From retail to public, instore screens or outdoor full color LED, with or without interaction, Digitopia enables since 2006 an effective communication towards or with your target group. Our content management system, DGT Dynamics, facilitates an easy, quick and segmented distribution of your content or touch applications. dgt-dynamics

Innovation, creativity, experience and customer focus are key in our day to day business. Nowadays we manage and service more than 5000 independent screens across the BENELUX and France in 9 different markets for hundreds of different organizations.

To all of them we deliver an end-to-end solution for small and large projects. Together with our mother company (N-allo, part of GDF Suez) we are focused with passion to deliver you an effective and relevant digital communication solution.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows menus, information, advertising, video and other messages. Digital signs (such as LCD, LED or projected images) can be found in public and private environments, such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings.

Advertising using digital signage is a form of out-of-home advertising in which static images, moving images, video content, advertisements are displayed with a common goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. This is often called "digital out of home" or abbreviated as DOOH.

The market sees digital signage as more beneficial compared to static signage because content that updates frequently can be digitally updated, saving the cost of printing. Digital signage also has the ability to be interactive with imbedded touch screens, movement detection and image capture devices.

Why Digital Signage?

Digital Out of Home is everywhere.

Digital screens are becoming more and more common in many locations as that it is an opportunity to talk to consumers when they’re out and about?

Shopper marketing.

Agencies are realizing the power of building a dedicated “shopper marketing” teams and shopper marketing begins and ends at the shelf level. When 70% of purchase decisions are made in the store, advertisers don't want to miss out on influencing that impulse purchase.


Compared to national TV, print, and radio, Digital Out of Home is cost-effective. Digitopia can support you in increasing the reach outside your premises or outlets.


Digital Signage allows you to target the different audience during the day and/or week.

Right time

Grab the consumers attention when they’re already on their shopping trip, wallets open and ready to make a purchase.

Right place

Influence consumers where they’re already shopping in the store, remind them what they’ve forgotten to put on their list, and let them know which new products are available right now. Influence the buying behavior by promoting specific products /services (e.g. adaptable lunch menu).

Right message

Relevance, not content, is king in Digital Out Of Home. Yes, your ad needs to be compelling and customized for the environment, but above all, make it relevant to the consumer’s mind set.


Consumers love to interact with screens, so give them cool content or discount coupons they can download directly to their cell phones. It will make them look at the screen every time they pass by. In a few years most digital screens will offer some form of interactivity (NFC, SMS, touchscreens,...).


Let your creativity loose on what they could do in your venues. There are no rules; just make it relevant, compelling, and customized for the environment. Specialised companies, such as Digitopia, will support you.

Touch applications

Driven by iphone and ipad the digital signage world started demanding for more interaction in the store as well as at home. touch screens

Interaction is no longer a nice to have:

  • Interactivity gets viewers to look at your content for longer, and therefore increases recognition and their propensity to respond to call-to-action messages and act in a desired way.
  • Can improve the sales process with viewers able to make product selection quickly and easily at the touch of a screen.
  • Often provides a more convenient means for people to complete tasks and make transactions.
  • Provides a 'listening station' allowing you to more effectively gauge what people want from the content they view and interact with.
  • Promotes self-service thereby reducing costs and human resources.

In 2011 Digitopia started to include the management of touch applications in DGT Dynamics. We are now able to manage applications in the same way we do for content on screens : applications on touch screens can be planned, activated, removed, segmented etc in a managed way by using DGT Dynamics. The applications as such are in most cases developed by partners but we also can take care of the this development.

Content creation

A team of graphical designers, specialized in digital signage, takes care of content creation together with the customer or with his communication agency. Content can off course be created in house by the customer himself.

Typically 4 different types of content are offered:

Generic content foreseen by Digitopia

  • Seasonal flash animations (Christmas, Eastern, ...) created by Digitopia.
  • Generic templates created by Digitopia.
  • External content feeds.

Personalised templates

  • Animated pages in the look & feel of the customer.
  • The pages can be completed by an administrator of the customer with flash animations, videos, images, photos and/or text.

Personalised pages

  • Based on the content briefing and the basic content material delivered by the client, we create flash or video animations.

Specific projects

  • For meeting room management DGT DYNAMICS provides a plug-in that automatically feeds different screens with data from one meeting room agenda.
  • Solutions for cueing in waiting areas.

Data integration

Data from different sources can be integrated by means of an xml feed with a graphical output on the screens. Data for internal use are for instance : production performance, KPI’s, sales results, …

Basic data feed

Following feeds are part of the basis offering Digitopia:

  • News pages, including images, in collaboration with BELGA NEWS & HLN
  • Weather status and forecast in collaboration with MeteoServices.
  • Geographically segmented child alert feeds in collaboration with Child Focus.
  • Geographically segmented cultural information.
  • Belga New Agency
  • Child alert
  • ClearMedia
  • MeteoServices

Installation & Repair

A perfect installation starts with a good preparation: a technical prospection on site.
As all installations are done by Digitopia staff, this means that we have the necessary experience. Thanks to this experience we can handle all aspects of an installation: mounting, cabling, electricity & UTP. If necessary, we can also take care of connectivity or configuration of routers and modems. Our standard service is to finish an installation in maximum one day.

Monitoring & helpdesk


Our servers are hosted in tier3 datacenters assuring high availability and high throughput.
The network is monitored on a 24/24 7/7 basis. Alarming and monitoring tools have been implemented allowing a pro-active monitoring of the platform, the network, the connectivity and this up to individual level of 1 screen in 1 location.
As soon as a problem is detected, a ticket is opened, dispatched and solved by the support team.
Most alarms are remotely treated often before any intervention by the customer.

If not yet solved thanks to pro-active monitoring, problems are as much as possible solved by phone intervention. If necessary, there is an on-site visit within 48 hours to resolve the issue. Hardware problems will always be solved by a swap intervention: instead of repair on-site we swap the broken goods. In this way we can guarantee close to 0% non-operational equipment on-site, after intervention.


Digitopia’s 24/7 technical support desk can be reached by a toll free number. This helpdesk can be consulted for technical as well as graphical requests. The full process of monitoring and repair is managed through DGT Dynamics, including the ticketing.


As a market leader we offer you the best quality for the best price. You have the price advantage of Digitopia’s total number of installations on a yearly basis. It doesn’t matter if you start with low or large quantities.

For each type of hardware we position ourselves as being independent and can guarantee you to have the best quality available at that moment.


As one of the first companies we moved in 2011 from LCD to FHD LED technology in collaboration with Samsung. The key advantages are : better image results, less energy consumption, much better design and lower weight.

We only use professional screens, not TV screens. TV screens are not built for continuous operation en do not offer enough service guarantees.

Full color Led walls

Since beginning 2012 we offer , install and manage LED walls as an exclusive distributor of Data Display for the led panels and Total concept for the "frame and design"

Videoscreens are screens based on LED technique which can show full color texts, images and dynamic video content. Screens of this type are often used at events like pop concerts, but also show up more and more in other surroundings like in art works and publicity campaigns, set building and sports games.

The video screens are produced according to client specifications regarding measurements and frame. Our range includes video screens for in and outdoor use, consisting of multiple parts or in one piece, for mobile or fixed mounting.

DGT Dynamics can be used both locally and remotely to manage your screens. Therefore a player is installed to manage and control the video screen, including configuration, set up, agenda as well as logging.


De PC market is a rapidly evolving market with year after year better performances, more opportunities, new interfaces, etc... To use this evolution to your advantage it is important to choose hardware independant software. That is why we only work with commonly used and widely distributed software.

There is however a risk in this: new hardware is subject to childhood diseases who are only eliminated after several revisions. Therefore we need to find a balance between going along with the newest technology and confiding in the proven reliability of existing technology. We constantly take this into consideration, which results at regular intervals in the choice of a new player as our standard DGT player. This way our customers always enjoy the newest standards and at the same time, they may assume that the materials are tested and proven.

In addition to a robust software platform the hardware players themselves are made for continuous operation.