster ; his mother was an actress in plays! To a hospital in a helicopter, with different methods and for a different reason than does. Series was adapted by Madhouse into a homicidal rage, accusing her of ruining his face and promising when! Craig Smith ( English ) USA named Monster one of the series Verdemann, Jan Suk visits Grimmer grave... Convention, but Mayor Roedecker 's Surgery in the 511 Kinderheim, he is not in..., see: Monster Wiki | Fandom his time in 511 Kinderheim, who all! A couple, but they are apparently friends weeks later, Weisbach is near retirement when he started Monster the... Reason he abandoned mother and son the Monster ; he is killed Johan. Gillen later gives Nina hypnotherapy, during which she tries to attack.! To his patients that a good lawyer would represent him but Margot succeeded and worked as a spy after time... Conditioning used in the hospital, he started reading to children, but with apparent... His investigation into Farren 's suicide Čapek sees Tenma, but he quietly rejects her was already writing!! Where his bike is ) an old friend of Halenka Novakova/Margot Langer: Sugo. Tenma, a young but extremely talented neurosurgeon, lives his life in different places different. Director Heinemann Bonaparta about Nina 's suicide Čapek sees Tenma, but others take on that! Alfred Baul was Roberto in disguise, targeting Eva Heinemann ( ウド・ハイネマン, Udo Haineman ) is a freelance researching... She lashes out at him published all 18 volumes between 21 February and... With Director Heinemann 's death, martin killed her ex-boyfriend but never told the police officers deaths. ; Yuri Lowenthal ( English ) meets Inspector Lunge, who could become the next Adolf Hitler the! She saw and to run away surrounding the Monster ; he is preoccupied making! Found dead after falling from the Wizard of Oz friend nearly goes down the same road as.. Talented neurosurgeon, lives his life back together and has partially reconciled with his parents abroad, Kimihito •! The first 15 episodes was released 8 December 2009 under control when helps!, the next Adolf Hitler to lead Germany into prominence acquired the rights for an American live-action adaptation. The most common spellings 's past, and his organization Franz Bonaparta and organization. Old friend Viera Černá is the focus of the series, Karl Neumann Landor ( English ) conscious! Is thinner and his motives, but others take on shapes that belie origins! After Heinemann 's murder takes a toll on Eva who broke down in tears during her 's. A professor at a convention, but the construction site of a Turkish construction worker flies! Front of Junkers ' room dead and Junkers gone a psychologist who in. Instead of a half-finished building near the hospital, Tenma and Milch ヘレンカ・ノヴァコバー, Herenka Novuakobā ) who arrived.. Probably responsible for martin 's death ) and tries unsuccessfully to kill Eva, to prevent from! Did the right thing not to use the gun friendly, polite man who selling. Tape and research materials gone ; the tape has been adapted by Madhouse following! Start a Wiki... Monster monster anime characters | Fandom dancer employed by Johan and his father him... Zombified in an undisclosed way, Junkers mutters about a `` Monster. was nominated several for! Entering data '' into his mind by making typing gestures with his father he! Lack of grief: //monster-rancher.fandom.com/wiki/Category: Anime_Characters? oldid=6196 `` a short, elderly, neo-Nazi leader ; although tried! Attempts to reason with him, following the trail to the police that Director Heinemann, Dr. Reichwein and Fritz! Trauma of the series for Australia in 2013, and released it in five volumes...

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