tag defines a label for many form elements.. Big Orange Heart - Supporting Remote Workers, Custom Metaboxes in WordPress with Metabox.io. 5. As a simple example of using forms, Listing 12.1 shows a form with name, address, and phone number fields, as well as a JavaScript function that displays the data from the form in a pop-up window. 2. (function($){ $.fn.getFormData = function(){ var data = {}; var dataArray = $(this).serializeArray(); for(var i=0;i Get the Data The hash character (#) is the regular expression modifier. Client browsers can send information to a web server in two different ways: This method instructs the browser to send the encoded information (the name/value pairs) through the URL parameter by appending it to the page request. When you submit a form to a server through the POST method, PHP provides a superglobal variable called $_POST. Learn more in How To Add JavaScript to HTML. We will discuss this in a different tutorial. The