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how to install roof shingles on garage

A few years later, she had a 32 foot square stud framed garage added. If … Select a length of roofing nails that penetrates completely through the new layer of shingles, existing layer and the wood roof deck. For a home, she had a double wide manufactured home set up on the property. Continue laying your shingles horizontally up the roof. This Project Guide is a combination of those two articles, and it covers replacing the existing roof decking, installing underlayment and ice dam protection, laying the first row, laying shingles in the field, flashing, ridge shingles and vents, and more. If you are thinking of installing shingles on your roof, then you should think of installing architectural shingles, as these can provide a great look to your roof and exterior. This is the minimum that needs to be done. How to Install a Roof Over an Existing Roof. The layers of felt should be overlapped by 1 inch as you work toward the roof ridge. Here, Silva and the apprentices are installing architectural shingles. Not all types of solar roof shingles can be installed on an existing roof (unlike traditional solar panels, which can be installed on almost any type of roof) If you choose advanced options, such as Tesla solar shingles, you will most likely need to build a new roof, and the installation time may also be relatively longer ; Solar shingles for sale—average cost. Start nailing the shingles on the topmost corners. Finally, we are ready to install the main asphalt shingles on the roof. They extend the course 3/8-1/2-inch past the starter course, then nail in place, then install step flashing, then the next course, and so on up the roof. With most roofs, the line of the rafter tails or fascia board is perpendicular to a point at the center of the ridge, or peak, of the roof. This will help keep any moisture from getting under the felt. Apply roofing cement, slide the flashing over the pipe, and push so it lies flat on the roof. You may want to wear work gloves to avoid injuring your hand or developing blisters. How-to install a new asphalt shingle roof in one weekend. Suitable for Garage Roofing & Garage Kits. Shed Roof Shingle Types 3-Tab Roof Shingles. Storage sheds, garages and children's playhouses are usually afterthoughts after you build a house. If you hit a stack, vent, or chimney, interlace the shingles with the flashing to allow water to run down the roof. Depending on the width of the pipe, you may need to tear away a segment or two of the rubber boot. How to Start Shingles Straight on a Non-Square Roof. Step #3 – Install the Shingles. Once you have installed shingles just past a plumbing vent, install the flashing piece so it will lie on top of roofing at its bottom but be covered with roofing at its top. Flashed open valleys may be more durable and water-resistant than blind alleys, in which the shingles overlap from one plane to the other and cover the valley. Installing a new roof over an existing one, also called a *layover* or *nailover*, is often possible although not always the best option. Nail the shingle in place with four nails so the shingle overlaps the drip cap on the end and bottom of the roof by 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Having this type of shingles on your roof can also add to your property value more than the traditional shingles. A garage should keep your car clean and dry, but it serves no purpose if the garage roof leaks. However, shingles aren’t the only thing you need to protect whatever you’re storing in your garage. Cedar shingles are becoming an increasingly popular roof material as the desire to use products that are sustainable and eco-friendly yet also practical and attractive grows. Install a layer of roofing felt over the roof before you begin installing the new shingles. Consequently, they don’t have the same ventilation advantages. Roof deck Roofing shingle tiles must be laid on a roof deck fixed in accordance with relevant British Standards & Codes of Practice Minimum roof slope: 12.5° Minimum deck thickness 12mm Shingles can be laid over existing roofing felt however, the surface must be both flat and in good condition If your roof has any walls that protrude above the roof line, such as an add-on or a garage, step flashing has to be installed, in order to prevent moisture from backing up under the asphalt shingles. Lining up the bottom edge with the starter course and the right-hand side with the vertical chalk line hammer four nails in the shingle, just below the self-sealing strip about 10mm above the cutout. Replacing Roof Shingles On A Garage Home Improvement. Continue nailing cut shingles along the bottom row to create a solid strip of shingles at the bottom of the roof. These are laminate asphalt shingles made from a fibreglass mat, thicker and very wind-resistant. This is accomplished by folding 8 inch wide pieces of flashing in half, so that each surface has 4 inches of flashing covering the sheeting material. These systems aren’t attached to a frame, but instead install directly on the old roof. How to Install a Steel Roof Over Shingles Absolutely true story, with me as part of it! Whether you are looking to install a metal roof on a shed or a house, it's important to know the difference in the various types of metal roofs available. From shingles to self-adhesive membranes, there are many materials to choose from for your garage roof. You can position them starting at the bottom or at the edges. Then, trim the sides using a utility knife to match the angles. But some steel shingle manufacturers offer do-it-yourself systems that cost about the same as an installed asphalt roof for those who want to learn how to instal a metal roof on their own. One of the biggest oversights people make when installing garage roofs is not adding all of the components of a proper roof system, such as vents, insulation and drip edges. 5. A couple of weeks ago we published a two-part series showing how a local roofing contractor shingled a roof with architectural shingles. Tin: An affordable option and easier to lay than shingles, tin is the most commonly used type of metal roofing. The felt should be secured every six inches with nails or staples. My new shop is a detached garage that was built nearly twenty years ago – I know this because the lumber stamp on the OSB used for the roof is dated 1994. They have a regular or repetitive pattern. Prepare the shingles on the surface of the roof. Many pros shingle in a vertical line up the roof because it’s much faster. How To Correctly Replace Roof Shingles On A Garage | how to replace a tile roof. Install the underlayment for the new roof tile next, working with 10-foot sections at a time. To begin, remove the old roof tile. It generally takes three packs of shingles … Measure up the width of a full shingle from the drip edge and make a mark at each end of the roof. Almost 75% of roof leaks occur in valleys where two roof planes meet, or at chimneys or other roof penetrations, so be sure to install roof flashing in these areas prior to the start of the installation. When installing shingles, start by laying a narrow row of shingles at the bottom of the roof along the edge. The main benefit of doing it this way is that it is the fastest way to install a new metal roof over a shingle roof. Pros: Lasts 15 to 20 years Least expensive Lots of color choices Easy to install Can shingle over top of one existing layer. Begin at the lowest edge of the roof plane, and install the shingles with galvanized or zinc-coated nails. Ensure the second shingle overhangs the edge of the roof by the same amount as the first shingle. Step 5 Apply a second layer of shingles directly on top of the first row. You can solve the problem yourself, though, with a trip to the home improvement store and a moderate amount of work. Laying shingles on a garage roof is not a difficult task. Then the roofers install the first shingle on top of the starter course and kick-out flashing. Install Architectural Shingles. The most common asphalt shingle and have 1/4” slots cut out to form three 12-inch rectangular tabs in their bottom half. 2) Install Underlayment Right over the Shingles before Installing the Metal Roof The second way to install a metal roof over a shingle roof is by applying an approved underlayment right over the old shingle roof. Narrator: Because the garage roof butts into the exterior wall, we’ll need step flashing at the transition. Snap a chalk line between the marks. Let's take a look at the most common types of metal roofs for houses. My lovely bride bought a raw weed covered property along the South Dakota shore of Lake Traverse in the early 1990’s. Install the first course of shingles. In addition to enhancing the appearance of all types of roof, they are easier to install and much more durable. When handling shingles, make sure to wear proper gears for safety purposes. To install roof tile you’ll need to plan well in advance and prepare the roof before you place the new tiles. Although it is half the size of my old one, about 13′ x 27′, it should be ok until I get a bigger one built. Look at the advanced weather forecast before you begin and choose a few weeks with as many dry days as possible. Known in the trade as “vertical racking” or “staggering,” this how to lay shingles method enables the roofer to install a single column of shingles all the way to the peak, without the wasted back-and-forth motion necessary to … Attach the shingle to the roof with two nails driven in near its top edge. Step 4 Apply the remaining shingles in the first row using the same method. Architectural shingles are another option, and are installed the same way as 3-tab shingles, but give your roof more of a 3-D effect due to their varied shapes. It may be possible to install a metal roof over shingles but this must be permitted by the local building code in your area, so check that first. The new generation of asphalt shingles are a vast improvement. Conventional step flashing would allow water to run down the siding and cause damage, so we’re using this kick-out flashing at the edge of the roof to direct water away from the house. Next, lay the first full row of shingles so they're directly covering the starter row. When you build such a structure, you can turn it into a very classy complement to your home by using the same colour siding and the same kind of roof shingles. Measure your roof so you can be sure you buy the right amount of shingles.

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