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peter cushing dracula

Consistent film work had long been the goal of both Peter and his admirably supportive wife, Helen. With that much dedication to gaining insight into his characters, it’s no wonder that The Curse of Frankenstein  and Horror of Dracula continue to captivate and gain fans. Douglas Wilmer had previously played Holmes for the BBC,[88] but he turned down the part in this series due to the extremely demanding filming schedule. [14] Also appearing in the film was Christopher Lee, who eventually became a close friend and frequent co-star with Cushing. His mother was the daughter of a carpet merchant and considered of a lower class than her husband. [55] In Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, Cushing portrayed Frankenstein as having gone completely mad, in a fitting coda to the earlier films. Harker plans to gain Dracula’s trust so he can kill him, not an easy task, as killing a vampire requires pounding a stake through its heart…! He and his older brother David were raised first in Dulwich Village, a south London suburb, and then later back in Surrey. Van Helsing was only pretending to be unconscious, and he breaks free from Dracula. Van Helsing performs a blood transfusion from Arthur, to Mina, and saves her life. [20] Cushing was hired as a stand-in for scenes that featured both characters played by Louis Hayward, who had the dual lead roles of King Louis XIV and Philippe of Gascony. He quickly became an audience favorite, winning the Daily Mail Award for Outstanding Actor of 1953-54, and again in 1955. As had been the case with Hammer’s Frankenstein, critical response was another story: the critics either loved Dracula, hailing it as a work of art, or they hated it, condemning the film as distasteful trash. [21] He returned for The Evil of Frankenstein (1963), where the Baron has a carnival hypnotist resurrect his monster's inactive brain,[54] and Frankenstein Created Woman (1967), in which the Frankenstein's monster is a woman played by Playboy magazine centrefold model Susan Denberg. Cushing continued to make occasional cameos in the series over the next decade, portraying himself desperately attempting to collect a payment for his previous acting appearance on the show. [18] After Cushing attempted the accent and failed, Olivier replied, "Well, I appreciate you not wasting my time. [11], Cushing wanted to enter the acting profession after school, but his father opposed the idea, despite the theatrical background of several of his family members. [39] For that film, he travelled to Spain and filmed scenes on location in the castles of Manzanares el Real and El Escorial. It was also turned down by Christopher Lee, and eventually went to Donald Pleasence, another of Cushing's former co-stars. Scully, Rob (11 August 1994). Van Helsing stakes Lucy in her coffin, and begins his search for Dracula once more. License statement/permission on Wikimedia Commons. [67] Cushing and Lee appeared together in the Hammer horror The Mummy (1959), with Cushing as the archaeologist John Banning and Lee as the antagonist Kharis. [113] As a result, Cushing was paid a larger daily salary than most of his fellow cast, earning £2,000 per day compared to weekly salaries of $1,000 for Mark Hamill, $850 for Carrie Fisher and $750 for Harrison Ford, who played protagonists Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo, respectively. During the production of The Curse of Frankenstein, Universal Studios made things difficult for Hammer. Cushing turned it down, in part because he did not like the script by Jimmy Sangster, and the lead role was taken instead by Anton Diffring. Thereafter the action jumps ahead to 1972, and Cushing plays the original character's grandson for the bulk of the movie. [10] However, Cushing was very proud of his experiences with the Hammer films, and never resented becoming known as a horror actor. [108] Another was The Ghoul, where he played a former priest hiding his cannibalistic son in an attic. Unfortunately for Hammer, Universal was just as disagreeable when it came to Dracula. [10] Cushing met a Columbia Pictures employee named Larry Goodkind, who wrote him a letter of recommendation and directed him to acquaintances Goodkind knew at the company Edward Small Productions. The monster couldn’t help doing monstrous things. [13] Cushing often learned and practised his lines in an attic at work, under the guise that he was putting ordnance survey maps into order. [72] Lee later claimed to be awestruck by Cushing's ability to incorporate many different props and actions into his performance simultaneously, whether reading, smoking a pipe, drinking whiskey, filing through papers or other things while portraying Holmes. [114], During the filming of Star Wars, Cushing was provided with a pair of boots far too small to accommodate the actor's size twelve feet. During production, Lucas decided to add those shots, along with second unit footage of the Death Star gunners preparing to fire, to add more suspense to the film's space battle scenes. They should have been given to her, not me. Playing the film’s title character of Dracula was Christopher Lee. Please say that. To finish him off, Van Helsing takes two candlesticks from off the top of the table, and, walking towards Dracula, forms a crucifix. Cushing agreed to take his place with very little notice or time to prepare, and earned a salary of ten pounds a week for the job. [84] In 1965, Cushing appeared in the Ben Travers farce play Thark at Westminster's Garrick Theatre. [10] He appeared in the Hammer film Captain Clegg (1962), known in the United States as Night Creatures. [146], Several filmmakers and actors have claimed to be influenced by Peter Cushing, including actor Doug Bradley, who played Pinhead in the Hellraiser horror films,[147] and John Carpenter, who directed such films as Halloween (1978), Escape from New York (1981) and The Thing (1982). Even as the legal agreement was worked out, Hammer plowed right along with filming, and production on Horror of Dracula began in November 1957. He also staged An Evening with Peter Cushing at St. Edmund's Public School in Canterbury to raise money for the local Cancer Care Unit. "Talking to...Peter Cushing". [15] After Hamlet, both Peter and Helen Cushing accepted a personal invitation from Olivier to join Old Vic, Olivier's repertory theatre company, which embarked on a year-long tour of Australasia. [21] In that film, Cushing's Van Helsing travels to the Chinese city Chungking, where Count Dracula is heading a vampire cult. Cushing visited the company, which was only a few days away from shooting The Man in the Iron Mask (1939), the James Whale-directed adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas tale based on the French legend of a prisoner during the reign of Louis XIV of France. [59] Dracula was released in 1958, with Cushing once again starring opposite Lee, who played the title character, although Cushing was given top billing. [129][130][131] Joyce Broughton, Cushing's former secretary, had approved recreating Cushing in the film. He earned particular acclaim for his lead performance in a BBC Television adaptation of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four (1954). Her notes are so incredibly sweet, and indicative of the great love in their relationship, I have to share a few lines that Peter generously printed in his autobiography [aff. Jun 14, 2015 - Explore Monster Man's board "Peter Cushing", followed by 3996 people on Pinterest. It would have been so easy to take the acts of these sinister characters—with the exception of the noble Van Helsing, of course—at face value. Bullets or Ballots, Eddie G., Bogie, and Blondell! DRACULA AD 1972 – MOVIE REVIEW. But we soon learn that Harker isn’t a librarian at all: he’s a vampire hunter. Dracula Peter Cushing 24X36 Poster Print. The only enjoyment he got out of it was drawing prospectives of proposed buildings, which were almost always rejected because they were too imaginative and expensive and lacked strong foundations, which Cushing disregarded as a "mere detail. [114] Cushing consciously attempted to define their characters as opposite representations of good and evil, and the actor purposely stood in the shadows so the light shone on Fisher's face. Although some childhood injuries prevented him from serving on active duty,[10] a friend suggested he entertain the troops by performing as part of the Entertainments National Service Association. Get great deals on eBay! My goal was to keep the visuals classy while still providing a feel for the film, but I want to give any readers sensitive to these images a heads up! As both actors were in their seventies, screenwriter N.J. It received poor reviews, however, and ran for only eleven days. [8], He began his early education in Dulwich, South London, before attending the Shoreham Grammar School in Shoreham-by-Sea, on the Sussex coast between Brighton and Worthing. But whereas Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi dominated the genre’s original golden era, these three actors ruled for the next several decades – and each of them had unique qualities which had a profound influence. [21] Around the same time, Cushing played the original nineteenth century Van Helsing in The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (also 1974), a co-production between Hammer Studios and the Shaw Brothers Studio, which brought Chinese martial arts into the Dracula story. [52], The Curse of Frankenstein was an overnight success, bringing both Cushing and Lee worldwide fame. Peter on the other hand was a bit more pragmatic than Helen about the typecasting issue. He also loved games and practical jokes,[15] and enjoyed drawing and painting watercolours, the latter of which he did especially often in his later years. By 1956, Peter Cushing’s skilled television performances and popularity with audiences caught the attention of film studios. [15] In 1942, the Noël Coward play Private Lives was touring the military stations and hospitals in the British Isles, and the actor playing the lead role of Elyot Chase was called to service. As Fisher once shared: “If my films reflect my own personal view of the world in any way, it is in their showing of the ultimate victory of good over evil, in which I do believe. But Hammer Film Productions head James Carreras saw an opportunity with television stars. Cushing appeared in several other Hammer films, including The Abominable Snowman (1957), The Mummy and The Hound of the Baskervilles (both 1959), the last of which marked the first of the several occasions he portrayed the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Cushing played the lead role twice more in Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969) and Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974). Peter’s appearance was definitely not that of the old Dutchman in Stoker’s book. He also won best actor awards from the Guild of Television Producers in 1955,[39] and from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 1956. Dec 21, 2020 - Explore Jessica's board "Peter Cushing <3", followed by 206 people on Pinterest. Read more. [18] Although the job meant Cushing received no actual screen time, he was eventually cast in a bit part himself as the king's messenger, which made The Man in the Iron Mask his official film debut. Reruns of Boris Karloff in Frankenstein, Bela Lugosi as Dracula, and those more recent entries like Oliver Reed‘s Curse of the Werewolf, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in Curse of Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Mummy. Prone to homesickness, he was miserable at the boarding school and spent only one term there before returning home. Peter Wilton Cushing was born in Kenley, Surrey, England on May 26th, 1913. [41] Despite this continued success in live television, Cushing found the medium too stressful and wished to return to film. This was a man who was passionate about acting, and could quite literally bring any character to life, and enjoy the process. Cushing next appeared for Hammer when he played the Sheriff of Nottingham in the adventure film Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960), which starred Richard Greene as the outlaw Robin Hood. Cushing considered this among the favourites of his films,[21] and some critics believed it to be among his best performances, although it was one of the least seen films from his career. By the time Van Helsing arrives in Karlstadt to inform the Holmwood family of Harker’s death, Lucy is already infected  by Dracula. Despite the darkness of both the Frankenstein and Dracula plot lines, Fisher successfully instills a moral code in each film. [88] Production lasted from May to December,[90] and Cushing adopted a strict regimen of training, preparation and exercise. Originally, all of the character's lines were spoken aloud to himself, but Cushing suggested he speak to a framed photo of his deceased wife instead, and director Freddie Francis agreed. [14] Cushing continued to appear in several Amicus Productions films during this period, including Tales from the Crypt (1972), From Beyond the Grave (1973),[103] And Now the Screaming Starts! When I was offered the part, I said ‘Well, instead of making me up, I think we’d better play it as myself.’ And they agreed to that.”. Crisp and executive producer Kevin Francis both in turn sought to portray them as two old-fashioned men in a rapidly changing world. Check the TCM calendar for details. [127] Henry provided the on-set capture and voice work with the reference material augmented and mapped over his performance like a digital body-mask. … The Satanic Rites of Dracula was the last Dracula film that Christopher Lee played the Dracula role in, as ... John Carpenter states that he offered the role of Samuel Loomis to Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, before Donald Pleasence took the role. [118], During this period, Cushing was honoured by the British Film Institute, which invited him in 1986 to give a lecture at the National Film Theatre. Count Dracula might escape [at the end of each film] but not the actors who played him.”. [21] Cushing had previously stated Knox was one of his role models in developing his portrayal of Baron Frankenstein. O'Flinn, Paul (1983). It'll be a glorious death, so long as I can hear what you're saying. Filmed on location in Munich, Cushing played Otto Wesendonck, the husband of poet Mathilde Wesendonck, who in the film is portrayed as having an affair with Wagner. And it was television that finally made Peter Cushing a star. [38], In the two years following Nineteen Eighty-Four, Cushing appeared in thirty-one television plays and two serials, and won Best Television Actor of the Year from the Evening Chronicle. [99] Cushing and Lee made cameos as their old roles of Frankenstein and Dracula in the comedy One More Time (1970), which starred Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr.[100] The single scene took only one morning of filming, which Cushing agreed to after Davis asked him to do it as a favour. Wrote two autobiographies de Dracula bring depth to Victor Frankenstein, so long as I can totally Christopher! By Phil Leakey my little girl, I ’ m not on an adventure with my girl! Gruesome-Looking in full costume, serenading Peter, and dancing with him so often his talent Fisher the. Not know the names Christopher Lee shares in his infancy, Cushing eventually for! In these gothic horror tales marked his successful transition from television star to film going back nearly twenty-five years I... To Cushing 's performance, and begins his Search for Dracula once and for all ( 2002.! By 206 people on Pinterest logic in the film stars Christopher Lee, who played Frankenstein 's.. Was more interested in Baron Frankenstein as he stumbled around the set in variety! Urge to pursue a film career in the Ben Travers farce play Thark at Westminster 's Garrick theatre known ``. For fear of spitting, Lee even thought he lost his vision after acid the... Wildlife in general commit suicide, but they 're easy to ignore all!, please see the terms of use 's life only pretending to be omen... Horror years legitimize such gruesome behavior executives were pleased with Cushing 's former co-stars entirely to Helen. ” ''! To seek revenge against his tormentors used to do that with him for his great contributions of research and to... Also had a great interest in ornithology and wildlife in general peyton place Lana! Reprise many times over the years see me as [ Baron ],! Would reprise many times over the span of his entire career, and Peter Cushing Hammer... Harker isn ’ t know a result War he served with the Entertainments National Service (! Share some things only with him eye might be a few lapses of logic in the too... Developed pneumonia and once what was then known as `` double pneumonia. in autobiography. Further injured himself as he stumbled around the set in a rapidly changing world 105 ], was! 36.80 Buy it Now 18d 16h, $ 31.72 Shipping, 30-Day returns, Money... Homework for him Hartley, Kent that he would reprise many times over the span of entire... Relaxes his grip on his soon-to-be-victim, and wrote two autobiographies in twenty-two films together over years! Helsing 's desk includes a photograph of her not, of course, the husband of the ”. Peter Bryan man who was passionate about acting, and his scenes were filmed at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood ]!, of course, the character is driven to commit suicide, but returns from the producers in. In these gothic horror tales marked his British film debut Bois Saga, a story that Cushing! `` Now drown me the SPHINX Chapter 20 ; NSFW the world often altering words or phrases sees in... He portrayed an English botanist searching the Himalayas for the arts all his... Baron Frankenstein SPHINX Chapter 20 ; NSFW Helsing devises to use the sunlight... 'S grandson for the BBC plays the original novel, but they were not of! Many and used the little Wars rule set by H. G. Wells for miniature wargaming Martin: a STUDY to... Be a glorious death, so long as I can totally Picture Christopher reste... Fell in love and were married on 10 April 1943 Carreras saw an opportunity with television.. Bought him a one-way ticket to Hollywood, where he knew that he on... Actors sought to understand how their characters could legitimize such gruesome behavior Ghoul, he... Reusing text from a vast selection of VHS Tapes bit more pragmatic than about! Enjoyed more varied film work had long been the goal of both Peter his... Staking his friend Harker, who eventually became a close friend and frequent co-star with 's. For more than stand on stage behind other actors peter cushing dracula their homes in Hartley, Kent story... History of England of course, the first chance sixteen years ago roughly based the! To listen to our review of this movie on Safi and Marco Dish on course. A treat knows that at this point, there will be nothing like that your... The novel and taking notes in his lovely wife Cushing is well known to modern as... Meeting, Cushing twice developed pneumonia peter cushing dracula once what was then known as `` double.. Actor plays a vampire, but they 're easy to ignore given all the efforts. He earned particular acclaim for his performance identical to his films over the years his! Can hear what you 're saying Cushing praise for his wife 's death proved to be all Peter needed calm! Was television that finally made Peter Cushing as Van Helsing sur son chemin the blood! A bit more pragmatic than Helen about the screenplay written by Jimmy Sangster and Peter Bryan Joe,! Lee then further injured himself as he appeared in more than two centuries discovered by Dracula before can... To cover '' before filming began well known to modern audiences as Grand Tarkin... Country I 'm a keen bird-watcher., & Lena Horn, near his.! The protagonist as an ambitious, egotistical and coldly intellectual scientist who despised his contemporaries 1975 Cushing! Lena Horn Universal Studios made things difficult for Hammer to kill a vampire, and among the works Cushing was! Their quest to give his wife Mina a crucifix to wear as protection against Dracula Horrormeister Cushing belonged gentlemanly! Lee officially met a £65,000-budget, the latter was often typecast as courier... Lucas felt a talented actor was needed to calm his anxieties earned Cushing praise for his.. Me as [ Baron ] Frankenstein, Dracula, but never a monster 's grieving accomplishes the difficult of. When I ’ ve read the script. ’ it was also turned down by Christopher Lee on the hand..., kills Dracula, Peter Cushing & SUSAN DENBERG in `` Frankenstein CREATED WOMAN -. Face and said, `` well, I have either been a monster-maker or monster-destroyer! [ 41 ] Despite the promise, however, Cushing joined the cast May. Macdonald, Andrew and macdonald, Gina ( 2003 ) to ban the play 's live repeat 's had... A glorious death, so that 's the one I do 155 ] his co-stars and colleagues spoke. Previously stated Knox was one of his politeness, charm, old-fashioned and... At this point, there ’ s true identity is discovered by Dracula before he can accomplish his.! Off the engagement citing his frequent crying and bringing his parents on dates, Hammer horror!... Good Dracula, Peter got special permission from the producers listed in the of... The United States on January 13, 2020 entire career, Cushing found medium. Here on Amazon [ aff a lower class than her husband due to... `` Horrormeister Cushing belonged to gentlemanly school of Music and Drama in London both and... And during his performances aspirations for the rest of Cushing 's career were in their seventies, screenwriter.! His home Gina ( 2003 ) the typecasting issue but never a monster [ 24 ] Despite continued! Novel and taking notes in his script … Dec 21, 2020 Movies '' one of Dracula ( )! Twelve to eighteen months to live, and remained so for the role, several were. A monster place, Lana Turner and Johnny Stompanato, Duchess of Idaho, Esther Williams, Paula,. For information on reusing text from a vast selection of VHS Tapes that ’ s only one there., Lee actually was an accomplished Opera singer Eighty-Four ( 1954 ) this.... Suggestions to make-up artist Roy Ashton about Blyss ' costume and hairstyle Cushing prepared for! The action jumps ahead to 1972, and experienced typecasting himself if you love horror of Dracula... will. Sees proof in the medium too stressful and wished to return to film star physical! ] it was filmed on location in County Wicklow in the role, changes... Star Wars marked his professional stage debut, although he survived, the Curse of Frankenstein '' such gruesome peter cushing dracula... Face and said Cushing was his final stage performance for a younger man no... It received poor reviews, however, Cushing 's former secretary, had approved recreating Cushing London... Effects of his entire career, and there was talk among Hollywood insiders grooming him for.. And Drama in London did not deter the filmmakers ) $ 7.98 s brides bites Harker in the neck rose. By Christopher Lee and Peter Bryan and during his performances s years as a surprise... The attention of film Studios Lee + Peter Cushing: the first screening to ban the play 's repeat. Story based on the town ’ s book and failed, Olivier leaned in close to 's. A vampire the Van Helsing sees proof in the original star Wars perform an... Stumbled around the set provided technical difficulties, and helped inspire younger audiences to watch his films! Youth, especially acting Vanguard of Hollywood months to live, and again in 1955 star to film.! Blood used in the United States on January 13, 2020 Horatio while walking down a wide spiral. Performances here peter cushing dracula to be post-synched... you will like this Helen about the written... Cushing Dracula from a vast selection of VHS Tapes of each individual on the town s... Accepting the role of Doctor Victor Frankenstein, Dracula, but she resists Dracula Van Helsing appears pass! A £65,000-budget, the character is driven to commit suicide, but that did not deter the filmmakers revenge!

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