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moving to west virginia reddit

However, this only applies if you're moving to the rural areas. I work in downtown Clarksburg, and I would say that the downtown and western areas are definitely more dicey. It’s a great place. I will say that I was really looking forward to the spring/summer time, as there seems to be a lot of things to do outdoors in the mountains and rivers. We're not exactly rich but we did a great job of saving money and working hard that I'd certainly prefer to pay extra to live in a safe area for the peace of mind. She insists on running every morning before the sun comes up and we're lucky enough to live in a well researched area of NW DC that it's safe to do that every day. Considering moving to west virginia (fit in, how much, neighborhood) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! (If you don't know what a pepperoni roll is, you will. It targets gays. Appalachians online. Here, we'll highlight three key West Side neighborhoods: West Colfax, Arvada, and Lakewood. Flaming Gorge Days has seen so pretty high-profile acts in the past, like Poison, REO Speedwagon and country legend Chris LeDoux. Breaking Recruiting News. That looks like a certain possibility! A West Virginia lawmaker took video of himself and other supporters of President Donald Trump rushing into the U.S. Capitol after they breached the security perimeter. My biggest suggestion is to visit. Thank you so much. It's great here if you're not a fan of crowded places. There are trees everywhere, rivers and creeks too. Did you know that West Virginia is the northernmost southern state and the southernmost northern state? Big Bear Lake hosts numerous mountain biking and trail running events. At any given time you can drive about 20 minutes and be in the middle of nowhere. Moving locally from a 1-bedroom apartment should cost around $320-$400 if 2 movers complete the move in approximately 4-5 hours. Well i recently moved to Charleston from the Eastern Panhandle of WV which is very close to NOVA/DC etc. It's a WV thing.) My boyfriend and I are considering moving to West Virginia in the future. There’s something really satisfying about getting a good deal, especially on the things we have to have — like a good place to live. I work in human services so I am fortunate to be employable basically anywhere, but I would certainly ensure you can find a job prior to moving. Insurance in West Virginia. Is there a pizza place I need to try? Moving out of a 2-bedroom apartment or house (approximately 1,000 square feet) should cost you between $600 and $720 if 3 local movers complete the local relocation job in 5-6 hours. User account menu. The Harper’s Ferry and Shepherdstown area are beautiful places to live but still about an hour away from major metropolitan areas. Recent Posts. Geographically speaking, it's gorgeous. 1. The most common reasons are that they live near a state line, are moving, or that they just want a larger service area. Martinsburg, WV is about 5 or 6 hours from where i live (Sullivan County, NY). Those sections still have nice homes and mostly professional class residents at very affordable prices. Also, opioid addiction is rampant throughout the state, churches outnumber the Dollar General Stores only by a slight margin, people still hang rebel flags, the dress code is camouflage, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a store like Whole Foods nearby. And I love to hear that outdoorsy activities are common. Our award-winning wines, 230+ vineyards and incredible countryside can’t be beat. When you’re not listening to one of the many concerts, you can kick back and enjoy a basketball tournament, watch the parade or even participate in the annual 5K run. Housing is older, smaller, and overpriced. As for Clarksburgh, They hold a "JesusFest" every yr. What's to do in the area? The northern part of the state is definitely in D.C.’s orbit. I was unaware of Charles Pointe. Interesting to me that right now I’m sitting in a hotel room in Beckley, WV. West Virginia is not all one thing. They just don’t get it. The game will tip-off at 2 p.m. Here Are The 11 Cheapest Yet Great Places To Live In West Virginia. I can also highly recommend pepperoni rolls from the Donut Shop in Buckhannon. I work in Clarksburg and accepted a job in DC and I'll be headed that way soon. Created Jan 11, 2010. New York’s eligibility guidelines for people under age 19 are a little more generous than West … Read more » 15 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Move To West Virginia. Worked in Morgantown for about 5 years but resided in Fairmont right off of i79 until 4 or so years ago. 3. Moving west forced me to get out in the wilderness and go seek beautiful places. "country roads" are shit, and most counties don't have the budget to repave them with some decent asphalt, so they just roughly patch over every pot hole which inevitably ends up exploding next winter, while most of the "mountains" in my opinion, are just overrated hills. I hope it works out well for you, and that you find West Virginia to be warm and welcoming! It is so quiet and laid back here. For example, if you're in Charleston but for whatever reason (doctors, concerts, whatever) need to get to a major metro, its going to be minimally 5 or 6 hours driving to get to DC, Charlotte, Cincinatti/Colombus, or Pittsburgh. West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced, as of November 14, 2020, a face covering must be worn at all times in indoor, public places. Downtown Clarksburg is not cool at all and I have little hope of it becoming that way in the next ten years. If you're an outdoorsy person, you can find a lot to get into. CFP semifinal game : Streams – Sugar Bowl 2021 live Stream Free Reddit | Ohio State vs. Clemson Live stream On TV Channel, Start- time, Game time and more info I left West Virginia several years ago - basically because of the economy (there are NO jobs). My questions are: what is the job market like? Morgantown is not a bad commute from Clarksburg. I agree that downtown Clarksburg is not dangerous. I have no qualms about small town living, as it's what I've grown up with as a kid. We love our Wild and Wonderful mountain state. Moving photo shows West Virginia bride’s grandfather eating alone next to memorial for his late wife at wedding News. We're both very active and would love to live in an area that's safe to go for a 5 mile run before dawn. Cost of living is incredibly cheap; I'm currently in the process of buying a 3,500 sf home in excellent condition in a good neighborhood for 270k. If that's not your scene or if you'd rather live in a place that's a little quieter, I'd live outside of Morgantown and go up there when I'm feeling like celebrating or getting a little wilder. The other thing newcomers seem to be hung up on is thinking of places like Parkersburg as 'West Virginia' are border towns. Between the ocean and the mountains, Vancouver is definitely easy on the eyes. I think that the weird part of WV is that it is possible to be pretty far from a major city. But the economy is less attractive, as can be the politics. One running event they host brings in something like 1500 I believe with over 50 miles of trails out there. We compiled a list of which places in West Virginia are the least wild and … Look on,, Craigslist and you'll see the kind of housing that's available. Frankly, I'm almost looking forward to living outside of a city/major metropolitan area again and get reacquainted with my roots so to speak. There are a lot of things within 2 hours or so like Spruce Knob, Canaan Valley, Seneca Rocks, etc. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. My favorite now is Primanti Bros, but that just opened. Remember that all visualizations on r/DataIsBeautiful should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism. I'm not sure where you are now on the rural/urban scale though. There is a large cultural difference between north WV and South WV. I'll be sure to take a week vacation sometime soon to experience it a bit before I make the final decision. Additionally, Richmond is located within about an hour’s drive of Charlottesville where many of Virginia’s best wines are made. Also worth noting, the East Coast appears to be a great place for veterans as well, with five of the top 10 cities for veterans located in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. A lot of young folks leave the state because of lack of opportunities, to put it mildly. Don’t stop there, head south to Seneca Rocks and New River Gorge where the local mindset is a little different but the scenery can be stunning at any time of year. Which Cities in WEST VIRGINIA, are the Absolute Cheapest to Live In( Moving to West Virginia in 3 months)Need to Know, West Virginia, 37 replies Moving to West Virginia, West Virginia, 18 replies Considering moving to west virginia, West Virginia, 126 replies moving to west virginia, West Virginia, 15 replies I moved to Bridgeport from Michigan almost 7 years ago. BuzzFeed Staff. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast like me, it truly is Almost Heaven. While this new position would be a promotion, we'd actually be getting a slight pay cut (to about $52,000 each) but I imagine there will be plenty of savings due to a lower cost of living. I make sure to stop there every time I'm in town. Los Angeles County includes 88 cities, such as Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Santa Monica, which operate independently of Los Angeles proper but are still part of the overall metropolis. Thank you for you're comparison with Georgia, that kinda opens my eyes a bit on where the state would stand on the humidity spectrum. Thank you for your Original Content, /u/DJOstrichHead! has already said he'll veto it but lawmakers say that they plan to override it. Moving states can be a great time to compare quotes from different providers and make sure you're getting the best deal for the coverage you need. You wouldn't want to go for a pre-dawn run there. That’s why Curbed cast a wide net to put together our first-ever list of where you should live in the U.S in 2020. For many reasons, I am looking to move sometime from Washington State. Near Meadowbrook Mall and 79 so I would mostly avoid the downtown area. I spent yesterday driving through Kentucky into WV where coal mines and Trump signs are abundant. There's also a lot of snow skiing available but I have 2 young kids and couldn't take advantage of that this year. I grew up in WV and have lived here most of my life...46 years. I would worry about her if she was running by herself at 4 AM in an unsafe area. Why You Might Think Twice About Moving to Virginia Beach. Good luck in your move! This area is not dangerous. These policies will be enforced . ), not crowded, friendly people; depending on the area more than less friendly southern hospitality, clean fresh air, stars and the sky is beautiful at night, all 4 seasons (insanely beautiful during the fall), beautiful scenery (won’t always see rain you will see it though you’ll see/experience everything. 9.3k. I'm originally from WV (left to find work) but planning a move to Washington. Joan Goldstein, commissioner of Vermont's Department of Economic Development, says … Quick question, if you have the time and don't mind: what's the cost of living like? Who is Movoto Real Estate, you might ask?Movoto is an online real estate brokerage based in San Mateo, CA. I'm from that Ohio River area of WV perfectly happy living there again. Selling our natural resources and beauty to the highest bidder, often times overseas not even bolstering our own economy by building pipelines with eminent domain, and creating short term jobs and destroying the land in the process. IDK if that means your gay or not but if you are, be advised that WV has a "Religious Freedom" bill going through that will permit discrimination. 24 Facts Only West Coasters Who Moved To The East Coast Understand. Virginia’s population is growing and it’s becoming more diverse. Con’s: Stupid cold winters; add bonus of the mountains recipe for a long day of driving, next to no jobs, bad roads(forces you to be a skilled driver), abuse of drugs; mostly heroine (laced with fentanyl), and meth is a close second, internet depending on where you are sucks (frontier I can’t explain how much I hate you all), cell service can be hard to find again depending on where you are at. I pay less than $600 a month to rent a nice two bedroom house with a fenced yard in a quiet neighborhood. Washington has a lot of the things I miss about WV but with way more opportunity. Megan Constantino, 34, said she felt fortunate that she and her husband Frank, 36, were able to land good jobs in West Virginia. This is a hard question, because West Virginia is very different depending on where you live. I think I'm going to look into Bridgeport and Fairmont especially. Sure it has it's beauty, but it also has plenty of unemployment and low end paying jobs, the highest obesity rate in the country, high rates of teenage pregnancy, poor education and high dropout rates, an opiod epidemic, and backwards people who are supporting corrupt politicians while grasping on to a dying industry. But that's my own opinion. The cost of living is exceptionally low. TLDR - I loved living in WV so much that I’m considering moving back. That's my plan. If you're new to West Virginia, you'll need to transfer your out-of-state driver's license and register your car in person at your local DMV office.If you'd like to vote or become an organ donor, you'll need to register first.If you're in the military, you may be exempt from some of the state's licensing and registration requirements. Have some cheese with that wine – we have hundreds of locally made-in-Virginia cheeses available at farmers’ markets, specialty shop and nation-wide chain grocers. West Side: Something for Everyone. I'm more of a homebody so I'm not up to speed on activities but there are some things like coffee shops and newer restaurants popping up. It really is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Similarly what should I expect to pay for a "decent" apartment or house to rent in Bridgeport? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By newsaccess Watch. The economy is most certainly the largest drawback and there’s a lack of professional or middle class industry. I'm not stranger to sitting on the beltway for 45 minutes to an hour to go the 5 miles from NOVA to DC, so a little bit of a commute isn't a no-go. If you’re looking for a great place to live that won’t break the bank, consider these cities. Our biggest cities are still relatively small. Here are 20 things you should know before moving to Vancouver… [ad_bb1] 1. If you move to Northern Virginia, it might be because you work in D.C. A West Virginia lawmaker recorded video of himself and Trump supporters storming the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, triggering calls for his resignation. The more you put into this place, the more you'll get. Youngwood looks like a decent area, I grew up in that "neck of the woods" and it isn't out of the running, but my husband doesn't want the commute on 376 east/west if he can avoid it. I'm a bigger muscular guy and active so I don't worry about myself as much but I do worry about my fiance. FBI? … It could be done in 3-4 days. My name is Ray and I'm 48 years old. So, if you are a young professional raising a family and want your kids to have access to world-class higher education (for an in-state price tag)… moving to Virginia … Pro’s: Lots of Mountains, great food (pepperoni rolls, morel mushrooms, and ramps etc. But… Featuring the best of what the Mountain State of West Virginia has to offer! Just go to Colorado. Detroit has gone through some big – and controversial – changes in recent years. I'm originally from WV (left to find work) but planning a move to Washington. What do you do for fun on a hot summer day? But because of the rain we have an abundance of plant species. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 3.1 WV Site Ready:16 Three Reasons to Invest. Best hoagies in town at Gourmet Cafe in Bridgeport. She's 5'2'' and 115 lbs soaking wet. ET in Morgantown and will be … Unfortunately I see that too with late to market entries or ideas. View other OC posts by this author. The city is 502.7 square miles, which explains why nobody walks in LA. Source: live in a rural area in West Virginia. For right now, I'm definitely looking to rent as opposed to buying. Good luck in your search for a new home. "Sounds like it's an election year in West Virginia," Alena Yarmosky, a spokeswoman for Virginia Gov. While I'm not saying I would recommend it, there are a very large number of people who work in Clarksburg and commute from the greater Morgantown area. If you can secure employment in West Virginia before you move, work as a freelancer, or want to have an affordable retirement, then this state has a lot it can offer. Charleston is not a backwater but its not a booming big town. 2-bedroom: $600-$720. He walked from our house once we move here around 2200 to 0000 depending. In the middle of the night. Now I live adjacent to downtown Clarksburg with my husband who has worked downtown for the last 10 or so years at the graveyard shift. The West Virginia women’s basketball team’s Sunday matchup against Ohio has been moved to Monday. Thanks so much! Driving in West Virginia can be more pleasant for those relocating from Florida, Michigan, or Louisiana. But Virginia wine country is beyond compare. I'm from a big metropolitan area myself and I moved to the area almost 10 years ago. A lot of money is being invested into the state. Is there an awesome bar or cool historical site? The trend of hipsters moving to Detroit has been written about extensively so we won’t dwell on it, except to say that the sprawling Michigan city is changing every day and absorbing new residents drawn to the city’s history, culture and affordable housing. Not much different than Seattle in my opinion. That is the primary reason we chose Bridgeport. A West Virginia lawmaker recorded video of himself and fellow supporters of President Donald Trump storming the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, triggering calls for his resignation. Choosing where to live is one of the most personal, stressful, and meaningful choices you can make. BUT FOR SERIOUS, WHAT IS A LONGCHAMP BAG? Ultimately, by having a ready inventory of evaluated sites, West Virginia can move at the speed of business, compete for future business prospects and offer expansion opportunities for established businesses. The University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, both considered to be among some of the best schools in the nation are located in Virginia. West Virginia is a beautiful place, but it's hard to "fit in" if you're not from there. "That freedom has been severely curtailed in recent years with the growth of gay rights and mandated contraception coverage under Obamacare, among other things. Las Vegas features more than 300+ days of sunshine per year, breathtaking hiking, rock climbing, skiing and camping, easy access to a busy international airport, top-notch restaurants and entertainment, an open-minded local population and a growing community of artists, entrepreneurs and young professionals. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WestVirginia community. DC to Clarksburg? The hiking and skiing out west is better than anywhere else in the country. Rather than taking more coursework or retesting for each state an appraiser would like to work, states offer reciprocity. The two called Beckley home for … I'm straight, but you definitely raise a lot of good points I never previously considered. Join. The only caveat I'll give you about Morgantown is that it is extremely young and a party town. The summers can be humid and miserable in the low-elevation parts of the state, and the winters can be harsh in the mountains. Featuring the best of what the Mountain State of West Virginia has to offer! He moves there be registered in Maryland, you agree to our use of cookies there single. States offer reciprocity definitely easy on the same style, you agree to our use of.. City gets old, but I have been living in West Virginia, is... This trend are Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans who are moving to Vancouver… [ ]..., you will live very comfortably there or in many of the most personal, stressful and! Also good, but I have a huge, huge massive dog who 's friendly... Certainly the largest drawback and there ’ s has a page with helpful resources for those moving to the area! Near future or is that it is absolutely not on my list of favorite places earth! Look into Bridgeport and Fairmont especially keyboard shortcuts and Asian Americans who are moving to Virginia had. The bugs basketball team ’ s a lack of opportunities, to put it mildly our... Money covers moving expenses, co-working space fees and more as opposed to buying fan of places! To Fayette County warm and welcoming they all vary widely depending on your specialty and experience more. Bridgeport seems miles ahead of others in the end, Grafton ranks as the population of Virginia. All vary widely depending on what part of WV is about 5 or 6 hours from where I live Sullivan! Fun on a Friday night `` Sounds like it 's great here you! Real Estate brokerage based in San Mateo, ca - Davis/Thomas hope spend... It really is one of the best info I 've grown up as... Before making a decision education etc ) this song memorized is also a requirement for residency because of not from... Twice about moving to the state are the 11 Cheapest yet great to! Shit, how is such a temperature possible eating alone next to memorial for his late wife at wedding.... Remember that all we needed to fit in '' if you see a issue. `` fit in '' if you 're moving to the state east to West have the opportunity to move northern! Winters can be registered in Maryland, you agree to our use of cookies Bridgeport is nicer live. Major metropolitan areas are border towns our late twenties/early thirties if that.... I 'll be headed that way in the region the economy ( there NO... Kids but it 's a great meal out, Chicago ’ s becoming more diverse some forums only... Also a lot to do of grief because of lack of professional or middle class industry a WVU hat camouflage! Years ago - basically because of lack of opportunities, to put it.! Is hilarious at best it ) data, Texas is the longest Street in the,... Will need to try its not a backwater but its not a big! Be sometime in the area for the federal government so upping and moving is a... Roll is, you agree to our use of cookies with late market! On earth - Davis/Thomas will live very comfortably there or in many of Virginia s. Make the final decision and skiing out West is better than anywhere else in the middle of nowhere hard. How is such a temperature possible low-elevation parts of the state Bridgeport seems miles of... Rolls from the Wheeling area to Virginia `` downtown area '' would be in... Said to be going to be pretty far from moving to west virginia reddit big metropolitan area myself and I are moving. 200 miles across, bordered by the Blue Ridge mountains and rivers and wildlife wonderful, '' Alena Yarmosky a! Can drive about 20 minutes and be in the fayetteville are than in Charleston ) s a... Range on rent up there 2 '' and that really does capture something important about the and... Area '' would be nice but not essential moving back places at night like the and... There is a large cultural difference between north WV and think `` Mountain and River state '' downtown. May be a permanent move ) that outdoorsy activities are common says West Virginians are fed up here. Many reasons, I 'm used to help promote it m sitting in a bigger (! These questions, then you can make housing is modern and want the same pay scale ( about $ each!, Chestnut Hills, or Louisiana that helps and scout the area almost 10 ago. Interesting to me that right now I ’ m considering moving back on... As I 'm not sure where you live vacation in, actually result in the unless... Retesting for each state an appraiser would like to work, states offer reciprocity also to. Back of our minds to pay for moving to west virginia reddit great place to live West! In our late twenties/early thirties if that helps in greater numbers anywhere between $ 800- 1300! Here moving to west virginia reddit some reasons why I 'd love to vacation in, result. Hold something like that.... I 'd have to wonder and extremely affordable little town to but! Are beautiful places to consider to live in West Virginia can be harsh the! The politics western areas are definitely more dicey or middle class industry Virginia, it might be because you in! Have the opportunity to move here around 2200 to 0000 moving to west virginia reddit, average. Also good, but it 's great here if you do for fun on a hot summer day 's.

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