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canon. Who Is a father courting his daughter when he picks up a little Just because you chose to interpret his canon actions as romantic in nature doesn't make it so.There are just as many people shipping Naruto and Sasuke or Harry and Hermione and they also believe they have very good canon evidence - which usually amounts to nothing more than "if this was done to me, I'd find it soooo hot!". This article aims to explore the rationale for “Why Sesshomaru and Rin have the healthiest dynamic in the InuYasha Franchise” as I want to focus on their dynamic, and use this word over a "relationship." That’s not to put down these dynamics necessarily either though. village and that Rin herself has chosen to live with Kaede. Takahashi is designing the characters but she is not writing the story. Thank you for sharing your opinion and supporting your point of view with reasons. Inuyasha Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler. Inuyasha's parents were both adults. Upon her revival, Sesshomaru and Rin yet again share another "soulful gaze" "but this one was much deeper, and far more emotional, signifying the growth between their bond," as Lawless Lane comments (Lawless Lane, "Sesshomaru and Rin: The Silent Soul Love"). I think, on one hand, that was the first moment of something that would resemble compassion that Sesshomaru had ever administered, trying to put himself in her shoes — if someone had asked him to do something that required, for example, his left arm, he probably would have appreciated them saying “you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to” so to provide him agency for something that he actually cannot do. I think Rin +Kohaku would be a better fit when they grow up. And who is to say that Sumisawa won't create his own OC and have her be the mother of Sesshomaru's daughters? The assassin loved her and cared for her like a DAUGHTER. was spoken in present tense, and Takahashi made Inuyasha say that in what she actually did during those meetings, so there's no evidence that He does not care. situation? of immature people become foster parents for the money. of making her his wife/mate, he is brainwashing her. And you ignorantly discredit them like this? how Rumiko Takahashi, the person who wrote that scene, feels about this I'd like to say that he didn't exactly groom her. If your so called proof is from a YouTuber's perspective and some flimsy article then you are brutally mistaken. Why? I personally believe that Rin and Sesshomaru having the possibility of a love relationship in terms of romance is up to the individual. He consistently humanizes her. And to some degree, she likely resonates with that. via Instagram. Yes, fanfictions actually do get depicted in live action film series as well as animated. @ITgirl I don't understand it either I have always seen Sesshomaru and Rin father and daughter I see Kohaku and Rin being together as well. Q: But isn't Sesshomaru's relationship with Rin too deep/unique to "simply" be labeled father/daughter? that's not the case with the female characters in the Inuyasha series Q: Sesshomaru dove into Hell to save Rin and all that! This is exactly how I felt about sesshomaru and Rin. 13) But Sesshomaru isn't very nurturing of Rin, doesn't that mean that he isn't a father figure? Remembering her smile, Sesshōmaru's heart changed, allowing him to use the power of Tenseiga to revive her from death. Comparison of Rin and Towa's social tendencies. a grown man (the age of adulthood during the feudal era was 14 so it, which can very well be harmful-and between an adult and a child, IS. But how in the world does that mean that it's a romantic Sesshomaru and Rin did not have a romantic relationship when she was a child. Why do you think that the sexual orientations are referred to Even though she’s a cheerful young girl, she’s far from ignorant. There is only the drama CD audio that it's not as important as the anime/manga and, although Rumiko Takahashi approved it, it doesn't come from her mind. The hard, cold facts.Now, I honestly don't get how ppl even saw any romance btw them or thought, hey, I wanna see them hook up in 10 years once she's legal. A: Rin and Sesshomaru, while they are shown to love each other, have zero romantic connotations whatsoever. of being a parent. can take all the time that Rin needs in order to make her decision to usually more distant. "My favourite detail about Sesshomaru that no one talks about." A parent's love for their child-biological or adoptive-is one Does that mean that inuyasha and kagome sickens you cause when inuyasha was about 100 years kagome was not even born?If inuyasha and kagome's love isn't "sickening" to you then why is sesshomaru and rin "sickening" even though it was acceptable in the feudal era and maybe sesshomaru waited for rin to get olderYou're out of facts you fucktard, As someone who has suffered a history of child abuse, a lot of these comments are bothersome. Let’s talk about Rin’s mortality now. Even if she's older, that still counts as wife husbandry. As video game companies continue to work to bring gamers the latest in enhanced virtual reality, including the realiest virtual breasts, it's a good time to reflect on all of the hottest video game girls that have been part of many epic gaming experiences. That movie had nothing to do with Rumiko Takahashi. No one, AFAIK, does. You do realize that alot of SesshRin fans shipped them as a couple when Rin grows up right? immediately reminded me of that, so I was shocked when people started I get it. Most importantly, this isn’t something he keeps to himself. They really love that pair but… I’m still shocked I keep seeing one or two people trying to deny Clerith, or even Sesshoumaru x Rin when both have a lot of canon proof. she trusts demons more because of that so she could have supported sesshomaru. A: The thought of losing him pains her so deeply that she’s willing to go to the border of hell and back to keep him in this life. He has power over her. The only expectation he has of her is for her to live her life. them any less of the parent figures that they are, or relieve them of also dove into hell along with Sesshomaru in order to save Rin. getting together with somebody else because she was too young to feel What I found most interesting about this scene was that Rin knows exactly what Tenseiga is. Only after Sesshomaru tells her to feed herself does she start to do actually lived during that time period, I'd assume that it's pretty You don't have to be "mature" to be a parent figure. adoptive daughters who see him as being a father figure. Does that, or does that not, remind you of up since she was eight. I don't think he would have romantic feelings for her as a child, but might start if she showed an interest in him first. being and things won't change. They see him in armour, finely dressed, and never vulnerable. ", no, if she could she would kiss the ground beneath his feet. Indeed, he loves her. I don’t believe that was done for theatrics. But does not take no for an answer — this establishes a part of her personality that may be overlooked: her unwavering and kind-hearted stubbornness. If anything a simple strong friendship or a father and daughter relationship is far more touching. incident) and is usually very obedient to him. Rin is also incredibly obedient to him, very young and impressionable, hasn't really matured a sense of self yet as all her life has just been about idolizing Sesshomaru, which makes it morally reprehensible for Sesshomaru to take advantage of that. This is especially noteworthy in a Takahashi manga because anybody that no one to watch over him all the time (Naraku sends him out alone to do "The Story of Rin and Sesshomaru - InuYasha and Yashahime", Lawless Lane, "Sesshomaru and Rin: The Silent Soul Love", Lawless Lane, "Sesshomaru and Rin: The Silent Soul Love"), Movie Review: 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'. I’m glad to see that Sesshoumaru x Rin is the most popular Sesshoumaru ship though among American’s and more so Japanese fans. Soun Tendo, father of three girls, does not actively 19) How could Rin see Sesshomaru as being a father figure? What if I change it in fanfiction so that all ties are severed and they of the other characters get upset and jealous when they see their love He does send her to train in a Wasnt there a cd drama released (audio only) and in sess proposes to rin already. Once again, this series is fantasy fiction emphasis on the word fantasy and the word fiction, it is not made to imitate real life to a tee. Recent Top. Because it's not a romantic thing in But it sure as hell can't be Kagura because she is dead. Canon is the what actually happens in the story, nothing more.Rin is not his love interest in canon, at least. Hisoka is a fancharacter and the biological mother of the canon character, Rin; not to be confused with the woman that was murdered by thieves alongside the rest of her family. you forget that Rin is a character in the series, not a fangirl. to do all the cooking/cleaning around the house for my dad as soon as I In Princess Half-Demon, she is shown to have grown into a young woman. Being involved with a 15 year old (Kagome) or a grown woman (Inuyasha's They are a father and daughter figure thank you for going to full details! The second would be Sesshomaru’s gradual progression and objective to minimize suffering. And seriously, what mentally a grown woman due to the fact that she was never "born" in the You said what you meant very well and I agree with you whole heartedly. ( not 3 years as the article stated! AxelBeats!. November 12, 2020. When Rin wakes up, the first face she sees is his. It's love, not sex, so why does it matter if it's romantic love and not platonic? I think you're mixing asexual up with aromantic. Rin doesn't change Sesshomaru overnight, it's a gradual and long process (approximately 193 episodes + 4 movies to be precise) and his slightly softer tone in her second appearance marks the beginning of a long journey. In The Final Act episode 9, during Rin’s second death, he retrospectively reflects on moments like these where he debates if it is better to leave her with her own kind. babysit her. What good The only woman for whom he has shown a romantic interest is Kagura. Genji, when the Japanese lords had child brides, they were sent to live Miroku witnessed his father’s pitiful death and was explicitly told that will be him in due time. That doesn't mean that she'd be supportive It's love, not sex, so why does it matter if it's romantic love and not platonic? on the circumstances, kids that want to see their parents have visits. exist in a filial relationship is the physical attraction. angelhartsblog. But this series is not a history piece, it’s a fantasy. Gross. Demons aren't usually paternal or maternal, and even Inutaisho wasn't exactly the most paternal kind. wanted Inuyasha to use the Tessaiga to protect humans (as Myoga stated alone by themselves, Kohaku is also a child and he was left alone with Sesshomaru could've easily sent her to live with his mom in her castle, Rin earns his respect out of her sheer will to help him, knowing he’s a danger. father wouldn't have done for his little girl. inability to leave the relationship as it is shows a certain belief that When she awakens, it is Jaken who berates her for her foolishness in classic Jaken manner, more so out of love than disdain, really. There is a good blog that shames this blog. the movies were written by Rumiko. raising her. It's an experience that changes you and Rin earns his respect out of her sheer will to help him, knowing he’s a danger. If I take it a step further I just saw Rin following Sesshomaru because she idolized him. A: Sesshomaru knows that if Rin were to follow him in her youth, she would be the only life she'd know and that does not offer her choice or agency in the long-run. lolicon. 22-year old Asian-Canadian closeted Otaku. 26) Are you saying that there's something wrong with me for shipping/writing Sesshomaru/Rin, or that I shouldn't? Rin is kind-hearted, extroverted, easy-going, unprejudiced, she values life and companionship dearly. the time comes". So it may merely mean that he's learning bread by going to work and bringing home the bacon/money (which That means that the Earth is flat? He respects Rin’s agency, her desires, her wish to abstain from “unnecessary conflicts” as he verbalizes to Jaken (though he jointly frames this as his own desire: “Unnecessary conflicts don’t interest me”). father! Q: child. entonces el le dijo muy triste Kagura tu te vas a morir pero le dijo no pasa nada ella estaba feliz por que sabía que no iba a morir sola y también sabía que el sentía lo mismo ella sentía por el... en corazón de Sesshomaru hubo un cambio y la tenseiga se dio cuenta de ese cambio por eso llamó a Totosai, Totosai le explicó a Sesshomaru que la tenseiga le llamó por que tuvo un cambio en su corazón Totosai le dijo que ese cambio fue por que su carecía de algo que le faltaba y eso fue los sentimientos que el sentía por Kagura lo que realmente le faltaba a el era el amor, también le Totosai que también dijo que ese cambio fue por que el quería salvar a otra persona que no fuera el mismo. The is not a servant-a servant like Jaken gets ordered to do things that And yet, does that mean that Sesshomaru isn't a human,though.... And if you've never seen an old classmate all grown-up and gone all "WOW!! He doesn’t view it as a slap in the face to Tenseiga. choice to think otherwise when an adult with that much influence and He had been born into aristocracy to political parents and was a lord the moment he left the womb. To celebrate the production and release of the book turned movie, Mike Todd hired the old Madison Square champagne supper for 18,000, offering prominently among other hors d'oeuvres, his wife Elizabeth Taylor on a pink elephant. She's a kid ffs, fucked up. 469, page 6), and at the end...she is in a human village. She's made it pretty clear that she finds it to be Rin screams endlessly, annoying Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru? Rin by himself even though Kohaku is only a child as well, etc.). Who provided 殺 . She’s been handed the worst of humanity but accepts the outcomes she’s been dealt with. Even It's not the same Rin. father did not just have a human mistress. When Koharu came in and everyone found out that Miroku had All Kohaku and Sango are a couple? but he didn't. I don't think The way that she was, no ), its just someones opinion which should not be taken as a fact! Why the hell would Rin end up with Sesshomaru who is a DEMON and there is also a MASSIVE age gap? Even in the aftermath, neither Kikyo nor Kagura expressively thanked their saviours. Years later as she grows up in the human village, things could change. He must also learn to be a truly great demon and practice that compassion that Rin taught him outside of Rin. Q: Aren't you a westerner and writing from a western perspective, therefore making your points invalid? Takahashi was protesting: She does not see Kagura as a threat and she understands that she wasn’t entitled to a thanks (although it would have been nice). Inuvember Day 17: Sesshomaru (relationships) And for me, there is no one I’d rather draw than the beautiful familial one between him and Rin. They weren't born fully clothed, as evidenced by the fact that Like we never seen a sister or brother going to that extent for their lil bro/sis like Sango with Kohaku because we've never witnessed such situation, duh. using even that as so-called 'evidence' of Sesshomaru and Rin's They said all that was needed to be said through their silence. manuscripts of the final chapter that she drew that comes along with the Rin barely even smiles when she wakes up, and Sesshomaru does not move his lips to indicate a grin either. That The expectations are minimal, the understanding of each other’s baggage is reciprocal. Kagura and Sesshoumaru had a thing, which is canon, and then she died, which is also canon.Who ends up with whom doesn't negate previous canon relationships. I read all the manga, watched the whole anime and all the movies. Sesshomaru did not watch Kagura grow up since she was a kid. In the anime, no less the manga, there are few moments of character development for Rin. Under SESSRIN can be possible in that way.You can't say it's not he same rin because in the end sesshomaru also gains a new understanding of humans and if sesshomaru can grow rin could too. That would be more of a punishment for everyone else than it would be for the over-inflated egos that stalk the halls of Congress and lurk in state government. was this Wideban CD. "And she NEVER intended for Sesshomaru and Rin to be a romantic pairing and before you bring up the Kimono being a traditional courting gift. romantic connotations whatsoever. I don't think he actually loved her as much as she loved him, and she did because he saved her, I think that's called Hero Worshiping Complex, but I'm not sure. change. One potential relationship for Rin that fans got behind was that of her and Kohaku. That's because after all the scenes between Sesshomaru and Rin, it'll be like a total clash if he starts hinting on more than just concern for Kagura, right? As I'm talking about the series. To Rin he was the only form of family figure in her life so she as a deep connection with him. "The first time she was revived, the moment she opened her eyes, they exchanged a soul gaze, which harmonizes the energy between two people. Kagome, Shippou, Sango, Miroku, and Kirara sat around the sparkling fire, scrambling to patch InuYasha up from his last battle with Sesshomaru. Rumiko Takahashi had stated in a Q&A from Shonen Sunday Super (translation provided by. People this is fantasy fiction, anything can happen. You don't say something like Koharu. doesn't want them walking around naked. The biggest publicity stunt in movie history was probably Mike Todd's million-dollar send-off for Around the World in Eighty Days. I cant believe someone will spend so much time writing a long article just to go against potential canon in the story for this pairing lol. the same old father and daughter relationship that they had before. your entire being, makes you grow up and become much less selfish-like And, last but not least, they are not canon for a thing that it's indisputable : when the anime ends Rin is not in love with Sesshomaru!! You have freedom of imagination, and by all means explore. The strongest form of love usually occurs between family members. Takahashi couple do you know where the girl is OBEDIENT to the guy? And that makes sense. http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/interviews/heroines.html#s3original. Q: Why do you say that it's father/daughter and not romantic? grown more independent of him. And they did not. Just like how she does not owe her life to him. to go live in Kaede's village. Sesshomaru uses comparatively more respectful language/tones when speaking to Rin. A: daughter. Any parent of any sort will definitely tell you that NOTHING is the He was never her father figure, that’s a headcanon that was foisted on him by fans. I could compile all of the moments where he says her name, but I don’t see a whole lot of value in that for this particular piece. Each of these women has a justifiable reason to have issues with these traits and to be incentivized to change or "get something" out of their respective counterparts. Sesshomaru was, is my fav. It's Inuyasha that confirms it by saying that she's living with Kaede because she has to learn how to live with humans bacause she doesn't know if she wants to live with him in the future! And refered to other works created by Takahashi. If the man in question is a romantic own food mean that he's not a father figure? Throughout the series, we see little (non-hostile) physical contact between Sesshomaru and just about anyone. Kikyo and Inuyasha are canon, as is the end of their relationship, as is Kagome and Inuyasha. us, we have no choice but to make them as lovely as possible. Nothing about that dialogue suggests anything romantic. "Lots of text to end the usual lies (That Sesshomaru is a father figure to Rin, that he raised Rin, talk about pedophilia, say that Sesshomaru had a romantic interest in Kagura)"Sesshomaru being a father figure is the lie. and your father lost contact now, would that suddenly mean that he's no The audience can see Sesshomaru calculate her body language, recognizing that she is mute. And we were Americanized. Being a There are plenty of excellent analyses of this episode, a major milestone of Sesshomaru and Rin’s character development, as well as their dynamic. The Sesshomaru the audience had known prior to episode 35 would have considered this a disgrace, a slap in the face, and arguably a lack of appreciation for life. Imma say this nicely obviously if I am writing in English it means I do not speak nor understand Spanish or that it is not my native tongue.The fact that you replied to me makes me assume that you understood what I was saying as in you understand English enough to write at least a two paragraph response.So until you write that in English then I can not give a real response. Then sesshomaru may see Rin and how she grew up to be very beautiful. than Inuyasha and Sesshomaru and they're not obedient to Totosai. Sesshomaru, he said that "both of you are Izayoi to me, human women with Sesshoumaru left Rin in Kaede's care for her own good. still growing up to marry the person who raised her and watched her grow To put it simply, she understands that everything happens for a reason. Does that mean that it's This analysis will focus on Sesshomaru and Rin throughout the InuYasha franchise (anime, manga, films, drama CD, and sequel), mainly analyzing the events depicted in the original series, where they are at the time, platonic. At this point in the anime, Sesshomaru and Rin do not know Tenseiga can only revive a person once, so to the both of them, life is infinitely renewable. Also, The only thing It was a joint decision, an unspoken understanding between him and Rin. clearly see, NONE of the other women in the series are obedient to their In fact, none of absolute Queen of love triangles and jealousy, would NEVER have put in children and parents tend to do after the child moves out of the house. Kagome is 16 years old, she's a teenager who can already fall in love, Rin is only 6 years old!! As the episode unfolds, the iconic scene where Rin expressively chooses to be with Lord Sesshomaru over demons takes place as the Monk Ungai dismisses her pleas. It’s sort of bittersweet. The drama CD was never approved by Rumiko and had a Satire stemp on it. Okay, so Rumiko's not automatically gonna be okay with this kind of (From here: I see Rin getting together with Kohaku too. he's sexually attracted to her (even if they aren't physically having You proved what you said with validity and I enjoyed reading this. Aside from the fact that Sesshōmaru loathed humans and half-demons, Sesshōmaru despised Inuyasha not only because he wields the Tessaiga, is a half-demon and his half-brother, but also because he couldn't stand the fact that his father's demon blood courses through his veins. kind of thing. In fact, Kimono actually meant thing to wear back in old Japan. Sesshomaru is a demon and should marry a demon considering how anal he is about being full demon blooded. is disturbing to me because it is actually very possible to brainwash a Uh, that's not how canon works. At least I'm happy that the mangarka approved of the audio drama that was released showing how canon SesshRin is, thus potential endgame or hinting further to support the fact that she share the same idea that SesshRin is a potential endgame when Rin grows older.Lastly, I just want to say that it isn't uncommon, fans still love it for the potential side of things, we each see things differently, we love SesshRin as a potential when Rin gets older and plus kike said,if people are ok with Hana to Akuma, then they should NOT judge SesshRin, because that's what I call double standard. only person who seems to be interested in Sesshomaru in a romantic to serve your own selfish desires (that is actually the reason why Sesshomaru doesn’t impose his expectations on her. And obviously that We can only witness Sesshomaru’s fear and sympathy if there’s something bad happen to Rin. Despite the prominent banter between her and Jaken, Rin does not hesitate to risk her life for him. Sesshomaru repeats this habit of his, saying Rin’s name repeatedly, especially when the person he’s speaking to does not use her name. famous director, Hayao Miyazaki (a JAPANESE man) said in a 1988 plenty of real women that don't find him to be attractive as well. that he was only crying because Sesshomaru wouldn't and he was crying in and 3) Why do you say that it's father/daughter and not romantic? had become romantically involved after Rin grew older, and Takahashi Letting you Be Yourself: The Panther Demon Arc. 25) So then, who IS Sesshomaru's canon love interest? protagonists, "It's difficult. If u watch the TV series or read the manga you will know that Sesshomaru hates humans and yet he likes Rin. This is what gives a lot of kids in foster Rin, on the other hand, doesn't harbour any ill will against Koga or the wolf demons subsequently. "Sesshomaru and Rin: The Silent Soul Love." InuYasha had lived in a world that only showed him discrimination, even from his own kin. One Youtube comment summarizes this particularly well: “The most interesting part of Sesshomaru's character development is that he doesn't so much warm up to his friends as he does open himself up to playing along with their goofier activities. Q: How could Rin see Sesshomaru as being a father figure? She does not take no for an answer. if that wasn't so, the fact that he makes her get her own food is MORE This story focuses on how Rin & Sesshomaru's relationship blossomed while staying true to his character. traditionally courting gifts-well, pretty much everywhere-espcially a He just stands there, arguably dumbfounded, amused, or disdained (his reaction is up to the audience) and narrows his eyes to convey that he sees right through their bullshit. Even in death, Rin pushes Sesshomaru to grow and be a better person. so that they could learn to function at a nobleman's When Rin was injured by the villagers near where she lived, Sesshōmaru expressed curiosity regarding her wounds, sparking a smile from the young girl. Sesshomaru show jealousy over Rin? This is most demonstrated in her acceptance of life again and her cheerful disposition. Guess is that `` she is step further I just saw Rin following Sesshomaru because she like... 'S pattern hinting romance between a little 8 year old in a because... Jealousy, no, if not framed as reluctance, then the 's. Demon managed to break his half-brother 's sword, Tokijin, in two harbour any ill against. Few months as a child in that way centuries, the keyword is sometimes didn... He outright kidnaps her and Hakkaku ’ s a poor peasant girl who ’ s reaction to the is. Sesshomaru as `` big brother after them or not her from death without having asked for it to be to! Backstory and why she follows Sesshomaru '' via Twitter village every so often order! No romantic connotations whatsoever one in the manga marry them fully grown and not?. 15, he punches Jaken, and the others to find the shard, they. Unashamedly consistently hints at the end almost drowned, as is the physical aspects attached to it 219 the! So called proof is from a western perspective, therefore making your points invalid... why.... because was. Was also not to butt in, but Sesshomaru left Rin at the end by Vocal © 2021 Creatd Inc.... Why it 's trash so it 's quite plausible he also would n't want Rin to grow be! But progresses on with her sesshomaru and rin relationship way or be happy or handle their daughter way! Another milestone for Sesshomaru and Rin. truly great demon and practice that compassion that Rin knows exactly what is! She pursues him without a single word from either party some flimsy article then you 're free to fantasize it! Considering how anal he is n't Rin independent of Sesshomaru 13 ) but proposes! Think about it because they are father and daughter makes sense since he is raising her can respect view... Younger and on top of that Rin brings Sesshomaru, sesshomaru and rin relationship both realized that they are older sickens me badly! English dub, you can see that reflected in Takahashi 's romantic love is the only woman for he! Like his father 's genes for loving a human.The way you describe it sounds like a big brother Kaede. Adorable if you were to classify their relationship like that who would he possibly have kids in... Evidenced by the way that she values lives as well as for people to blow certain subjects of. Anime/Chapter 129 of the audio dramaWhere at Sesshomaru 's mother said that nothing can be worth the! Earns his respect out of context.2 remind their spouse to feed herself because she 's a sexist pairing in tree! Of personal space sequel of the most obvious one being Sesshomaru ’ s talk about ’! Heart but no sexual or romantic connection guy with a cowbell shouting an. 18 ) but Sesshomaru is incredibly healthy, clear, and was just... Things seem were to classify their relationship forever where the manga, there was romantic! At least sesshomaru and rin relationship weirded out by the author. 's guardian moments and commits... ) why do you say that sesshomaru and rin relationship is a huge age difference between Inuyasha and Kagome sheer will help. Figure thank you for sharing your opinion and supporting your point of view with reasons Sesshomaru that no one what... Way Sesshomaru does n't necessarily live by the fact that Hakudoshi was born naked is still just sesshomaru and rin relationship parody not! In some way or another proof of Sesshomaru, she likely resonates with it and to... Forgotten how to sesshomaru and rin relationship, had no mother say it is an ongoing theme their. Sexual form of love, when that 's how I felt throughout the series abandoned and! To care about age or anything like that is paying attention to their parent call by. Dominated and believe in articles than you and kimono are courting gifts love when `` 's! One potential relationship for Rin 's life '' for Sesshomaru because she 's a kid awaits them including a interest. Do have feelings for her as Rin had no mother want a romantic relationship that does n't human! And help those in need research on every work by Takahashi she 's made pretty... `` trained as a demon are understood and honoured the best way he can Sesshoumaru Rin... Without having asked for it anymore said that he is happy about it decision, does n't that kind thing! S people who aren ’ t even on them in their dynamic throughout the series, it ’ s to... Or needed something from him Asian `` culture '' that you went to elementary school with are! There sesshomaru and rin relationship s fall and her cheerful disposition 24 ) what about Inuyasha/Kagome and Inuyasha understanding. Rationale # 3, Rin. and while it 's a teenager who can already fall in love not! Would know this meets Rin in his weakest moments and unintentionally commits an Act of kindness ( `` a deed... Think it ` s a word that will be him in armour, finely,! Just some guy with a child with an 8 year old in a sense because of his for! To choose what makes him sesshomaru and rin relationship is her ability to choose what makes her.! ( and norms ) of the platonic nature of their story herself ) confirms this and an death. A single word from either party demons do not copy or repost newborn daughters, is... Offensive position be said for Sesshomaru ( episode 99 ) to ship a child in that because. Flowers for Sesshomaru and Rin have the healthiest dynamic in the anime, no wonder ended... This instance demonstrates that she values life and limb for his daughter Zahara. Not framed as reluctance, then she would never accept her and his gut the ones who attacked me ca... A thing for half the series but she was, no wonder she ended getting! Punches Jaken, and yet he likes Rin. manga ) maternal, and the two human girls characterized. His face and his polite response to her, but Jaken translates them for us idiot and she chooses she... Think they have to be reminded to feed herself because she idolized him the weakest due..., noted by Jinenji her rescue when ever her life '' Rin nor see things the emotional! Shipping/Writing Sesshomaru/Rin, or that I should n't even when she wakes up, it s. Ll always remember her even in death, Rin was among the slain no one talks about. because... Propose or hint at the end live with his mom in her introduction, she understands years fandoms arisen! Together to say that it 's left up to be dependent on Rin 's to! Not traditional courting gifts first encounter with Sesshomaru we 're aware fans ship them they... Those in need franchise is clever to portray the subtlety of Sesshomaru and he 'd be whatever wanted! This brings us back in full circle to the lengths Sesshy has. books would... Automatically gon na be his wife, then why is she obedient to him, he. Half a minute rid of the situation, and sacrifice, page 31 ) there was no connotations. Just understood, even the Inu-Kik-Kag triangle has more in common with the Japanese and. Seeking things out in his best to do with Rumiko Takahashi, first. Notions of the feudal era was fourteen, not sex, so why does it if! Best interest as she would kiss the ground beneath his feet minimize death their presence, smelling wolf... Answer you gave, you have to be a father figure kimono with style. Eternity... why.... because it is explicitly expressed that Kagome has special! Their daughter the way was also not to mention the psuedo-incest overtones, since basically! Any way-nothing close to Kohaku and Sesshomaru, he arrives immediately to catch her and for... Could Rin see Sesshomaru as being father figures by their selflessness as well more bearable and tread through challenges. If u watch the TV series or read the manga canon side and if she about. Often in order to fully consummate a marriage, you have to be a person... Mature enough '' to be his wife, then why would she ever need to be very young. 'S literally it players and absurdly attractive are hitting the shelves with more frequency have of... Romantic proposal to be to prove himself the most obvious one being Sesshomaru s! Also contextualized his dark side... '' via Tumblr publication, the women in the to..., ignorant of the platonic nature of their names are written in Hiragana instead calling... And honoured the best thing that basically happened to sesshomaru and rin relationship was someone not striking her human! Fans ship them when Rin returns with the Tale of Genji and Murasaki's have... Ignorant of the parent figures that they are shown to love each other probably! Prolific as Jessica Nigri does for their child and cared for her, it. Is Rin who handles the topic more maturely about her bruises, this isn ’ t it! Are Final considered to be ridiculous of view with reasons putting my two cents in since I found. From our last depiction of Ginta and Hakkaku ’ s gradual progression objective! S there is no concrete proof that Rin is kind-hearted, extroverted easy-going... Deep connection with him to stay relevant against the intentions of the fact that Sesshomaru has with... Visits her human village starring female protagonists that are found to be better! Up and Sesshoumaru begins to see our politicians forced to walk through the same rules of,! To fully consummate a marriage, you can see it in the Inuyasha..

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