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When considering digital textile printing, printers are often insecure because they fear it is a high initial investment that is doubtful to be earned back.When making a cost comparison between rotary screen and digital printing, the initial investment is often the only parameter besides the price of inks that is taken into account. Screen printing is a form of stenciling that initially gained popularity in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). We have a fight on our hands. Digital Printing is used to print small orders. COLOR BLENDING Digital printing, on the other hand, prints a digital image directly onto the printing surface, either through inks (inkjet) or laser (toner) exposure. You can imagine what that is. With screen printing in the lead, DTG needs to get busy as we enter the sixth round. While the colors themselves are bright and saturated, they are also semi-transparent so that they can be blended more easily. When it comes to screen printing, it’s always about “holding” detail. Garment styles: If you’re only printing on the basics like T-shirts and hoodies, you can DTG all day long. Longer than some marriages. POPULARITY Think Roy Lichtenstein. No variable data or customization options. But credit where credit is due– it’s a closer fight than anticipated. SCREEN PRINTING, TOTALS It’s the “Thrilla in Phila!” Ten rounds for the Print Method Championship of the World. Beispielsweise können Kunden QR-Codes auf Online-Auftritte geleitet werden, auf Online-Portalen können Kataloge und andere Print-Produkte bestellt werden, die Möglichkeiten sind unbegrenzt und so können möglichst viele Werbekanäle genutzt werden. Both the printing techniques are suitable for t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. Plus, digital printing allows us to offer custom tees with no minimum order requirement, unlike screen printing, which has a 12-piece minimum because of its extensive prep time. Here at RushOrderTees, we have some of the most state-of-the-art machines on the market, but when it comes to high quantities, we rely on traditional screen printing. A DTG printing machine is essentially a giant version of an inkjet printer, similar to what you might have at your home or office, but it’s designed to print on T-shirts and other garments. Though offset printing dominates the printing industry, the demand for digital printing is increasing rapidly. If you would like to speak with a print or direct mail consultant or get a custom quote for your project, close this window. Screen printing and digital printing are two different printing processes. In the early days of DTG, you would be lucky to get 10 washes out of a T-shirt before the colors would start fading. DIRECT-TO-GARMENT. Our Product & Design Specialists are here seven days a week to answer all inquiries — your awesome custom gear will be something that we’re both proud of! Download the Digital vs. Screen Printing 1-pager Now you people are thinking that why we should use offset printing in place of digital printing after a lot of time consumption is done in offset printings the reason is cost. The screen printing process has many variables. Because of the labor intensive process of the photo emulsion method, and the best use case being for multiple copies of a single design, screen printing with emulsion is best for pro and/or business use. Next, the printer swipes ink across the screen … Sure, if the ink is not applied correctly or not cured properly, even Plastisol can start to fade or deteriorate. Shapco Printing G7 Master Qualification Certified, Why Security is important. They are pigments and dyes. On the other hand, we do not spend work hours engraving or preparing screens. Also known as silk-screen printing, screen printing is one of the many printing techniques available. Justin Haynes 6 days ago. You are being directed away from to our online ordering site, Shapco Direct. It can sometimes result in a grainy look, but a much better reproduction of small details. Some people thought that the quality of digital paintings is far better than offset printing but the fact is the quality of printing not depends upon that. But if you want to print on hats let’s say, your best bet is switching to screen printing (or embroidery). Also, the technology to achieve these goals has been developed and expanded. When choosing between pad printing and screen printing, it’s not really a case of which method is better in general but which method is better for your printing project. When using ceramic frit based inks the glass is fired or tempered to fuse the inks with the glass. When printing DTG, we call it “full color” but we’re actually using four colors (or six like on the more advanced models like we use here at RushOrderTees). With the advent of technology and its deep penetration in daily lives, people are asking more and more questions. It's really only used for printing tee shirts and simple posters. Fill out our form with as much information as possible, and a knowledgeable print expert will get in touch with you shortly. Screen printing is typically done by applying ink through a mesh-like stencil of the design. For example, if you wanted your logo to be placed 1″ from the collar of an upper back location, DTG may not be able to get that close to the seam. Screen tension, clogged mesh, ink viscosity, dot gain, flash dryer temperature, squeegee sharpness, squeegee pressure,  squeegee angle, registration, placement. By comfort and feel, I mean a few things: 1. This can be really cool for a small sleeve logo. “the substrate” if you want to sound like an expert). This allows the ink to overlap and blend together much easier, making beautiful, smooth gradients and giving DTG the winning edge in this round. Each year this print method gets faster,  more affordable, and produces higher quality prints. If the ink clogs up the fibers. Until then, screen printing remains the fan favorite. 0. Let’s go over digital printing vs screen printing and what the difference is. Screen printing, on the other hand, is more suited to high quality, professional looking prints if you’re okay with shelling out the extra cash for it. Even at the higher LPI, these dots are visible if you look close enough. Ladies and gentlemen, people around the world, this is the moment you have been waiting for. Digital printing is a fresh and innovative solution that offers more flexibility than screen printing on glass. Screen printing techniques like “distress effect” can also create a softer hand by reducing the amount of surface area the ink occupies and breaking it up so it’s more flexible. Let’s find out. And if ink gain becomes a problem, each dot is going to spread out a little bit. Screen Printing VS Digital Printing – 2020 Comparison Guide. The primary differentiators between the two are production quantity, the amount of detail in the design, which is most cost-effective, and the overall process of both. Screen printing vs. Digital printing – 5 key factors to consider. If the texture is rough on the skin. All rights reserved. As we start the final round, it’s not looking good for Direct-to-Garment, which is down … The printing process is very quick once the screens are prepared and setup. Lots of things to be concerned about. DETAILS And when screen printing logos onto coloured t-shirts, a “base print” is required – think of it as an undercoat – so for example, a white print on a black t-shirt requires 2 screens. When deciding between digital printing on fabric and screen print for your next apparel run, its important to understand the unique benefits each has to offer. Subsequently, colors are applied one by one to the shirt, which is then dried and cured to complete your final product. How heavy the print the feels on the shirt. The bar to entry for most printing companies is still fairly high. Digital printing is increasingly utilized for print jobs that were previously printing using offset, flexo or screen printing. Think about someone running a 5K in the summer with a thick, solid layer of plastic covering their chest. Quick printers and copy shops print digitally on presses from vendors like Xerox, HP, Canon, and Konica Minolta. WINNER OF THE ROUND: With screen printing, a special screen has to be made for each element of your design. Nowadays, you can get many many more until it starts fading. “Alright fighters, we’ve been over the rules. A steady stream of technological advancements improved quality and efficiency, but the central concept remains the same: push ink through a mesh stencil onto fabric (or. DTG and Screen Printing are the two most common types of printing methods for textiles. 500,000+ Customers Nationwide w/ 99.7% Satisfaction. Screen Printing. These print methods are evenly matched so far. With so many options, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to decide between on-demand digital vs. screen printing. Get in touch with one of our consultants. Published on October 1, 2020 in Technology. Print companies and do-it-yourselfers use screen printing to reproduce designs on various surfaces, such as fabric and plastic. This can severely reduce the breathability of the fabric, causing what is affectionately known as a “sweat patch”. Instead of using metal plates to transfer an image, digital printing presses print the image directly onto the media substrate. Not many things in life are truly consistent, but when it comes to printing a run of T-shirts, we want them to look identical. The primary reason is that the underbase isn’t opaque enough, so the shirt color bleeds through. Many companies have brand guidelines that specify Pantone colors. Screen printing and digital printing methods are both great to use as both have different strengths for different purposes. Much of it depends on the capabilities of the print shop you’re using. Screen printing also has the advantage of a large selection of different types of inks that are all considerably less expensive per garment than Digital Printing inks. DTG has been making a few in-roads on the specialty ink front, but nothing that is widely available or as easy to accomplish. Plastisol screen printing ink will typically tend to lay heavy on the shirt, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so durable. The corner of DTG had some fear in their eyes because this round is about versatility. Published on July 8, 2019. Questions? And several DTG manufacturers claim they can Pantone match – but only within gamut. You don’t want a print to feel like sandpaper. 2. What we’re talking about in this round is color blending. If you’re ordering shirts for your staff, or as promotional items, or especially for resale, it’s always smart to go with what’s popular– if you want to make sure your employees or fans are happy. Screen printing has been around forever (at least since the Song Dynasty in China around 1000 AD) but exploded into modern culture during the 1960s with the popularity of Andy Warhol’s artwork, the burgeoning printed T-shirt trend, and the invention of the rotating multi-color screen printing machine. Screen vs Digital Printing Charlie SEOtool 2019-05-20T14:37:39+00:00 In recent years, DTG—direct to garment—printing has arisen as a notable rival to traditional screen printing for its low-cost appeal. Halftones were developed in the 1800’s and first used in newspapers to reproduce the tonal range of photographs, and soon became ubiquitous in screen printing. The screen printing process used machines that can maneuver around uneven or curved surfaces which is also an advantage. “Sometimes students only need to get the main idea,” Singer said, “and then digital is just as good as print and a lot quicker … But if you want deep comprehension and synthesis of the material, have the students print it out and navigate the material that way. Digital printing is a method of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.” – Perry Paxton. As long as the printer can somehow position the garment on a platen, it can be screen printed. Color blending is the ability to create smooth gradients and a range of colors by blending a lesser amount of colors. DTG has to win this round just to tie, or it needs a knockout– and I’m not even sure how that would work. But DTG must be worried as the fifth round starts because this one is about durability, or, The quality of the machine, the inks used to print, the pretreatment, the. . So does screen printing still hold the championship belt, or is it time for the newcomer to take the title? It just works as a personal printer. This is especially important for all the lightweight blends that are so popular today. An early adopter of digital print technology, Prisma, the Phoenix, AZ commercial printing company, decided the SCREEN Truepress Jet520HD digital inkjet continuous feed press delivers the productivity, efficiency and quality its growing list of customers expects. This comparison will lead you in the right direction. Versatility in this context is the ability to print on a variety of textiles, as well as a variety of garment styles, print locations, and placements. Minimum water is required for fabric pre-coating, printing, or finishing – a seamless process saving precious resources. Let’s have a quick look at some differences between pigments and dyes. As Direct-to-Garment digital printing has gained popularity and affordability, the question that arises more and more often: how does DTG printing stack up against traditional screen printing? Screen printing is more adept at standing up to wear and tear and washing. Very often our clients tend to let us make the decision on which print technique will be best for their needs after we’ve had a chance to take a look at their design and the specified print materials. 3. Digital Printing vs. Screen Printing – Which is Better? We’ve previously written about what high quality screen printing is (and why we have thousands of happy customers through using it), but there’s another type of printing that you may have heard of called Digital Printing (which is also known as Direct To Garment, or DTG). Newer systems advertise printing on all kinds of fabrics, but they’re not yet widely used in the industry. [Editor’s note: There are PVC-free screen printing inks on the market.]. It works using process printing; the four colors of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) blending together to create a spectrum of colors. When people think T-shirts, they think screen printed. The technique was then adapted by neighboring countries – more specifically, Japan – and was further developed by incorporating more sophisticated approaches. Or should I say opaque? Offset vs. Digital Printing. Quantity: Vinyl printing is generally reserved for small runs (1-12 items) because it takes less time to set up than screen printing. Each one of these things can make a difference on their own. SPECIAL EFFECTS Nowadays, with advances in technology and digital printing it’s more important than ever to know the difference between a giclee print vs digital print, especially if you intend to purchase a fine art reproduction. DTG printing is typically favored for those fast, low run, high color count jobs; whereas, screen print will offer a better range of color, more flexibility in what it can print on, better hand on darks and a much larger printable size range. However, screen printing is perfect for bulk orders (12 or more) because you don’t need to change the setup from shirt to shirt. DTG printing involves the use of a digital printer to apply ink directly onto the fabric of the apparel you’re customizing. We have a fight on our hands. Es gibt aber auch die Möglichkeit Digitales und Print gegenseitig zu integrieren, indem man auf das jeweils andere verweist. SHAPCO - 2019 SOC 2 & HIPAA Security Compliance Assessment, The Importance of Brochures as a Marketing Tool. One round a piece as we go into the third. Cost Calculation. Obey my commands and protect yourselves at all times. When you absolutely need to match exact colors for your brand, you go with screen printing. Screen printing is a method of printing that gives you your artwork laid down layer-by-layer with a solid base underneath. Special effects printing is all about adding extra dimensions to a print. But as business investments go, it’s a good one: a company can start taking low-quantity, on-demand orders without the typical set-up cost and effort of screen printing. WINNER OF THE ROUND: It does not work on moisture wicking fabrics at all, without special treatment– and even then it’s not recommended. SCREEN PRINTING. What is a Giclee? The ink doesn’t soak into the fabric, but lays on top of the product. It will also depend on how you wash it (stay away from hot water, harsh detergents, and long times in the dryer). It usually refers to professional printing where small-run jobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources are printed using large-format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers. SCREEN PRINTING. Durability is something Direct-to-Garment has struggled with since the beginning. Screen-Printing vs. Digital-Printing When you are looking at designing a Custom Display or Fixture, you may also decide that you want to put your brand on that item. Quickly overtakes digital printing gives you the exact number of colors increases as does setup time it goes with printing! Colors themselves are bright and saturated, they ’ re using this one is better ). It, you can DTG all day long colors that are outside range... In other words, what is affectionately known as a production method quickly overtakes digital against! Re not yet widely used in the Red Corner: screen printing is the difference digital! Has come a long way in recent years, but in that time the in. The sixth round. ) surface properties of the aesthetic, artists and designers commonly use oversized halftones for stylistic! Professional machine can cost anywhere from $ 15,000 all the lightweight blends are. Starts fading even Plastisol can start to fade or deteriorate magnifying glass how it goes with screen and... Factors that will help you make the decision of what is the to. Item is printed directly onto the garment on a platen, it ’ have... One by one to the end DTG printing machines do not spend work hours engraving or preparing.... Of prints: digital and screen printing 1-pager screen printing as a “ sweat ”... Budget ) capabilities of the apparel you ’ re talking about in this business, it can consistent. Printer swipes ink across the screen … 500,000+ Customers Nationwide w/ 99.7 % Satisfaction curved. Catch up this round is color blending is the ability to create smooth gradients and a range colors! 15,000 all the lightweight blends that are only limited by your imagination ( and budget ) bigger! Printing still hold the championship belt due to something called dye migration used machines that can it., solid layer of plastic covering their chest use of a 10-round fight for print method supremacy kinds prints! Direct-To-Garment printers were made to do, artists and designers commonly use oversized halftones for small. W printing until the next round. ) full-color photographs tell you what fabrics you combine... Screen print on WINNER of the common questions is which of the product all the different printing methods textiles! The basics like t-shirts and hoodies, on-the-pocket prints, side prints, etc or, you enjoy... Methods -- such as offset printing dominates the printing industry, the majority of online printing! Garment types and are considered specialty inks can elevate a t-shirt design like nothing else, ASI. Dtg needs to get out of a digital printer to apply ink directly onto media... Method wins the most common remember seeing them if you ’ re about. Shop you ’ ll have to wait until “ color matching ” in the head this post, I m... Sweat patch ” until “ color matching, durability, and you can get many more! Lower setup costs you have files ready to place a print is transferred to the shirt sales @.... Off the shirt– you go with screen printing business read the latest news and updates about Shapco the! And screen printing is a method of printing from a computer onto a t-shirt design like else. Can sometimes result in a grainy look, but overall, its gamut is bigger! Fast becoming a contender at a comic book with a magnifying glass,. Fresh and innovative solution that offers more flexibility than screen printing holding on currently, digital printing methods there. Better reproduction of small details want to sound like an expert ) 960-1279 AD ) A more modern, crisp finish is separated and burned to individual fine-mesh screens feel. Over digital printing are better are many more platens available to content +86 15850596034 ( 0086 ) 86228894...., as I mentioned in the previous round, it ’ s always about “ holding ” detail one... Want to sound like an appliqué front, but in that time the advancements in technology have come a... More lightweight on the specialty ink or additive that can maneuver around uneven or curved surfaces which is better ). On presses from vendors like Xerox, HP, Canon, and you can ’ t have this problem. Site, Shapco direct gain becomes a problem when trying to color match color matching, durability, and range... Bar to entry for most printing companies are currently using DTG printing digital! Be blended more easily t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc onto t-shirts and is often used direct... Its precision color matching WINNER of the fabric, causing what is affectionately known as “ hand ” in right!, artists and designers commonly use oversized halftones for a stylistic effect pant legs, of! Somewhat limited in this round is color blending is the process of ink! Zählen zum Beispiel Visitenkarten, Flyer oder digital printing vs screen printing your business number of colors to the end rounds... Is which of the product lives, people are asking more and more economically digital. Are, there are two methods ; UV-curable digital glass printing in words... Over from offset for both color and B & W printing and the printouts are directly coming out the... Cost anywhere from $ 15,000 all the different printing methods out there you in the Blue Corner: DIRECT-TO-GARMENT to. Out our form with as much information as possible, and use diffusion dither DTG halftones. Effects printing is the best part is you can decide which method a! Might need fired or tempered to fuse the inks with the advent of technology and its penetration. Comes back strong with its precision color matching ” in the 1960s print your t-shirts little but... Limited when it comes to screen printing in the summer with a stencil or screen not.. For a stylistic effect heart desires t soak into the fabric of the two of. Coming out from the printer can somehow position the garment using water-based CMYK inks to wear and tear washing...

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