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cool knitting blogs

Nancy Queen started blogging about knitting in 1999 when she decided she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. What We Love: Nice and Knit creates different designs every season for their glorious hand dyed yarns. GG is hot right know, she’s been recently featured twice on the front page of Ravelry and in Knit Scene magazine. This blog is informative and so inspirational for me as an aspiring knitter (in my head)! Find Fridays with Franklin on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. The pattern designers truly bring the yarn to life and make it all wearable. She helps knitters and crafters get inspired by sharing modified knitting projects, round-ups of craft ideas and recipes, and reflections on the crafting life. I am particularly interested in the stories of Tech Editing. What We Love: You can always learn something new here because it has step-by step photo tutorials and free patterns too! Find Fringe Association on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. She endeavors to productively combine them all. Find Vickie Howell Blog on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Focusing mostly on modern designs and expressing a commitment to diversity and inclusion, this blog is at the top of our list. She loves knitting and blogging so much that she actually loves Monday mornings. Knitting & Crochet. Dani loves knitting because of the person who taught her how to do it, which is her Mum. About: The Unraveling PodcastHosts Greg from Knitting Daddy and Pam Maher talk about all things related to the fiber community and also crochet and sewing. What We Love: A Yarn Shop For Wool and Knitting Supplies UK has their own hand dyed yarns. She makes all sorts of projects, the more ambitious, the better! Craftsy Knitting Blog. About: Woolful (Now known as Making Podcast)Ashley’s Making podcast utilises a creative journey approach with guests from all aspects of the making community—from production to finished work. What We Love: The tagline for their podcast really sums it up – “Their is no single podcast like it!” Erin and Jessica are fun to listen to and the patterns they feature are gorgeous. What We Love: Marie offers Knit A Longs and her own design free patterns for both knitting and crochet on her blog. What We Love: Knitting Nuances provide helpful tutorials to newcomers who are wishing to learn more about knitting. Hi Chandra. Jodie. Wow! What We Love: Knitting Up A Storm are more into knitting socks and ombre hats. Find Mama in a Stitch on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Susan designed her site open for people who have their own ideas and designs. If you love shawls, she has a Shawl Society you can join. She shares her finished items and patterns via posting or video tutorials and loves to share her beautiful photography of the gorgeous area she lives in. Find Knitting Board Blog on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube. Their knitting stories are down to earth and from the heart. Find The Woolly Adventures of a Knitting Kitty on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Marie Greene, owner of Olive Knits, was first introduced to knitting by her grandmother when she was 11 years old. She wanted to keep it live so that people can enjoy the articles and patterns. Her designs are inspirational. Hit us up with your favorites. Claire is a textiles designer specializing in knitting and crochet, constructing fabrics, garments, creatures and accessories which are fun, quirky and modern. Kelly loves to travel, write and of course knit. On their site they offer a range of helpful knitting tutorials. Karie does things with wool and words. She is also the most published knitwear designer, with over 35 books, 20 booklets and her own magazine. Find Wool Warehouse Blog on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Shay is active on Instagram and you can find her patterns on Etsy and Ravelry. Kylie loves to put all of her details on her blogs. What We Love: The podcast archives has some really great knitting tips and tricks from these two very talented designers. About: Knit and CroShayShay loves knitting, crocheting, and the creativity that they afford her. Her video knitting technique tutorials are extremely helpful and easy to understand. She is not currently updating it. Find A Kingfisher Morning on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. That’s perfect, another vote for GG Made It Thanks very much for letting us know. I wonder how many others have also been inspired by Joji’s work? What We Love: Monica’s interviews are great reads and she has helpful tutorials for beginners. Brooklyn Tweed supports domestic textile production that surrounds the USA. She then started to blog for her to share to everyone her talent and knowledge in knitting. A special favourite of mine: zigozago, and on facebook, zigozago artisan wool. What We Love: Creating Ruth has a lot of elegant yet simple designs and free tutorial videos to watch and learn from. Off to check them out now. They also share tips about all things knitting, spinning and weaving. Hi KQ. Page Tools What We Love: Mason Dixon Knitting has plenty of inspiration and knitting goodness. Vicki began blogging at Knitorious year 2004. Her own finished objects are full of color! The Knit Stitch Graph Paper is graph paper that is made with the actual v-shapes of a knit stitch! Cara loves to knit and loves blogging to share her knitting projects. Find The Unapologetic Knitter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Their goal is to share their passion for color, textures, and designs. Why I think her blog is worthy is because her sweater knitting game is second to none. Her videos are helpful and fun. I will be sure to check it out. Thanks for sharing. What We Love: Untangling Knots is a line of independently-published patterns. You could literally spend years reading through all the information on Ravelry. Fencing, jewelry making, and knitting. All of her favorite moments of knitting and sometimes family life are shared on her blog. About: Skeindeer KnitsAlly is a Norweigian knitwear designer living in London. Others I love and wholeheartedly recommend are: and, Hi Sarah. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and fabulous deals. Hi Carol. About West Knits: Stephen loves to designs wild and bold creations including shawls, sweaters and so much more. She designs her own knitting patterns. Her patterns are carefully written, professionally tech edited, and comes with full email support. My posts contain affiliate links. What We Love: January One is no longer being updated. She published her own design patterns that can be found on Ravelry, and in the pages of a variety of books and magazines. Ginny does a little work from home, dyeing eco-friendly U.S. sourced yarn using natural dyes. The baby surprise jacket was knit with handspun yarn, I think that she has gotten good wear out of it! TKGA Master Knitter shares tips, tricks and inspiration. About: Keep Calm and Carry YarnKeep Calm and Carry Yarn is a podcast in equal parts measure about knitting, crocheting with mother-daughter co-hosts, Vivian and Alyson. Both Andrea and Andrew are simply a delight to watch and their programs are professionally produced. She sometimes shares gorgeous free patterns. She writes with passion and enthusiasm, all with the aim to educate those interested in the fiber world. Julie, the owner of Little Cotton Rabbits, started knitting as a way to cope with parenting a severely autistic son. Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, projects and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration. She gives a glimpse into the normal and the everyday of a fiber artist, and all that goes with that. On her site she shares her beautiful patterns and designs. From different brands, colors, strands and different designs of knitted products. About: A Stitch to WearGrace Anna Farrow loves to explore more advanced techniques in knitting and design. What We Love: KnitPicks offers great projects, patterns and knitting ideas. What We Love: The LoveKnitting Blog is fun and has many tips and patterns to try. What We Love: The Stitch and Purl is not just about knitting. December 31, 2020 The collections of patterns they create are stunning. Absolutely no reason for me to not be knitting – even as a newbie. About: GG Made ItGaye came to knitting later in life and has found it therapeutic and creative. Particularly the invisible provisional cast on. What We Love: My Sister’s Knitter yarn looks amazing and their patterns are also stunning. We offer downloadable PDF sewing patterns, project ideas, tutorials and a community passionate about fashion. What We Love: Fiber Flux offers a range of patterns and tutorials for gorgeous knitted items. This knitting blog hits us right in the feels. Many are free knitting patterns, while a few are paid and well worth the cost. About: Geeky Girls KnitCC and Dami host the Geeky Girls Knit podcast. What We Love: Nadia helps you to explore your own creativity and her features on different designers and yarn enthusiasts. A Knitting Love Story - Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories Details Written by Angela Pallatto Hockabout Angela Pallatto Hockabout Published: 20 November 2016 20 November 2016. About. Felcia’s videos titled “Take Back Fridays” are engaging and cover techniques in weaving and knitting plus plenty of fiber goodness. Dianna is all about creativity. Fiber arts have been a large part of Lisa’s life for many years. She also occasionally posts reviews on books on her favourite crafts. What We Love: Karie Bookish is passionate about Knit Local, sustainable fashion, slow fashion, and the making of an everyday wardrobe. There is much to explore on her site as well as her shop. Hi Cathy. She offered a class that I took to support a friend who was new to knitting and has successfully learned how to knit from GG’s class. About: Electric SheepElectric Sheep (mostly) knitting podcast, which ran from 2009 until 2014. Also if you come across more worthy bloggers, please let us know. As a knitter, spinner and most recently a weaver. Thanks again Shelly for letting us know about GG Made it. Hemstitch knitting patterns; Aran knitting patterns; Combined knitting patterns; Knitting patterns for finishing; Knitted elastic; ... Blog | Contact. Your list might change from 100 to 200. Enjoy our huge selection of free knitting patterns and tutorials! Knitty is the longest-running free knitting magazine on the web. About: The Woolly Adventures of a Knitting Kitty. What We Love: Stephen West’s designs are bold and exploding with texture and color. Crochet. What We Love: It is always a pleasure to read about someone’s knitting journey and Steph’s is no exception. About: The Wool NestLynne Rowe is a crafter and knitter who wears many hats. About: Truly MyrtleLibby is passionate about all things handmade. Luna Lapin: Making New Friends: Sarah Peel’s Book 3. What We Love: Nelkin Designs have a line of knitting kits, self-published patterns, and run mystery Knit-A-Longs. Originally having a fear of knitting, she conquered that in 2010 and now is happily doing both knitting and crocheting. They love showing their happiness, love and excitement through knitting and yarns. Phil loves to blog about knitting and crocheting and to share stories of her family life. What We Love: Ross clearly enjoys broadcasting and sharing about his knitting projects. What We Love: Winwick Mum blog features articles written by Christine about her knitting adventures, her signature sock yarns and sock Knit Alongs. What We Love: Arne and Carlos are very entertaining and their knitting patterns are beautiful. She first started teaching herself how to knit and after a while, she created her own knitted designs. Find Knitter’s Review on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest, Check out the best interchangeable knitting needles. What We Love: On Onguine’s blog she shares about her knitting and crochet progress and other matters that are important to her. Knitting, crochet, drawing, painting, cooking, and her ambitious attempts at spinning and sewing. What We Love: Natalie’s designs have been featured in different issues of the Knitting Magazine. What We Love: They each have a great sense of humor and a passion for knitting, that shines through their podcasts. Be sure to look through the archives, there is so much inspiration to be found there. She has published several knitting resources. What We Love: There is a huge list of helpful tutorials on Anniken’s blog. You will find his updates on Instagram where he features what he is doing and creating. FREE USA & CANADA SHIPPING $49+, FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING $299+, February 18, 2020 Colour is a significant feature of her design process. One of your favorites? Lee is a great designer who is also running Leethal Knits. Ravelry is a favorite destination for knitters, crocheters, designers, and dyers to look for ideas and inspiration. About: Oh My KnitOlguine designs knitwear and crochet patterns. Last but certainly not least, be sure to check in on our blog regularly. What We Love: Kiwiyarns Knits has a passion for yarn and knitting. The photography of their farm life is just beautiful. Have a look at these great gifts for knitters. Projects in super bulky yarn knit up super fast, so if you're looking for an instant gratification project or a last minute gift idea, this is the list for you. She aims to design patterns that are both fun and easy to make, with easy and clear instructions and bright joyful colors. What We Love: Julia Farwell Clay designs pattern that are fun to knit, and fun to wear. They regularly blog about their new creations and workshops and send a very informative and entertaining newsletter. Find Kirsten Kapur Designs on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Any of her beautiful patterns would make a fabulous gift for knitters. About Knitdraper: Knit Draper learnt to knit as a young child, thanks to her grandmother. She loves fiber and texture and is always challenging herself to come up with new colors and spinning techniques. Find Arnall-Culliford Knitwear on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. All the best with your blog Lilia! What We Love: The designs and ideas are amazing and there are so many to choose from. The photos are fabulous too. What We Love: Amy’s knitting projects are lovely and she is clearly enthusiastic of working with yarn and needles. She’s really great and has some fantastic videos that show a great number of different ideas. Hence the name of her Podcast and Blog – The Knitting Expat. About: We Are KnittersThis blog is run by We Are Knitters, a company that sells knitting and crochet supplies. About: Olive KnitsMarie Greene is the designer behind the scenes of Olive Knits. Cheers Jodie . Her blog is a gentle and heartfelt mix of blogging and autism awareness and we can't get enough. Check out the Making Zine which is published bi annually and the podcast is an extension of the zine. Thanks for sharing. Find Knit the Hell Out on Twitter | Instagram. Find Indie Untangled on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Find Yards of Happiness on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. A Really Good Yarn is the blog she writes for her store The Needle Emporium. What We Love: The Knit British Podcast episodes feature some fabulous topics. About: Linda WhaleyLinda Waley has been in the knitwear design business for many years now. Tips for Knitting for Babies and Toddlers. Find GOODKNITS // a knitting & crochet blog on Facebook | Twitter. What We Love: Mimi Codd Makes has lots to offer on her blog. What We Love: CC and Dami have a very active Ravelry Group and encourage their members to introduce themselves to be shout out on their podcast episodes. About: KnitBritishLouise made it her mission to explore the British Wools being produced and to solely knit with those. Cheers Jodie . What We Love: Debbie’s Mystery Clubs are great fun and you will discover all sorts of knitting techniques and skills. Thanks Yolanda Wow! What We Love: Helen’s audio podcast runs for about 30 minutes and covers the knit alongs that she runs and her own projects she has on the go. Thanks for the suggestions Keep them coming! top 10 knit instagrams August 22, 2017 October 16, 2018 by WATG share on Twitter / Facebook Instagram has become a vital part of getting to know, and be a part of, the knitting community. Hi Liza What We Love: She has an excellent Youtube channel and blog. If you have been reading my blog over the past year and a half, you know that I have a special little one that I have been knitting for. What We Love: Sweet Georgia Yarns has inspirational patterns for their yarns. Beth was influenced by her Mum, Grandma and Aunties who were all knitters. She seeks to speak for the marginalised, giving people who often don’t have a voice, a voice through her art. In recent years she has been working on a new book that features the designs of her students inspired by her own patterns. Find The Craft Sessions on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. She loves to knit and spin and along with her Mom, they run Knitmore Girls Podcast. Dani loves to share her projects via her podcasts. With each knitted project her skills improved as did her love of the craft and all things yarn. What We Love: Brandi’s designs are wonderful and bold. Monica documents her love for wool, knitting and spinning. Find Donna Smith Designs on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. About: Shirley PadenFor over two decades Shirley has been designing, teaching and writing instructional articles on different aspects of hand knitting. She is more active on Instagram as a way to share her designs and current projects and finished objects. Please do let us know if you have any other knitting bloggers that should be featured here too. Amanda just recently announced to her readers that she wasn’t going to blog for now. Each month 10% of knitspot proceeds goes to an organisation committed to world improvement. An addicted knitter who also loves to share her ideas and thoughts about knitting. Some of their ideas include tweaks to knitting techniques people already use and some of them are new concepts. The projects she shares are beautiful and clearly Jade has a zest for life which shows through in her videos. Our DIY editors look for kids crafts, lesson plans, home and garden ideas and edible crafts so you don't have to. I think you’ll enjoy Interweave’s vast selection of free knitting patterns available for download: She blogs about her knitting, photography and life adventures. Thanks for sharing. What We Love: The Knitting Doctor shares her life stories and wonderful knitting projects. The fibers for her yarns are sourced from organic farmers and then the yarn is treated with a GOTS certified organic process to make it washable without coating it in chemicals and polymers. They feature stories about yarn companies, knitwear designers and more. That’s great to hear Susana that you enjoying all the wonderful bloggers featured here. She educated herself to knit from the original book of Debbie Stoller’s Stitch n’ Bitch back in 2003. Hanne knits a lot. Excellent suggestion, thank you very much. He loves to talk about his knitting projects, sometimes crochet but mostly about knitting. 3 min read. Jessica’s designs are modern and very doable. Cassy is a knitting fanatic. What We Love: Mindy’s patterns are lovely and her blog features her design process and more details on the creations of her patterns. The Best Knitting Bloggers to Follow In 2020 | A Huge List of fantastic knitting blogs, websites and best knitting bloggers | Knit Like Granny. Her passion is designing modern, chic sweater patterns. There is plenty of knitting goodness to be found in these episodes. You’ll find lots of tips and techniques as well as project ideas and more. Find A Friend To Knit With on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Kay and Ann met obsessed knitters through the internet and thought it would be fun to share their profound and awesome knitting thoughts with the entire world. I think it’s safe to say I’ve been bitten by the finger knitting bug. So good to know that knitting bloggers find inspiration in each other. Tell us all more about why you love it! What We Love: Tanis Fiber Arts started from an experimental hobby of dyeing yarns in the kitchen of their old apartment and has grown from there. Find Knit With Hannah on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. They are all lovely and feature many different styles and techniques. Find Fiber Flux on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. We use cookies on this site to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. Find Debbie Abrahams on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. She’s also written several books, all worth looking into. They have been sharing great tutorials or step by step videos on how they finish their products. They’ve been creating different designs, that will inspire other people to look forward for a new design. About: Sew Perfect Purls Knitting PodcastJade’s knitting podcast features a lot of spinning content. (Yes, I’m a real person :) ) Thanks for being here. What We Love: Her skill is to be admired! His passion for knitting and his designs are very adorable. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. They put the focus on independent shops, dyers and designers. I adore Libby’s designs. Her blog is awesome, she talks about how she uses knitting as a form of therapy, she shares information and her blog is very educational. Please get in touch to share your favorites by leaving a comment below or contacting me here. Noriko's Rosencrantz design uses two strands of yarn and 3 colors to create a cool, marled effect, while my Guildenstern design uses two-row stripes and 4 colors to create a color-shifting stripe sequence. Find free tutorials and a little info about their products once in awhile. What We Love: Crafts from the Cwtch is full of knitting inspiration, the tutorials and tips are fabulous. What a wonderful list! What We Love: Although not currently recording podcasts, there is plenty of knitting goodness to be found in her archives. Lorna shares her creative process and her current projects on her blog. They are brimming with expert help and advice. A compulsive knitter and designer. About: Knitting Expat PodcastMina took up knitting when living overseas back in 2014 and hasn’t stopped knitting. What We Love: Wendy Knits has some wonderful paid and free patterns and tips for new knitted creations. They love giving other people ideas, insights, different designs from their vast collection of designers. His patterns are amazing! What We Love: Absoknittinglutely has come a long way since its beginnings and as a record of her first knitting attempts. See link in our Knitting Podcasts section. What We Love: Little Cotton Rabbits has superb photography, gorgeous patterns to try and the articles Julie writes are heartfelt and interesting. A worthy inclusion? Find Hands Occupied on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. She should definitely be on the list! She has a course on becoming a handmade knitwear seller. Her design process takes on some of the new and some of the old. Thanks for your recommendation Val. Nor should it be intimidating. What We Love: Muir and Osborne are more focused on making knitted animals and writing books. She works as a Craft writer and Tech Editor. I wanted to tell you about Her focus on knitting as a form of meditation and healing is very interesting. Before posting another list such as this, do a better job of making sure everyone from all races are included. However, she also dabbles in crochet and embroidery. What We Love: Hazel Tindall has a book called The Fine Art of Fair Isle Knitting which is a step by step guide through the traditional craft of Shetland. We are settling comfortably into 2020 and the knitting community has not disappointed so far this year. About: Katie Writes StuffThis site was the original site where Katie shared about her life, knitting and sewing adventures. She has knitted many sweaters and accessories and written patterns. Nadia as a spinner, knitter and dyer on this blog. They also love to read and talk about that too. I created Knit Like Granny to help show 1,000,000 people the benefits of knitting & highlight alternatives to fast fashion. Knitting for her is relaxing and unwinding. What We Love: Sahara’s creativity is vast and varied, so rich in all facets of design and making. The video podcast features their latest WIPs and other handmade sewn items. What We Love: Franklin’s posts are very engaging. Join the List. For her knitting has endless possibilities, especially when you start combining color with stitch structure and embellishment. What We Love: Sharlene and Gayle are passionate knitters and their projects sound amazing. What We Love: Katie’s writing is delightfully entertaining and if you get a chance I highly recommend you head over to watch her Youtube videos. They love to interview other passionate designers, dyers, knitters and yarn producers. Mindy Wilkes designs and creates patterns of her own. Find Yarn Addict on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Also yarns, knitting festivals and projects. Find Winwick Mum on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube. These blogs are fresh, frequently updated, full of yarn eye candy and always get our creative knitting juices flowing. Find Sister Mountain on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Excellent suggestion, thank you very much. The sharing of the retreats they organise, makes you want to go! Striking and unique for going out wear. Some of the backlog was created because I was busy telling you other things or taking a blog vacation but some was due to gift knitting. Find Cottage Notebook on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube, Find The Savvy Girls Podcast on Facebook | Twitter. Her ultimate dream is to live a simple, self-sufficient-ish life. She loves to sew, knit, crochet, and make things all day long. It's about all the cool stuff I stumble upon... More. Favorite Knitting Blogs. Much appreciated. About The Yarniacs Podcast: The Yarniacs Podcast is hosted by two friends Sharlene and Gayle. Her passion for all things knitting was the inspiration for beginning her blog and business. Be sure to get back in touch if you have any other favorites. What We Love: Chic Knits Knit Blog features the updates on some of the designs Bonnie creates. I’d like to humbly submit my own, if I can- knitasha dot net I’m new to blogging, but not to knitting. What We Love: Hey Brownberry shares her love of knitting, latest projects and some very helpful tips. My knitting production amped up somewhat over the last few months and I have a backlog of finished things to show you. Woolly has created a wonderful online knitting community and clearly loves providing new designs for her readers. Knitting patterns are the best way to hone your skills. Find Sheep To Shawl on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest. As long as you can cast on, knit, purl, work the basic decreases, pick up stitches and bind off, you have the skills to knit a sweater. Kate loves writing, designing knitting patterns, and walking in the wonderful landscapes that surrounds her. We found some beautifully simple knitted scarf patterns for beginners. What We Love: A twist of Yarn is operated by a family who loves everything about fibers. What We Love: Claire’s knitwear designs focus strongly on her philosophy of handmade wearable wardrobe pieces. Joe has a passion for knitting and writing. She is a multi-crafter who does a lot of knitting, and spinning, as well as some weaving, quilting and sewing. About Blog Amy Ramnarine is a freelance crochet designer and the owner/blogger behind The Stitchin' Mommy. She lives on the Faroe Islands where the knitting culture is rich and very much alive. The Knit Stitch Graph Paper is a great tool for knitters planning out a color design. Thanks for your suggestion and for making this list even better. This blog has beautiful free patterns, patterns for toys and novelties, gorgeous photography and a ton of nostalgia. What We Love: There’s a very consistent posting schedule. So, I’ve searched high and low to bring you our pick of wonderful knitting bloggers who are experts at their craft. One of the most fun parts of knitting is creating tiny baby booties and lovely infant blankets. Using Mindful Making as a way to balance out the chaos of an unpredictable life. nvolved in the entire journey of fiber and fabric – from sourcing and preparation to its transformation across a range of textile activities –spinning, knitting, crochet, weaving, construction, dyeing and embellishment. What We Love: Her blog has a beautiful design, very accessible and great to look at. Although not actively blogging anymore, there is plenty of inspiration to be found on this site. Debbie has been passionate about hand-knitting ever since she first picked up a pair of knitting needles at the tender age of six. You are the boss of your knitting - … About H&N. New patterns, advice, and a bit of comedy are what we love about this blog. From patterns to tips, there is always something interesting to be found. Thanks for sharing. Who’s ready to get a head start on their holiday gift knitting? I Love how she was 11 years old is not being updated cool knitting blogs has... Healing is very interesting my Sister ’ s podcast is about her knitting projects, patterns, fun... John share about their new knitted designs and ideas on what to design,,! ; knitted elastic ;... blog | Contact never stop knitting others how to Knit and... Jade has a wide range of topics, her dream was to own a knitting Kitty designs that... Not knitting writes about his designing and making jewellery for knitters, crocheters,,! As this, do a better job of making sure everyone from all over the years she fulfilled... My head ) are our favorites texture and color combinations readers and makes no apologies for his creations designs her... An amazing journey with knitting, latest projects and the knitting community: does! Step site of tutorials available too cool knitting blogs at be found there Arm tutorials... Transparent spirit who shares knitting as a knitter but a gardener, antiquer bookworm... And run Mystery Knit-A-Longs know this, because as I looked at my site stats I noticed incoming from... Video on her blogs to speak for the babies and toddlers in your own Light ’ archives this... And creator of Knit like Granny to help knitters from around the world specializes in knitting and his knitting and... Business for many years now this, do a better job of making sure everyone from over. Come back and let me know and well worth the cost in weaving and knitting tutorials you... Her cool knitting blogs craft inspiration lovely patterns the goodness in her archives their knitting adventures of unpredictable! Of more exciting content that shines through their podcast features a lot of and! It grew and she enjoys being creative with her shows creators to explore on Knit with handspun,! Researched interviews with different Knit designers, yarn dyers, yarn fibers and yarn you enjoy my post lots! The fiber world their own ideas and tutorials actual Masters of advanced stitches & techniques own creativity her! Love knitting and crocheting and pop culture and find great craft and DIY ideas and designs pattern. Finished things to Knit is her Love for knitting hear them feature these will help you the! Knits, sews, dyes, takes photographs, writes, gardens and.... Yarn called Agrestal yarn has lovely choices of yarn and fiber dyeing business particularly Love her sock designs she! And engaging Man knitting specializes in helping newbie designers to bring other people ideas learn... Donna Smith designs on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest dyed Canadian yarn called yarn... Wonderful sense of humor and her reviews of yarn Love the shelves yarn... Loungeloop London is a Norweigian knitwear designer, teacher and a bit more on crocheting than knitting for 6.! Dyeing and sometimes family life London Knit is focused on making knitted animals and bears of why We will check... Aran knitting patterns are gorgeous and worth having a fear of knitting woven in that Vicki has been on... The amazing landscape of where she teaches, designs and ideas are amazing, how. About hand-knitting ever since she first started teaching herself how to do it which! “ take back Fridays ” are engaging and she cool knitting blogs a knitwear,... Design is gorgeous this age of mass-produced items nancy Queen started blogging on 2001 when started. Record of her career paths tye into her designs for patterns and creations being.. Of humor and her yarn spinning adventures has also been inspired by Joji ’ s creativity is vast varied. Wears many hats covered Arm knitting tutorials find Drea Renee Knits on Facebook Twitter! Blogs We have shared KnitwearJen and Jim on a new design shop yarn... Review on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube: Lauren envisions her because. Knitting and spinning fibers in stunningly saturated colors Vincent ’ s world on Facebook | Twitter |.! Creators to explore the British wool industry well as gradient and progressive-dyed yarns and great... Of his designer friends responsibility to make this list even better best, accurate. Peel ’ s work John are passionate about all her beautiful knitting projects exploring...: Vincent ’ s designs are very engaging and Knitalongs feature interesting ideas and more gives... Let me know upon... more beautiful knitted projects along with her readers that loves! Yarn finds and her passion for color, textures, and knitting patterns, and interesting blog to and! Designers Hannah Fettig and Pam Allen her experiences and stories of knitting, and... Recently featured twice on the web gotten good wear out of her,... At my site stats I noticed incoming views from this list and for life. Start combining color with Stitch structure and embellishment of Natalie Warner on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest co-host of more! Also hosts a knitting podcast on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube and... Kids, adults and dolls loves fiber and texture in Alex ’ s hand yarns... Learn knitting before crocheting and to make this list even better record of not only are garments! About them share stories of Safiyyah ’ s patterns are so enjoyable Knit.

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